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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The room is mostly in shades of brown. There are a few chairs and desks scattered amidst the shelves. There are a lot of books.

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Acel and Elby walked into the library.

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Elby blinked a couple of times to get her eyes adjusted to the new light.

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'Yes, a lot better than the fog." Acel said smiling a little bit.

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Elby touched her hair. All the pins were gone and so was her hat. Rig would be mad at her. She nodded at Acel's remark. She slowly made her way over to a chair and sat down.

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Acel went and sat down next to her.

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Elby looked at the hem of her dress. The fog had made it all wet, and it looked at though she had been walking in muck. What was she going to tell Rig? She let out a sigh. She then went about pulling whatever pins were left in her hair out, and pulling her bangs back.

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"You alright?" He asked looking over at her with a small concern.

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Elby nodded.
"Yes. I just dont want Rig to be mad about the dress. He takes such good care of me..." She said with a slight sigh. She then took of her vest, and then unwrapped the bottom half of her dress. She let out a happy sigh to be in pants.

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"I assume you dont like pants." Acel said.

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"I love pants! I hate dresses. And skirts." She said starting to feel more like herself again.

((continue tomorrow???))

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"I can see that." He said smiling.


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Elby smiled. She felt her com to off. She took it out of her vest pocket and read it. She replied quickly, then put it away.
"I used to do an amazing performance in the circus. I would fly on the trapeze, and I would feel like I was flying." She thought of all the good times she had had in America.

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"Is that so, I was wondering do you still retain any of those skills?" Acel asked

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Elby nodded.
"Yes. I try to use them as much as possible so the muscles not lose the ability to do them." She said

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"I See." Acel replied a little distractedly.

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"What's wrong?" She said noticing he seemed to be slightly distracted.

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"Nothing, nothing." Acel said snapping back to reality.

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"Are you sure " she said asking concerned.

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"Yes everything is quite alright." Acel answered quickly.

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Elby shook her head.
"I'm no phycologist, but I can tell something's wrong. So tell me, Acel, what's wrong." She said looking deep into his eyes

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Acel sighed and looked back. "Well if you must know before we met back up on the deck I got word that..." He trailed off.

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"Got word that what? What happened?" She said almost hysterical.

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"I got word that apparently my father just died." Acel said. "I barely even knew the man."

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Elby put a hand on his arm.
"I know what it's like to lose someone that you didn't know, but you should have." She said with true sincerity.

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"Glad to have someone who understands." Acel said looking at her.

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Elby smiled a sad smile. She looked into his eyes. She wish she didn't understand him.

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"I'm sorry did I say something?" He asked looking at her.

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"No. Nothing. Well you did say something, but it wasn't bad." She said pulling her hand away, sitting up straight and looking him in the eyes
"It's just I sorta wish I didn't know how you felt. Then my parents would still be alive, and I wouldn't have to collect their money." She said honestly b

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"Yes I understand." Acel replied looking at her.

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Elby continued to look at him. Then quickly looked down.
"There's something on my face, isn't there?" She said completely embarrassed.

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"No I just think you look very pretty that's all." Acel said smiling warmly at her.

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Elbys blush depend.
"Really?" She said looking up at him through her lashes.

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"Yes really." Acel said smiling at her again.

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Elby looked at her hands. She felt her face continue to grow hot under his gaze. She was at a loss for words.

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Acel put his hand over hers. Not saying anything anymore.

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Elby felt his hand onto of hers, and looked up back into his eyes.
"Yes?" She said in barely audible whisper.

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"I love you Elby I just want to make sure you know that." Acel said.

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Elby looked up suddenly.
"But...we...I" she was nervous. They barely knew each other! How could he know he loved her already?! She was going crazy on the inside. She was at a loss for words again. What this man did to her...

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"Do be nervous if you don't feel the same way I understand and I'll leave if you want me to." Acel offered.

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Elby shook her head. She stood up, grabbed he vest and skirt and ran to her room. She just didn't know what to think.

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Acel nodded and stayed in his place for a while thinking just thinking before he finally got up and walked out back onto the main deck.

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K8-T scanned a book for the seventh time. It was quite an intriguing novel about a man who was part wolf. She finished the scan in .4 seconds, and processed the information. The word Wolves slid across her eye screen. She should search for a book about wolves. It was a very human thing to do, but she was told to "Try and not stand out too much" it was very distracting to have to listen to her Creator voice as what he called a "conscience".
However did humans live with one?

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K8-T decided to look for a wolf book. Her search showed quite a few different titles. In .5902 seconds she was done the search with 457,630 books that mentioned wolves. She picked one at random and went to look for it in the library.
The Jungle Book it read. If she had have been human, she would have said something to the extent of : "What a peculiar title for a book…" but she wasn't. So she didn't.

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She located the book in .4769 seconds and scanned the cover. A magnificent design of a jungle Watson the front. Her head tilted to the right as her hard drive processed the information.

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