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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The ambiguous "Retiring Room." There are couches, chairs, tables, etc. (Sort of like a family or living room in a house.)

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Emalee walked in with the captain. Kimmie walked in alone a few moments later. "Water closet break." was her explanation.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida nodded. "Have a seat please." She wandered over to one of the writing desks in the room and grabbed some crisp, blank paper and a fountain pen.

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Kimmie and Emalee sat down.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "We'll have to wait until the other two get here." Kindida pulled a lap desk out from beneath a chair and sat down on that chair.

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 86 comments Mod
"Captain." Isabelle said, entering.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The Captain stood. "Oh good, Miss Crane, you're here," she said. "I apologize, I should have sent for you." She sighed, "Have you heard the situation?"

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"Part of it, at least. We have requests from two pirates asking to board?" Isabelle inquired. "Oh, and I must report- the pirate ship is pulling back into the horizon. None of our crew or passengers are dead, but lots of blood, and I did see a toe lying on the deck. Approximately three pirates fell off, which I can imagine they don't survive, but that's it."

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"Um, hi." Emalee said, addressing the first mate. Could she NOT see her? At that particular moment, Kennith was dragged in, struggling, by Kimmie's dad. "Kennith Brahms, what in the world did you do?!?" Emalee shouted at her brother. Ferdie glanced at Emalee. "Um, not much. He isn't considered trustworthy at all yet." Ferdie explained.

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"Excuse me, Miss Emalee. Just conducting business." Isabelle tipped her head slightly towards her. "You're undocumented as of the moment, and may or may not be considered a voluntary prisoner of war, but do not worry, you are safe for now. We just have to get your papers and identification. You know, safety procedures for the other passengers."

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Emalee snorted. "The only really untrustworthy one is Kennith. Okay, so he's my twin, but he is the one who is able to kill. I can't." Emalee whispered to Kimmie.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida felt that the room was getting a bit chaotic. "Okay, everyone. Please be quiet." She waited a moment as everyone did so. "Isabelle, you will sit here," Kindida said, pointing at a chair to her right. "Kennith and Emalee Brahms on either side of us and the Riders on either side of them." She had arranged the group around one of the small tables in a corner of the room.

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Kennith sat down and looked at his sister. She actually looked nervous, and was pulling at the hem of her knee- length skirt. Kimmie looked over at her new friend, who was fidgeting. "Mother always wanted me to wear longs skirts, so I usually do when I'm not fighting." Emalee explained under her breath. Simon gave the girls a look, making them turn towards the captain. Kennith was the first one to speak up. "Captain, I am afraid our identification papers are... not with us. They were left on land, with our parents." he said, his voice getting slightly hoarse towards the end. Kennith blinked a few times. Emalee looked at her hands.

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"Is there any way that we can get in contact for your parents? Or maybe something that would identify you? Perhaps a pocket watch, or an engraving on a knife?" Isabelle asked. She liked the two pirates, they seemed like they would be good additions to the ship, but they needed identification. It was only procedure.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "That's a good thought Isabelle. But since you don't have identification, we have other places to start." She jotted down something before continuing. "We will first have to confiscate all weapons you have. If, by the time we land, you have earned our trust you can have your weapons back. You will be assigned cabins. Kimmie and Ferdie, would you mind sharing your cabins with them?"

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Isabelle waited for Ferdie and Kimmie's replies.
"What weapons do you have on you, and is there anything we should know about? I'm afraid we'll have to do a full search."

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Kimmie and Ferdie nodded to the captain's question. Emalee rubbed her eyes before talking. "My dagger has my name on it. That is my only weapon, unless you count a bubble gun as a weapon." Emalee said, handing over her dagger. "As you will see, Emalee's dagger is identical to mine, except that mine has MY name on it." Kennith said, handing over an assortment of guns, rays, and a dagger. "And we have no others to watch us. No adults. No family. Just each other." Kennith added.

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"Do you happen to have a last name?" Isabelle asked.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida jotted down the Rider's answers. "Definitely a last name. And I'm afraid we'll have to take the bubble gun, at least to make a thorough inspection of it."

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"Brahms." Emalee said handing over her bubble gun. "Will I get it back soon? It makes star and heart shaped bubbles that are really cool."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The Captain went to jot down the last name but stopped. "How do you spell your last name? And you'll get the bubble gun back in a day or two."

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"Okay, good. And B-R-A-H-M-S." Emalee said, after realizing that Kennith was too caught up in unhappy thoughts to respond.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida jotted the name down. "Thank you. Now would you please tell us about the pirate ship you were on? Let's start with some of the names of the other pirates and whether or not you had someone acting as a leader."

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"No leader, really. Let's see. There's Alivia, but I don't think she attacked. Althea, Luca, and Sophronia. Then there's Cookie, the cook; Raven, the one who watched for other ships; then there's Nana, the laundress; and Bob, who drove. I think that's it." Emalee said.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida jotted down all the names. "Hmm." She turned to Isabelle and tilted her head. "Perhaps it wasn't what we thought...?"

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida shook her head and continued. "Was there any particular reason you attacked this ship?"

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"More supplies. We need food and more money. And maps. We have no clue where we are, or were." Kennith said, finally speaking.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The Captain held back a sigh of relief and jotted down what was said. "Okay. Any other information you wish to share?"

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"I'm hungry." Emalee volunteered. Kennith smacked his forehead.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida nodded, "You are right." She checked her pocket watch. "You can go up for tea. I'll take these," she said, pointing to the weapons, "To the control room. Now, please remember that you two cannot go anywhere without another passenger. You will stay with the Riders. Please don't take these rules personally."

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"I won't. Kimmie is okay." Emalee said decidedly. Kennith shrugged. The five got up and walked out.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Five??? I count four: The two Riders and the two pirates.))

Kindida stood up and glanced through her notes. "Well, that was a relief. Just food and maps." She started gathering up the pirates' weapons and realized that there was no way she could carry them all.

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((Don't forget about Simon.))

message 34: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Simon?? Why in the world was Simon here? Oh well, too late now.))

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((Simon was watching Kennith, since Ferdie was younger than Kennith.))

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"If you wish, Captain, I can take the weapons and the...erm, bubble gun to the control room, if you wish to escort them to tea. Or I can escort them. Either works." Isabelle offered. The gears in her mind were clicking away, as the thought about the two pirates. "They're going to have to pay, for the trip. Perhaps they could work?" She blurted out.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((I see.))

"I think we will both have to take the weapons down. And they will have to pay their way, and it probably will be labor of some sort. After all, we can't take their money and leave them at port." Kindida paused to gather her thoughts and half of the weapons on the table before continuing, "We still must be cautious, so they can't work in the control room or engine room. Any ideas?"

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Are we still here?))

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Korbin and Calpurnia walked in, deep in conversation.
"The indigo solution will work best! You've seen the way it cleans my instruments!" Calpurnia said.
"The smell of it sickens me, Cal," Korbin moaned.

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Ferdie walked in with the pirate, Kennith, following.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "So wear a gas mask, you oaf! It's the best we have right now," Calpurnia insisted.
"Then we'll find another solution," Korbin huffed.
"We've spent years on this already," Calpurnia said, exasperated.

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Kennith raised an eyebrow at the two, glancing at Ferdie.

"I don't know either." he whispered back.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "Then you can use that. I'll find something else," Korbin shrugged.
The twins glared at the wall for a moment. Calpurnia's face lit up. "What if we just mask or change the scent?"

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Kennith slid closer, hoping to figure out what they were talking about.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "That might affect the results on the rust," Korbin pointed out skeptically.
Calpurnia looked over Korbin's shoulder, getting sidetracked from their conversation. "Hello!" she said.

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Kennith nodded, not sure how they'd react to his ex-pirate status.

Ferdie came up behind him and kicked him in the leg.

"Hullo." he said, a slight accent coming forth.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Korbin turned around and looked at the people. "Hello."
Calpurnia stepped around her brother, elbowing him in the ribs and grinning. She gave a half-curtsied and said, "I'm Calpurnia and this deadbeat," pointing at her brother, "Is Korbin."

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"Kennith." he said, bowing his head.

Ferdie looked surprised that a pirate could be so formal.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "Hello, Kennith," Calpurnia nodded. "And you are?" she said to the other entity.

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"Ferdinand." he said, also bowing his head. "But you can call me Ferdie." He grinned.

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