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HUGE sale coming up

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message 1: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Hi everyone,

I am in the process of leaving Bangladesh, and am planning a huge sale of my painstakingly collected entertainment collection. Never counted all of them, but I have at least over 300 books, 100 original music CDs, and 1000 DVDs. I really don't want to part with any of them, but storage is going to be a major headache, and I would prefer they go to the loving care of others who will give them a good home.

In the next few days, I will make an inventory of the collection, and will create a Facebook event with the details - will paste the link here when it is ready. In the meantime, here are some details:

Date: Friday, 14 June
Time: 3 pm onwards
Location: Asad Gate, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Books - Taka 200 each
Original CDs - Taka 100 each
DVDs - 50 each, 5 for 200, 10 for 400.
XBox360 games - 200 each

Everything must go! So please mark your calendars until I can get the Facebook event ready, and please let your friends know!

So that everyone has a fair chance, there will be no booking system - it's first come first serve!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

message 2: by Rizwan (new)

Rizwan I'll be very interested if there are any English fictions...I'll be waiting for the list of the books and the exact address.

message 3: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Thanks, Rizwan. All of it is English.

Details coming soon!

Anupoma Joyeeta Joyee | 2 comments ME GUSTA

message 5: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Okay guys, here are the details:
Location: First Floor, 3/7 Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur (on the right hand side as you enter through Asad Gate, before Town Hall)

Please help me get the word out to your friends - have spent a long time collecting these, and would prefer if they went to a good home, instead of collecting dust in boxes!

Please let me know how many of you can come!

message 6: by Md (new)

Md Ali | 2 comments Can you provide us the list of your books ?
I think that would be very helpful for me.
Thanks buddy. Have a good one.

message 7: by Rajib (new)

Rajib Rahman (sendmeabc) | 23 comments I would love to come with my friends if u have English fictions. Could u plz update a list?

message 8: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Hi guys,

I have plenty of English fiction, but it is a bit difficult to do a list as I am running around as part of the moving/leaving process, especially since I won't be there until Friday. Why don't you and your friends stop by and see if anything catches your fancy? Sorry for the trouble, but moving is a serious pain!

message 9: by Rajib (new)

Rajib Rahman (sendmeabc) | 23 comments I totally understand. So u on Friday!

message 10: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Thanks a lot! Will try and have a list up by Friday at 1 - at least of books - DVDs are way too many to list! And if you need directions on Friday, please call me at 01713064022. See you on Friday! Please please bring your friends!

message 11: by Rizwan (new)

Rizwan I think an easier and quicker way would be to just take a few clear snaps of your books organizing in a pile showing the names of the books from the side....That way you don't have to waste your time typing all the names. But be sure the book names are readable in the pictures. Hoping to be there!

message 12: by Mesmerizing (new)

Mesmerizing Mehnaz | 1 comments yes,a list would be more helpful

message 13: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Here's the link of the event on Facebook:

Will post the list on the page on Friday mid-day.

message 14: by Rajib (new)

Rajib Rahman (sendmeabc) | 23 comments Thats a odd time to be on internet. Could u plz make morning?

message 15: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Sorry, Rajib, I didn't understand. Can you please clarify?

message 16: by Rajib (new)

Rajib Rahman (sendmeabc) | 23 comments I was saying..nobody sit for Internet on a Friday afternoon. So if u could upload the book pics in the morning instead!

message 17: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments Will post them as soon as I can. Might be noon or 1 pm though.

message 18: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments All,

Pictures posted on the Facebook event page! See you all soon!

message 19: by Rizwan (new)

Rizwan Collected 12 Superb thrillers today from this great collection....Thanks Shihab!

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