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Worth the read?

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BubblesTheMonkey Is this book worth the read? Just wondering

Jeni This is one of my favorite books of all time so I'm going to say YES! Not everyone digs Jane Austen, but this along with Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park are my favorites.

Pride and Prejudice after that, though it's more popular.

Just my own opinion!

Marren Yes. In my opinion it is the best written novel by Austen.

Lela Yes! But I love Jane Austen... My least favorite was Northanger Abbey, but I even enjoyed that to a point.

Krista D. This is one of the middle books for me. It's ok, but not great.

Readingmom Of course. If you don't read the original, how will you be able to properly enjoy Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters? ;)

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Any book of Jane Austen is definitely worth the read. (But I'm an Austen fan, through and through.)

Goddess Of Blah S&S is good if you are interested in social mobility and women (of a certain class and what they face and suffer) during this era. It portrays how a woman can easily be trapped by marriage but emancipated by thought.

P&P is more of a chick lit. S&S is less romance and more depth (in my opinion).

My favourite is Persuasion.

Krista D. S&S sometimes gets confused with just being a book about sisters falling in love. And, I guess that's true, but it's not exactly about that.

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Matt Schutt I am a dude. I like hockey, dark beer, and porn. The books I read are manly books by Neal Stephenson and Norman Mailer. But every now and then, I pick up a book that I should read, rather than just want to read.

So I started S&S expecting to grit my teeth in aggravation the whole way through. And I was upset while reading it, but not for the reason I expected.

I was upset by Fanny's heartless greed and Willoughby's callow attitude to other people. Marianne really got on my nerves but she admittedly grew up. I even got a little mad at Elinor, as I felt she should take responsibility for her own happiness.

So yeah, I got sucked in. I guess it's the mark of a great writer who can make you care about situtions you normally wouldn't care about.

It's worth the read, is what I'm saying.

Milly Cent Definitely worth a read, if only so you can pick when other contemporary authors borrow from it...

Fabulous post too Matt!

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