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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 896 comments Mod
Congratulations to Gabby! Here's the winning story:

Never Ending Sky

Sand. That was all we could see for miles upon miles of rolling hills and dunes that seemed to stretch out for infinity. The heat was intense; beating down on our backs and necks, hanging in the air as thick and as heavy as fog, causing the hills in the distance to waver like water and blend with the horizon. I hiked further along the barren dessert with my partner at my side, who was panting heavily but not slowing his pace yet. The only other sounds that filled the vast air were the soft clanking noise of my thermos against my leg, and the occasional far off caw of a buzzard circling high above its prey. I heaved a sigh and shifted my backpack for the hundredth time.

“Want to switch off now?” suggested Matty as we paused for a moment.

“Yeah, it’s about time to switch,” I answered, sliding my pack off my back and handing it to him, who, in turn, swapped me for the weapon sack. I slung the sack over my shoulder and waited as Matty strapped on the backpack.

“How much further we got now?” I asked Matty.

He thought a moment before giving me his estimated answer. “I’d say only a mile or two left,” he shrugged. “How you holding up?”

“I’m hanging in, but this damned heat is making it feel like we’ve been moving slowly backwards instead of toward the clave.” Matty nodded and blew a sigh to move his golden locks out of his eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something more but cut short when I heard a piercing cry not far off. Matty and I both tensed and moved so that we stood back-to-back. We made a slow circle to check the perimeter, but saw nothing.

“Strange…” remarked Matty slowly. I nodded and resumed hiking, but I still stayed on high alert. Not three minutes later did we hear the cry again, closer now; the voice high and shrill, a blood curdling cry of despair, none the less. I looked over at Matty to see what he was thinking, but he was scrutinizing at something off in the distance. I followed his intense gaze to see a small figure some hundred yards away. It was close enough to tell it was standing upright, like a human, but it was too far away to tell details; just a dark smudge on the sandy hill. Matty crouched down and I followed suit as we army crawled in that direction. I was too low to the ground now to see the thing over the hill and adrenaline coursed harder through my veins; awaiting the sudden arrival of the figure at any given moment.

The sand was hot and burned my arms and the grainy texture made it difficult to crawl this close to the ground. I made a small groan as I made my way across the desert. Matty made an abrupt stop and dropped onto his stomach. He motioned for me to come closer and do the same, and I did, setting myself inches from his face.

“Here’s the plan,” he whispered, “as soon as I give the signal we both pop out of the sand and attack from opposite directions if it’s what I think it is. If we come up and it’s a normal mortal, we drop the weapons and just go along. Got it?” I nodded; no questions about it. “But first we need to arm ourselves. Fiona, hand me my favorite sword, you know the one.” I obeyed and reached into the sack to pull out his slender, silver, sword. It was almost cool to the touch, even in the Arizona heat. I handed it over to him, then reached into the bag to grab my weapon of choice; my nun-chucks.

I crouched in a ready position and waited for Matty’s signal. He lay on his stomach and peeked over the dune. After another still moment, he crouched back down, gripped his sword tighter, and then nodded to me; signaling our attack. I sprang out of the sand and bolted toward the figure, brandishing my nun-chucks. Matty remained silent and swift as he kicked up sand. I saw the figure turn and start to run as well. I pumped my arms harder and pushed the remaining energy in me to catch up to the figure.

The chase was well tipped to our advantage, seeing as we were better equipped for this desert heat and much faster and swifter than the average human. In a moment’s time we had closed in on it from each side. Now that I was up close I noticed a few more things about this figure: for one he was most definitely male, he was cloaked in a dark robe- an odd choice in clothing for the desert- and lastly, he didn’t cast a shadow; one of the biggest hints that the man we were up against was no average human.

Matty was quick to make his first attack, lashing out with his sword and connecting with the man’s shoulder. I took this moment to make my move, delivering a blow to the chest with my nun-chucks. The man staggered and slowed a bit, but I knew that our weapons would do nothing to stop him. There was only one thing to do.

“Matty!” I called, rushing over to him and falling into step. “Put away your sword; it won’t do us any good.” He nodded and slid his sword back into its sheath. Together we ran; heads tilted, eyes slanted, until we closed in on him a second time. Only this time I didn’t pull out my nun-chucks, but instead grabbed onto his cloak. Matty advanced on the other side and did the same. And at the same moment we yanked it off of him; exposing him for what he really was. His skin was pale and scarred on his bare chest, his eyes pools of black, teeth pointed and sharp. He hissed at the sun and gave us a look of pure hatred.

“Odd time of day to see one of your kind out here,” Matty remarked as he towered over the Vampire sprawled on his knees. The Vampire growled at him but had no time to retort. His skin sizzled and began to crack, beams of white light pouring out of each one. He began to disintegrate before us; his skin quickly turning to dust. He cried out as he turned his fading face upward, and yelled in snake tongue words I didn’t comprehend, until he had reduced to a pile of ash. Matty and I didn’t look back as we continued our way under the never ending sky.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 15 comments Congrats, Gabby! I really liked your story.

Sam~~ we cannot see the moon, and yet the waves still rise~~ | 10 comments Sevania wrote: "Congrats, Gabby! I really liked your story."


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Gabby | 37 comments thanks!

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Livvy (livvylu) Good job, Gabby, I really liked your story:)

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