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It was amazing; But...

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Jacob Kimbrough It was an amazing book with fantastic detail but the ending was a huge downer. All he wanted, was to live by himself, away from others; Then his family moved in with him in the forest.
So sorry but I'm rating the book a 3.

Lisa Taylor I agree! I loved this book til the end. Not only did his family move in and ruin it, but the book just seemed to stop. His family starts building the house, he protests, and that's just the end. I feel like the book should have resolved that conflict somehow...did they fight over it, did he give up, did he run away again?

Although, I think that later there were sequels written to this, so they might say what happened.

Jacob Kimbrough Really?? Then I'm so//// reading them, lol thanks

Landon I almost cried when i read that part! I had been so into the book testing out all the techniques learning researching, etc.
And then it just ended. I was literally screaming at Sam to slap his mom and run away AGAIN

but this book is still my 4th fave.
preceded by Enders Game, Band of brothers,and the Hobbit

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