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What do you think of this book?
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I finished this book yesterday. It was really good. This book makes me love Gideon more. I am a little conflicted of how Eva acted or her inability to say 'No' to Brett. This book explained some things but many more things still need to be resolved. I guess hence book 4 and 5. When do you think these books will be release? I don't think I can wait for another 2 years to complete this series.

I expected something better.... unfortunately nothing happened:( Don't take me wrong- I do like this series, but this book was something that I could miss and still be on the same page with Eva's and Gideon's story. The most irritating was almost the same events and same plots and the same ideas as in the two previous books....
I'm gonna read the next books, because I really do love Gideon but I hope they'll be more exciting!

Nadine I agree. I was a little disappointed, hope the next two books are better.
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I have to agree with the comments from the other readers about being disappointed with this book. Let me just preface my remarks with: I actually like Eva(a surprise with the kinds of female characters available in this genre). She is a great heroine. Gideon is my *favorite* book boyfriend; he really is, but I can't help but think the reason there is a continuation is simply because of $$$. Do I like the idea of reading more of their story? Yes, absolutely. However, we could have learned about this before this book was released. We have waited and waited for the third installment, even through an extremely disappointing delay. These may be the realities of the publishing world but that does not mean that I, as a consumer, have to agree with or like the decisions. After the anticipation of this book, I just can't help but feel let down. There was some character development but there really wasn't much story progression. The entire book was nothing but filler, IMO. I suppose we know now why there was a delay and why this book didn't really have any substance. I expected to read this in one night(like I did the other two) but it took me four days and I kept feeling like I just wanted to get it finished so I could move on. I mean, what the heck is up with the whole mob angle and what's up with Eva messing around with Brett again? REALLY??? You have Gideon Cross and you are thinking of someone else?? Is she nuts? Maybe I was expecting too much but I hope Sylvia Day and/or Berkley realize they have done more harm than good to this series by doing things the way they've been done.

OMG! This book was amazing! I wouldnt say it was the best in the series but it was still definatly good. But unlike some people im happy that there will be more gideon and eva because there was no way to have wrapped up all the things that were going on the the series into the final or it all wud have just been rushed. Atleast this was it was more dtailed. And besides, i just want more of those couple. They're my absilute fave couple, i dont want their story to end. I mean understamd the wait amd since i personally dont like waiting myself but if i get more of gideon then im happy. Overall i love the series. The best i ever came across! Totally rate it 5*!!:D

I loved it! I think there is so much more to say about Eva and Gideon, I'm glad there will be more books.

I think Eva's confused about Brett because she's sort of seen herself as a slut who was just being used by him for sex. Now, several years later, he's back claiming she's like the love of his life and I think it's making her head spin.

I personally got bored with it. Who cares for Brett and Corine? And I felt cheated by the money grabbing author and her publisher. This book does not belong with the other 2 in the series. First 2 were awesome, this one is not even average.

I love the series, don't get me wrong!!! BUT I wish they weren't SO expensive for e-books. I've invested around 50$ (18$ for the first paperback, $12 each ebook) on this series and it's not done!!! FFS

and they wonder WHY there are illegal book downloading sites....

I agree! You can tell Eva loves Gideon however I find it strange that she is going to meet up with him when she flies home. Do you think she would cheat on Gideon with Brett? Or do you think she is doing it to get back at Gideon for how he was with Corrine?

I loved it! I love that there are going to be more books because I am not ready to leave Eva and Gideon. Love him!!! Gideon and Eva are prooving that their love is strong and they can get through the tough times and I am sure there is still more to come. There are still so many unanswered questions and I can't wait for more! I hope the wait isn't too long.

I really don't see what all the hype is about. I'm really struggling to get trough this book. It never takes me longer than a day to finish a book an I'm on day 3 know. If I had know she was going to do 2 more books I would never have read this one because it feel like filler.

I really wish Eva would get a backbone when it comes to Gideon. She knows she has a problem with sex but she allow him to use sex to controll her. She need to start thinking with her head instead of what's between her legs.

To me it was a little boring, didn't have me not wanting to put the book down like the first 2 books did.

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I'm done with this series. I'm all for as many books as can be written when each book has a good story with substance. This one did not- and not only that, Ms. Day managed to make me dislike Eva very much. Did not care for her physical/sexual attraction to Brett. If Gideon were having those same thoughts and feelings about Corinne or Deanna (is that the reporter's name?) in his mind every time he saw them or heard their voice, the way Eva was for Brett- I don't think one reader would of appreciated that at all. There are ways to create good story lines and drama to keep a story or series going. The whole Eva/Brett story line is NOT one of them. Gideon deserves someone better now in my opinion, but I won't be reading the next books to find out how it all ends. I know a lot of people absolutely love this series. I did, until EWY, now I've lost interest.

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I really enjoyed this book...I am not sure why people are so upset about it not being that last book. I hate when a good series ends because that means no more of those characters. So I am excited that I get two more books with Gideon and Eva!!! :) Not sure if people saw what Syliva has said about the other two books, but I agree that both characters had a lot still to overcome and it could just not be done in book #3. In this book I was happy that Gideon and Eva were finally growing as a couple, secrets were revealed, and they got married! :)

I am reading now. The plot is a bit thin for me. And the characters are sort of annoying me in this book. Eva is just so obsessed. It's hard to believe. I liked the first two books in the series but seem to find myself not enjoying this one as much. Not sure why but I still intend to finish it.

actual book 2 stars......sex in book 5 stars

I LOVED this book as well! LOL
I agree with the other comments about not really caring for how Eva handled the Brett situation. Why is she so attracted to him now? She says she only thinks of Gideon and yet she still likes to look at Brett and wants to keep him as a friend. You would think he would bring up negative feelings since she was in a bad place when they were together.
I cannot wait until we can read book 4. I heard there will be 5 all together? She better start writing fast. :)

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Just started reading --- and I really like Gideon being romantic in a 'hot' way! It's cool so far! :) ---though his character on two previous books didn't really say much about his being so..so far so good :)

This one was disappointing and ended too abruptly. Seems the few loose ends could have been resolved with another 30 or 40 pages but the author/publisher must have decided to stop the story in order to milk the series a bit more.

I'd say, skip it.

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I loved the fact that Sylvia didn't wrap up the story in this book but left us begging for more with all the plot twists! The next two books can't come fast enough :)

Connie wrote: "I finished this book yesterday. It was really good. This book makes me love Gideon more. I am a little conflicted of how Eva acted or her inability to say 'No' to Brett. This book explained some th..."

agree with all you've said

i didn't think i will love gideon more. but in this book, he is just so lovable and irresistible. even some of his lines are swoon-worthy. his intensity amazes me

i also don't like the eva-brett thing. dnt know where sylvia is going on with this. now that gideon and eva are married, i hope brett will stay away

can't wait for book 4

I do not feel that this was worth the wait. The writing is completely different from the first book where I first fell in love with Gideon. At that time I thought he was close to Christian. Not even close!

Kimberley the plane and the beach scene were totallyyyyyyy worth it!!! maybe the rest was "filler" but I still LOVE Sylvia's writing (even though it pisses me o ...more
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This was actually my favorite one....I don't think Eva would ever cheat on Gideon, she's married to Gideon now so Brett can just move around, I like Brett however I don't see any reason why she should continue to see him knowing his intentions. On another note in Bared to You she did warn Gideon that he is setting the stage on how he handle his ex's and he has a hard time telling them NO!
What do ya'll think about Cary being a baby daddy.

I didn't like this third book at all because it is such a filler book. But can someone please tell me why Eva started calling Gideon "Ace"? She doesn't sound like an educated woman who lives in Manhattan and has $10 million in bank.

i didn't realize that it wasn't a trilogy anymore and there were going to be 5 books. throughout the entire thing i was trying to figure out how everything was going to get resolved and when i was only about 40 pages from the end and i was trying to figure out how Sylvia Day could wrap everything up in a nice bow so quickly. when i was 10 pages out i was freaking out and then after the last page when we're told that the 'saga continues' - i breathed a huge sigh of relief. i was worried for a minute that it was going to be like Requiem by Lauren Oliver and we weren't going to get any closure.

overall i liked it. lots was predictable but a lot was new with a twist.

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