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Who was the saddest death *spoiler*

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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 9 comments In your opinion who was the saddest death

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 9 comments I felt like it was chuck. After he died I just wanted to cry

message 3: by Bailey (new)

Bailey Dishman (MidoriKeehl) | 8 comments For me personally, it was Newt.
However he was my favorite character from the start, so I kind of had more of a connection to him than Chuck or Winston or Alby etc.

message 5: by Safura0307 (new)

Safura0307 | 7 comments Cant choose between chuck and newt was weird when teresa did....

message 6: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey Chuck was extremely sad, but the one that hit me hardest was Teresa. I don't think I have ever cried so much over a book before, I was an absolute mess.

message 7: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Martinez | 1 comments The saddest death for me was chuck, then teresa cause even though she act like a b*tch in the scorch, it was for thomas safety. Newt's death i kind of expect him to die since the beginning of the book so didnt affect me that much.

message 8: by Nada (new)

Nada | 3 comments Chuck but also newt I was about to cry when Thomas killed him I wanted him to leave until the end

message 9: by Joshua (new)

Joshua (fignewto) | 14 comments Newt, no doubt about it. However, when Teresa died I was thrown a curve ball. I had always been suspicious of her up till the end, but when she died, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 8 comments Chuck...

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Newt was totally the saddest. It was kinda expected though, since he's got the flare and all that. But during school, I was crying so much I had to go to the bathroom so I didn't embarrass myself. (Since I read that part at school)

message 12: by Andy (new)

Andy (flybird) | 4 comments I 100% think it was Newt's. I was fully prepared for him to be taken over by the Flare and eventually die. But the way he died, I was not prepared for that. Chuck's death was sad too, but Newt's was definitely more sad. And I felt like Teresa's death wasn't sad. WICKED had basically destroyed her. I think it was best that she did die, tbh.

message 13: by Ivy (new)

Ivy *spoilers* Newt, of course. I mean, Thomas literally killed him. For a good reason, but that doesn't make it hurt less.

message 14: by Kelly Brigid ♡ (new)

Kelly Brigid ♡ (anotherbookinthewall) NEWT! ;( Chuck I was sad for, but I didn't get as attached to him as I did to Newt, since Chuck was only in 1 book. I was so ticked at Thomas for shooting him! Even though Newt asked him to do it, he still pulled the trigger! ;(

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Ur so right about that. I just wanted to punch James Dashner. WHY COULDNT TERESA BE THE CRANK AND GO ALL MAD, WHILE NEWT DIED FIGHTING AND FOR A PURPOSE TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

message 16: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn Dennehy (plagueofb00ks) I thought newt and chuck dying were the worst. I just didn't like Teresa after what she did to Thomas even though she did a good thing. Also I thought that her death was too abrupt. Like I mean everything was crumbling and the she died and then they moved on THE END!! -_- no

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message 18: by Cass1dy (new)

Cass1dy | 17 comments The saddest death in the maze runner is Chuck. The saddest in the series, in my opinion, is Newt. I LOVED HIM!

message 19: by Chloe (new)

 Chloe | 5 comments Newt's death of course! Manly cause his felt the longest cause he was slowly dying. Plus the raw anger and misery in the end

message 20: by Lainey (new)

Lainey (Laineybell1234) | 9 comments Newt. He called him 'Tommy' before forcing Thomas to shoot him! That brought back memories of the Glade. I also happened to be in class when I read that particular part, and I had to try to hold in the tears (unsuccessfully)

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Me too! I was in class, and I was just holding back the tears. My friend saw me upset and tried to comfort me, asked whats wrong, and I said " THIS WHOLE SHUCKING BOOK IS WRONG NEWT MADE 'TOMMY' SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A GUN AND JUST UGH!" Then I just went to the bathroom and cried there.

message 22: by Lainey (new)

Lainey (Laineybell1234) | 9 comments I probably should have done that...I didn't think about going to the bathroom!

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

NEWT!!!! I literally fell in love with him, my heart sank when he died!

message 24: by reya (new)

reya | 1 comments Newt"......:'(
My favourite character died and I cried.

message 25: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
It was Teresa and Newt

message 26: by Tiff (new)

Tiff | 1 comments totally torn between Chuck and Newt:(( For me personally, I have never really liked Teresa maybe it's because i don't forgive people easily but yeah... Her death wasn't really that sad for me and it didn't redeem her betrayal so i stand by my options:)

message 27: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
How can you not like Teresa!?!? That's like hating chuck... That's like liking gale!!!!!!

message 28: by Maria (new)

Maria (fanciedbooks) | 1 comments Christpher wrote: "How can you not like Teresa!?!? That's like hating chuck... That's like liking gale!!!!!!"
I liked her in the beginning but I started to hate her in the second book, and my hatred just grew and grew. I felt like she was a bossy and stupid know-it-all, and I never forgave her. Teresa committed a lot of mistakes and I think its totally normal that some people hate her, and because of many of the things she did, she deserves to be hated. And its not like hating Chuck at all, because Teresa at some points was horrible, whereas Chuck was always as angel.

message 29: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
Only the good die young that's why chuck died young. I do see your point but I still liked Teresa.

message 30: by jenna (new)

jenna (jennastergiopoulos) | 1 comments teresa and chuck.

chuck because he was young and innocent and he was killed due to wicked and that makes me so mad

teresa because even though she did do wrong and thomas treated her like shit, when she died you could see how hurt thomas was and that effected me and i could see how he felt and it was really sad for me

message 31: by Mary (new)

Mary Kate | 2 comments Teresa, since I really wanted Thomas to forgive her in the end, but then she just died. Kinda hard to forgive someone after they're dead...

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay. I found that Thomas had to get over what Teresa did and forgive her. No offence but he was being stuck-up, she did that to save him... He was just taking out all his stress on her

message 33: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
That's true. But Brenda did the same thing she was with WICKED and didn't do it to save him like Teresa did.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

I didn't like Brenda form the beginning

message 35: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
I didn't mind her i found Thomas to be a jerk to Teresa

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)


message 37: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
Mmmmmmm what?

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

I was agreeing with you! Hahah

message 39: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod

message 40: by Nacho (last edited Apr 08, 2014 10:36AM) (new)

Nacho Buisan | 7 comments Chuck´s and Newt´s death were the saddest. However, I was prepared for Newt´s since he was ill. So, Chuck´s, because it was in the final caps. and I didn´t really expected, and because the way he died.

message 41: by Allana (new)

Allana Edwards | 3 comments NEWT

message 42: by Remy (new)

Remy Blas (remyblas) I think the saddest death is Brenda's, in the fifth book. I really liked her :(

message 43: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
There's no 5th book. The maze runner. The scorch trails. The death cure and the kill order.

message 44: by Sara (new)

Sara Vidanagamage (theverygeekymerlinian) | 2 comments Ivy wrote: "*spoilers* Newt, of course. I mean, Thomas literally killed him. For a good reason, but that doesn't make it hurt less."


message 45: by Sara (new)

Sara Vidanagamage (theverygeekymerlinian) | 2 comments Leandro wrote: "I think the saddest death is Brenda's, in the fifth book. I really liked her :("

umm...there's no fifth book and brenda didnt die??!!?!?!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Wait... This guy is confusing me...

message 47: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
Ikr There's no 5th book!!!

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah. And Brenda doesn't die!!!

message 49: by Remy (new)

Remy Blas (remyblas) I know, but I bet you all skip a beat for a second there, right? XD

Ok, sorry. I was kidding.

My real answer is the same as most of you: Chuck and Newt. Maybe Newt's death is a little more fresh in my memory because it's been years since the first time I read the first book and the shock of Chuck's death is pretty much healed by now. But then again, I did see Newt's death coming almost from the start of the death cure. Still, the context of his death is... awfully sad.

Teresa's death didn't make me feel anything. Just like the kiss she gave Thomas right after betraying him.

message 50: by Christpher (new)

Christpher Zanni | 122 comments Mod
Hahahaha. I knew Newt was going to die my friend told : ( so it wasn't as sad but it was still sad. :'(

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