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leena was getting ready blushing hard she never thought this could be possible

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Wren waited for Leena to open the door and while she was finding for her key, he whistled as she took in her outfit. It was sexy and feminine, "You look very edible right now, Leena. I could eat you right now."

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She chuckled and finally pulls the key out opening the door "but you wont eat me right she asked waiting for him to step in

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"Maybe later," he said in a low tone as he pushed her inside. He walked close to her, easily pinning her body against the door. "I have something to show to you," he whispered as he tugged her closer.

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She wrapped her hand around his neck smiling"you said it was in my office right " she asked looking in his eye.

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He smiled, "I was about to give it to you the next day in your office but I can't wait," he leaned back as he got out a small box from his suit.

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"what is it " she asked *smiling happily* in a soft voice looking at the box then to him.

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"Will you give me the honor..." Trailing off as he looked at the box with a nervous glance. He was about to continue when he saw one of the straps of her heel was undone so he knelt in front of her to get it done.

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she was nervous and happily smiling nervous as this was their first date.

((awww... poor Leena :( ))

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Wren saw how he must have looked like he was proposing to her in marriage so he quickly stood up and said, "Will you give me the honor of wearing this?" He asked as he opened the velvet box to reveal a necklace.


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she took a deep breath smiling and nods turning around pulling her hair to one side.

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He smiled at her as he put on the necklace his fingers lingering on her throat as he slid the necklace to her neck. "I bought this for you because you're a key to everything I hold dear and I think you're an angel." He breathed in her scent that was pure her as he stepped forward.

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"aww thats so sweet " she said in a soft whisper she at the touch she closed her eyes and was touched by the gift and his word so had tears of joy in her eyes.

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"aww thats so sweet " she said in a soft whisper she at the touch she closed her eyes and was touched by the gift and his word so had tears of joy in her eyes.

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"I'm glad you like it," he whispered as he took a step back.

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She turned around so that she could see him she was happily smiling.

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He took her hand and led her to the middle to the room. "I promised dancing lessons, didn't I?" He asked as he pulled her closer.

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"Best of luck with that" she teased looking in his eyes as he pulled her close

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He chuckled as he put her hands around his neck before putting his around her small waist. "We don't have to dance really, we can sway like this." He hummed a few notes of River Flows in Me under his breathe as he swayed them side to side.

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She smiled happily,playing with his soft hair as they kinda danced "you can sing" she said softly as she liked that song and his voice.

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He shook his head, "I can hum and that's the difference between them." He smiled down at her and he tightened his arms around her.

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"But if you can hum you can sing i know there a difference" she asked as smiled shyly when tightened his arms around her

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He laughed a little before moving in a square, taking her with him as he did a kind of waltz around the room.

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She tried to follow him exactly as he was doing but couldn't so gave up and just looked in his eyes as they danced

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"Let me lead, Leena," he whispered in her ear as he left her eyes upon him.

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Her eyes where shinning with joy and love and she nods slightly.

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He felt her body melt into his as he danced them around the room. He forgot the room he was in and all he could think about was Her.

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She smiled at him as she played with a lock of his hair as they dance.As she was lost in the dept his eyes

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He stopped as saw her smiling at him. "What?" He asked as he felt his hair being tugged from its neat position.

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"Nothing just you did make me dance without tripping " she said and stopped playing with his hair not looking in his eyes anymore.

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He saw the change in her and his smile vanished as he asked, "Hey what's the matter?" He turned his head so that he could see her eyes. "Tell me," he whispered as he gently caressed her cheek.

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She was too happy to express so she hugged him and buried her face in his neck as a tear of joy ran down her cheek "I I am just so glad to have you right now"she said against his neck

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He hugged her back and breathed in a little easier at what she said. "Me too," He whispered against her hair, making her scent her. He smiled, "I thought something's wrong, Leena. Don't you scare me like that ever again."

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She nods "I am sorry I promise wont" she said softly holding on to him.

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He nodded and thought of how late it was. "Leena, I think I better go." He gently pulled back to see her reaction.

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"no please don't go we wont be seeing each other for a long time because of the mission thing we will be sleeping for 2 years " she requests looking in his eyes

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He looked down, "I better say goodbye to Her before we go then." He stepped back because if he didn't he wouldn't go home.

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She stood there watching him"you going right " she asked in a low voice

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He nodded even though he was thinking against it. "I better go. I had a great night, Leena." He went to her and kissed her on the cheek.

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"you wont stop even if I make a puppy face " she asked like a 5 year old girl

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((sorry :[))

Wren smiled sadly to her, "I'm sorry but she can't wait." He turned the knob on her door as he looked at her.

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((its ok :D))

She watched him hugging herself she wanted him to stay but she cant force him so din say anything.But her eyes spoke for her.

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He couldn't do it. He closed the door and went back to her, pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Why don't we go to bed? I'm sleepy and I don't want to go."

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She smiled happily and nods "thank you " she said looking up at him with love in her eyes.

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He let her lead the way to her bedroom but in reality his heart was saying that if he could stay here forever he would.

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She smiled and followed him as she switched the lights of the living room on their way.
Her bed was really large as she liked to sleep with her soft toys around her.
When they went in she removed the toys placing them on the couch in her room.

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((Zander u thr ?:) ))

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He smiled at her stuff toys, it was so like her to put in some cute things around her. He looked at the remaining teddy bear on the bed and he picked it up gently so that he could see the its black button eyes, "Who's this supposed to be?"

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