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Sandcastles and Warriors by Richard Forsythe Richard Forsythe

Genre: adventure/humour

The Caligula Club: Sandcastles and Warriors, Dragons and Curses

Book Description:

‘Sandcastle and Warriors’ continues the adventures of the Caligula Club. This is the first of two volumes detailing the Caligula Club and its greatest challenge to date: the destruction of a biochemical weapon of mass destruction invented by a Russian scientist in the dying days of Communism. The novel introduces three new protagonists, Jamaal, Francis and Gareth. Jamaal’s family have been forced to flee Iraq, leaving behind his hated and authoritarian father who has stayed to help the Iranians at the behest of their Imam. Francis has been estranged from his mother, having lost his father before he was born. He is plucked from his grandpa and grandma in Beijing to join his mother and step father in England. Gareth is a dyslexic son of a traditional Jamaican who has taken refuge in the lyrics of Bob Marley and the Reggae movement. All three boys meet at Cowley Comprehensive and form a tight knit unit. It is not long before they come to the attention of Clarissa, operational director of the Caligula Club.

Jamaal and Francis are discovered to be child mathematics prodigies and go on to join the newly formed FPS and Partners, where Dickie Forsythe is also a partner. Gareth is encouraged by Trewbridge, the alter ego of Clarissa, and finds his calling as a pilot. He is sent on operational duty to the Middle East with the Caligula Club.

Both Jamaal and Francis are unwitting inheritors of a long warrior tradition. Jamaal is the descendent of Saladin the Great and his family carry on his legacy. Francis is the grandson of Howin, Queen of the Tianlong Dragons and the most famous Chinese warrior Queen. Much of the book follows the early lives of Grandpa Fung and Grandma Wu. It shows Wu Howin rising to stand supreme over the Kuomintang and Communists, pushing the Japanese invading armies back into the sea before disappearing into obscurity. Francis’s grandpa is no less distinguished having Confucius as his ancestor. He started as a rich playboy and is reduced to surviving as a peasant, deeply unhappy with his lot.

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