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The Alchemist's Daughter by Anthony Aidan Anthony Aidan

Genre: historical romance fiction

The Alchemist's Daughter

Book Description:

Can a girl succeed is a man’s world? In medieval England? In a world dominated by knights and deeds of chivalry? As assistant and muse to an obsessive inventor for a father and working secretly on new weapons awesome in their power, Catherine is caught between King Edward III and his overarching ambitions to become King of two nations, England and France.

Catherine and her father Godfrey struggle to convert the strange drawings and hieroglyphics of the Chin into gleaming bronze cannon capable of slaughtering hundreds upon the battlefield. Everywhere their enemies are arraigned against them – a deep hidden French spy, a Friar steeped in debauchery and a yet closer threat. An attempt invasion, assassination and kidnap brew and fester about them as interest in their new invention reaches fever pitch. Can they produce these new cannon in time for the King’s campaign? Will they perform as they should?

Success comes at a terrible price. Catherine finds herself disguised as a squire, leading the cannon troop on the campaign of 1346 that is to culminate in the battle of Crecy, perhaps the greatest English victory of all time. Helped by her life long friend and champion archer, Will Turner, and her childhood secret crush, Cecil Codrington, she sets out to face the dangers presented by the French and more particularly her own side, her King waiting hawk like to swoop down upon her should she make one false move.

Victory is soon replaced by personal disaster as Cecil lies close to death and they are captured by the youthful Count Fermoi, twin brother to Genevieve. Anger and resentment turn to love. Together the young English girl versed only in science and the French aristocrat must find a way to prevent these new weapons of mass destruction from proliferating and destroying all that is good in their society.

Can they succeed? Read on and find out.

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Thank you.

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Sent your request Kimberly

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Amy H (twinypa) sent in ur request

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epub please

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