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Ashley (julyanddecember) Yay

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so you have any idea?

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Not really lol. What are ones you like?

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I was thinking... something about a mental assylum? perhaps some 'odd' ways of helping the patients?
um um um if you wanna get naughty? love triangle? arranged marriage ? um and incest ? or um um um Friends getting hot but not dating ? um teacher student ?
Paranormal Romance
best friends
end of the world
Forced marriage
I can elaborate the theme once you chose if you want :D

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Lmao ok, I wanna hear the one for cheater.

Also can we do doubles so girl and guy for each?

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okies cool :)

cheater is like they cheat in a relationship

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Ashley (julyanddecember) I figured that. Is there a deeper plot?

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um ok so there is this girl who was forced to marry a guy in exchange of money for her father's treatment ?
but that guy never loved her back she has started loving him but the guy was just playing around with her feeling and left her one day for some other girl she was heart broken as the other girl was her childhood friend then she plans on taking revenge ?

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Cool cool. I like.

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like this story ? or want a high school one ?

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Ashley (julyanddecember) And my always favorite Master/slave

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:) so you making your charri first ?

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wanna do that ?

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Lets do the forced marriage/ cheater and Master/Slave.

If things get frisky we take it to messages so the thread doesn't get deleted.

I will be the husband if I can be the female slave :-)

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can i be a slave i am not a good master ? i dont mind male or female

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Ashley (julyanddecember) I could be female Mistress with male slave switch it up a bit.

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yay thank :)

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Kk. Charrie time.

Hunter James
Age: 24
Looks: http://lovingmalemodels.tumblr.com/im...
Personality: tbrp

Candace Michaels
Age 23
Looks: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-M8cauOfrX2o...
Personality: tbrp

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Name :Jesse
Age :19
Looks: my DP

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Care to start?

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Abby was waiting out side the hospital room crying and worried to hell she loved her father and anted him cured at any cost he mom has died a year back thats when his father went in coma

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Ashley (julyanddecember) A man walked up behind her, "come on Abby" we have some things we need to discuss" he said and led her from the window. He led her out to a waiting car, opening the door for her to slip in.((its her uncle))


Candace ran her fingers through her hair as she looked at a picture of the man she had bought. She smiled to herself, she had a few things to do be he arrived in the next hour.

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((ok ))

Abby sobbing followed him with saying anything for the first time


Jesse was told to reach on a address on his own so he did but the house was hard to find ,finally he reached the right house and knocked on the door

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Ashley (julyanddecember) They drove off until he pulled up to a house that he knew she had never seen before. He cut the engine and then helped her out "clean your face up" he told her and waited until she was done.


Candace heard the knock, she made her way to the door and opened it, her eyes taking in him. He was tall and handsome. He would do just fine, as long as he listened well.

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she obeyed his orders "where are why and why are we here " she asked in a shaky voice


"morning master at your serve Jesse " he said with a slight bow

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Ashley (julyanddecember) "We have business to handle here" he told her and led her up to the door. A man answered and he looked between the two of them "come in Mr. James is expecting you" he said then led them towards the office.


Candace turned her nose up "do I look like a man to you?" She asked him and turned walking back towards the sitting room. "Take your shoes off I dont want dirt in my home"

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"sorry Ma'am I din see you were a female " he apologized
"yes ma'am " he said and followed her orders

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Hunter walked into the room a moment later after they did. His father was already in there, "this is her?" He asked as he looked the girl over. William nodded and pulled her in front of him. "What is your name girl?" He asked. Hunter stopped and looked at the girl, he knew what was going on and he wasn't happy about it.


Candace looked back at him "tell me, what do you know about what you are getting yourself into" she told him as she took a seat on the couch, crossing her legs and looking at him as he walked towards her.

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"abby Lockwood sir " she answered confused about what was happening


"I have been a slave from past 5 years now Ma'am and know all the work to be done " he said softly

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Mr. James nodded, "well then, William, you are excused, we will explain to Miss, Lockwood what is going to happen from here on out" he said. Hunter looked back at the girl for a moment before turning and looking back out the window.


"Well atleast you know what your doing. You are not allowed to leave unless I set you free, I will provide you with the items you need as you earn them, which means your haven't earned clothing so take it off"

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"please dont go " she asked to her uncle in a sobby voice


"my my clothes " he repeats shocked and a lil scared now

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Ashley (julyanddecember) "Everything will be ok Abby" he tells her, the servant comes back and leads the man out. He knew what he was doing was wrong but there was no other way.

Mr. James leaned back in his seat, a smile on his face as he waited, "Now, for the news, you are going to be married tomorrow, to my son Hunter here" he tells her amd Hunter turns, his arms crossed over his chest-


Candace sat forward "what type of slave have you been for the past five years?" She asked then stood from the couch.

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"what I I cant marry with my dad in the hospital sir " she protests


"I am sorry Ma'am " he said and removed his shirt and jeans

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Mr. James listened to her "it was your father's wishes so that you were taken care of, now there is not going to be an arguement, you will marry my son tomorrow" he said and rose "and if you do anything to try and screw it up, there will be hell to pay... do you understand?" He asked her seriously.

Hunter wasn't at all happy about gettinf married, in the back of his head however he knew he could still and would still do what he wanted.


She took the clothing from him. As she stepped pass she ran her hand over his chest and stomach. "I think you will be a prefect fit for my bed." She said and placed his clothing into a small box.

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she nodded and ran off to her uncle hugging him from back crying quietly


((is he her sex slave ??))

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Hunter grabbed her after a minute by the arm, "let meshow you to your room" he tells her leading her up the stairs.


((Yes, if you dont wanna do that one we can do a dif one :-) ))

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she followed him wipping her tears and glancing back at his uncle


((no its cool :) ))

JEsse blushed and nodded "as you say Ma'am "

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Hunter opened the door to the bedroom and let her go in. Once she was in, he came in and closed the door, "I know your not happy about it and neither am I, but it has to work"


"Also you are not allowed to sit on the furniture unless I say"

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"how can it this work " she asked turning away


"yes Ma'am " he said looking at his feet

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((want me to go detailed ???))

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Ashley (julyanddecember) "Just has to work, dont question it and tomorrow we have to act like we love each other" he tells her.


((Think i do wanna change this one, maybe to best friends who mess around but dont go further. Keep the same chars just make mine 20 :-) ))

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((sure :) ))

" but i dont love you and I can act it around " she said softly

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Ashley (julyanddecember) Hunter shook his head "I dont love you either, I don't even know you. The problem is it can't be changed and if you screw anything up you have already been warned there will be hell to pay"


((And to make it better they are both in relationships))

Candace pulled up to her friends house. She knew what they did was wrong but it was to much fun. She ran up to the door and knocked.

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tears running down her cheek and she nodded " one condition you wont kiss me tomorrow " she requests

Jesse opened the door he was in his shorts and lose T-shirt as he was sleeping a while ago "he sexy come on in " he said giving her a hug

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Ashley (julyanddecember) "I cant promise it, I will find out soon" he tells her, "you can't leave the room until the wedding either"


Candace smiled and ran her hand over his chest, "its 1 in the afternoon you weren't still in hed were you?"

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"what bu-but I need to see my dad he he is ill i need to meet him please " she said looking at him


he smiled with a blush kissing her cheek "what do you think " he asked in a naughty way

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Ashley (julyanddecember) "You will go see him after the wedding" he tells her simply.


She smiled and turned hee head, letting her lips meet his. "I hope shes not here" she said as she looked up at him.

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she runs to the bed and cried holding on to it she din know what to do why her uncle left her here


"no she's out for a week " he said kissing her harder as he closed the do behind them

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