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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick Gualtieri (rickgualtieri) "Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan."
- from The Hunt for Red October (apologies to any Russians on the board ;)

The thing is neither should we...sorta.

I teach part-time at a local college. One of the classes assigned to me (mainly because I'm the only person there with a MS in Human Resources) is career development.

One of the things I drill into my students' heads is the concept of goals and planning, the idea being that you'll be more successful if you plan out each step rather than basing your career off of a random toss at the dartboard of fate.

The most obvious plan for writers should be "keep writing". However, I have begun to find myself leaning more towards actually setting additional goals above that to help chart this fledgling career of mine...a roadmap if you will.

I thought it would be a good idea to discuss, what exactly are your plans?

Here are a few of mine:

- Keep writing and keep getting better at it (duh! :)

Short term (6 months):
- Translations and foreign rights for some of the European markets
- Attend more trade shows as an author and not just a spectator
- Local bookstores and signings
- Incorporate

Longer term:
- Past a certain sales threshold begin querying agents for expansion of my markets
- Seek out collaborations with other authors

etc cetera

What are some of yours?

message 2: by Armada (new)

Armada Volya | 130 comments My plan is based on serials. I have a series of shorts I'm working on at the moment. As soon as I'm done with the first draft of the last story, I'll start publishing them one a week. Each story stands on it's own, but they tie into a longer one. This way I can sell them at .99 each or 2.99 for the whole collection.
After that I have another series I'm planing on releasing in the same manner.

The idea is that I can have a tone of titles in a very short time.

Oh, and we Russians aren't very good at planing, but we are good at coming up with the most ridiculous ways of achieving our goals.

I don't remember who said it, but it goes something like this: "Fighting Russians is futile, because every clever ploy you can come up will be answered with unpredictable stupidity."

message 3: by Xo (new)

Xo   (xowashere) I am liking your plans, guys. Rick, good idea for a thread!

My plan at the moment: produce as many works as possible before I die.

Simple on the face of things, at least...

I am not thinking about marketing or querying at present: it's just too much time and effort, considering my youthful impatience. Hehe.

Bring on more plans!

Nenia ✨ I yeet my books back and forth ✨ Campbell (neniacampbell) | 177 comments Mod
Come fall, I'll be applying to universities for an MFA, as I think there is a lot I could learn about creative writing from professionals and workshops and stuff. Plus, I think it will cause people to take me more seriously and realize that I'm serious about this as a viable career path.

In the meantime, I am trying to write a few thousand words a day and be an active Goodreads user. Sometimes I advertise my works on Listopia or on my blog, but I find that just connecting and talking books with people is a great way to get my name out there. If people are interested in my works, the summaries are on my page. If not, that's cool too- LET'S TALK BOOKS.

I'm a dork. (:

message 5: by Elly (new)

Elly Helcl (ellymae) | 118 comments Mod
My plan? To make it through everyday as normally as I write as often as I hope to eventually make it...

I guess that isn't much of a plan but I make no secret of the fact that I am Bi-Polar and my plans frequently are circumvented by that particular third book should have been done and released...I just have nothing to offer in the way of creativity right now. I am hunting for inspiration and coming up dry.

BUT, some day...hopefully soon, I will wake up and my cup will be full and I will be typing away like a madwoman!

Nenia ✨ I yeet my books back and forth ✨ Campbell (neniacampbell) | 177 comments Mod
That's a great attitude, Elly. (: <3

In the meantime, you should read tons of books!

message 7: by Elly (new)

Elly Helcl (ellymae) | 118 comments Mod
I am working on that Nenia!!!

:) I just finished a YA book and I am considering writing the author a strongly worded letter about the horribly life she gives Chase....But, maybe I will finish the series first :)

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