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message 1: by Xandra (last edited Jun 05, 2013 04:32AM) (new)

Xandra (xandragr) | 16 comments Are they literature or just art?

There has been a continual debate about whether a work is a “graphic novel” or a “comic book”. The difference mainly lies in the format of the story contained. A graphic novel is usually a self-contained novel-length story, while most comics are serialized month to month. Most graphic novels tell a single, complete story and their length allows for greater depth and character development. “Gekiga” is the Japanese equivalent of graphic novels and manga is the equivalent for comics.

Many graphic novels tend to deal with more mature topics such as the Holocaust (Maus, winner of the Pulitzer Prize), growing up in Iran during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 (Persepolis), philosophical dichotomies, human perception and what constructs a person (Asterios Polyp), family dynamics, suicide, self-identity (Fun Home, Are You My Mother?), social ineptitude and depression (Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth), peculiarities of different cultures (Guy Delisle’s travelogues) etc.

I personally love them. What's your take on it? Have you read any?

message 2: by Manfred (new)

Manfred Cruz Both. The story isn't just something thrown together at the last minute before printing. It's a complex piece of literature with characters that make you feel something as the story progresses and isn't that what literature is all about?
As to the art side of it the characters themselves are beautifully drawn and the backgrounds compliment them. However this only applies to the well done graphic novels put out there.

message 3: by Laurentiu, Acta non verba (new)

Laurentiu Lazar (laur1989) | 172 comments Mod
When I was younger, I loved comic books. ex.: Disney (Mickey Mouse) and Marvel stuff so I understand the concept of comic book. Hate the Japanese version, manga.

Can't really make comparisons with graphic novels since I haven't read any.

message 4: by Ana , compulsive dreamer (new)

Ana  (anavladescu) | 275 comments Mod
Oh how I love manga! My sister introduced me to anime when I was a kid, watching Sailor Moon with me, and when I grew up I started watching Naruto like an obsessed person, loving every second of it. Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Devil May Cry, Death Note, etc etc.

And then I learned to read manga and I was instantly hooked.

I didn't read as many comic books as I wanted, but I did read a Stephen King graphic novel and some works of Marvel when I was younger.

message 5: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (xandragr) | 16 comments I remember being addicted to Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Pokemon (the anime) and collecting the Mickey Mouse comics when I was a kid. I've read some manga during the past year (some older stuff: Osamu Tezuka, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Shigeru Mizuki) and it was pretty good, although I prefer color, more creativity & diversity (all manga seems to look the same) and not so many over the top reactions.

I actually wouldn't have gotten into graphic novels if I hadn't bought one by mistake thinking it was a regular book. Turned out to be amazing and now I'm hooked.

message 6: by Ana , compulsive dreamer (new)

Ana  (anavladescu) | 275 comments Mod
i know, manga seems most of the timea to be drawn by the aame artist. i did meet some works that were fundamentally different, and you could clearly see they were schooled in another style. i always found their works very different from occidentalists, and that's why i probably like them.

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