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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 118 comments Here we are, fair warning I like very detailed RPs- something I can build off.

Any likes/dislikes

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um ok i can try detailed rp i am not sure it will be for the first time i will do it so hope you dont mind ??

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 118 comments No I don't mind.

Do you have any likes/dislikes when it comes to topics.

[Dislikes] I don't like highschool, kidnap/victim, master/slave, summer camp ect.

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its the same with me :) i am done with rping those :) so you have any ideas??? or want me to suggest ?

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 118 comments [Mob RP]
A mob boss, a man who runs the entire west side of New York, has fallen for a young beauty... a very young beautiful woman. She loves him, well at least she thinks she does; that is until a new man joins his ranks. He is everything he new BF is not. Young, handsome, charming, and did I mention good looking. But she can't do anything about her feeling for him because her lover is a jealous man and he will kill anyone who looks at her for to long but that doesn't seem to stop the new guy from hitting on her- subtly of course- and making her feel special.

[Historical RP]
He is new to the throne, but his family has been ruling for years, and after his father's death his mother has past the throne down to him. Her only stipulation is that his must marry, and marry a girl of her choosing. Though he dislikes his mother's taste in woman, he agrees because he knows he will be good for the throne, good for England. Well he is know rethinking the whole treaty because his wife... well she is a piece of work. Jealous all the time, moody and he can't seem to get a hold on her personality because of her mood swings. But he must deal, for his mother and for the good of the people. But when he is presented with a gift he cannot refuse, his honor is tested.
The family of his bride to be gives him a dancer, a belly dancer from Egypt- she is high spirited, feisty, willful, and smart. And she has him under her spell- however she didn't mean to of course.

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omg the mob one !!!! can we do that ????? can i be the girl ????

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 118 comments did you have any ideas though?

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was thinking... something about a mental assylum? perhaps some 'odd' ways of helping the patients?
um um um if you wanna get naughty ? love triangle? arranged marriage ? um and incest ? or um um um Friends getting hot but not dating ? um teacher student ?
:::clean ones :::

I can elaborate the theme once you chose if you want :D

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 118 comments cheater?

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like someone cheating in a relationship double dating or u know

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 118 comments Oh for a sec I thought you meant like on a test lol.

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lol no i would never say that :P

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