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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments Yay! K give me a sec :)

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sure :)

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments Name: Kelly
Age: 16
Appearance: description

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Name :Vlad
age :19
Looks :http://static.tumblr.com/zd2xin2/RaZm...
her brother

Name :Cameron
age :17

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this is vlad that link is not working


❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments Vlad, O...M...G...*faint*

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hehe ikr !

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments K I'll start

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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments Kelly was putting the finishing touches on her make up after she got dressed into this http://www.polyvore.com/baby_blue/set... for the school prom tonight. She finished and headed down the stairs where her brother was "Vlad is Cam almost here?" she asked him.

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"ya i just kept his phone" he said "someone's looking stunning" he teased her as always

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments Kelly lightly smiled and looked down blushing "Thanks." she said softly before hearing a knock at the door. She walked over to it and opened it reviling Cameron "Hey."

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"hey " he said kissing her cheek " you look beautiful "he whispered in her ears and slipped the flower band (sorry i dot know the proper term ) on her wrist

Vlad hated her having boyfriends as his protective part took over

the limo Vlad booked was here "guys come on " he said

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments (Wait I don't understand what Vlad said)

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((edited sorry :())

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 790 comments Kelly smiled and blushed again as he said that then smiled widely "Vlad I can't believe you booked a limo." she said happily and gave him a hug before taking Cam's hand as they walked to the limo.

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"anything to make my baby happy " Vlad said and smiled
Cameron took her hand and walked to the limo helping her get in

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