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Like Father, Like Son
Michael Michael Jun 04, 2013 11:35PM
I read The Heart Shaped Box and Horns before I discovered that Joe Hill was Joseph Hillstorm King, the son of another writer that I consider one if not the singular best writer of his time, Stephen King. I then read the collection of short stories, 20th Century Ghost and Joe did nothing to change my mind about his writing. Now I've just finished NOS4A2 and my only complaint is that I don't have more of Hill's works to read right now.

The apple didn't fall far from this tree. If you like King, you will like, well, King!

Wow!! didn't realise that Hill was Kings son, oddly enough I had recommended this book to a friend and told him it was very much in the style of King

I am a fan of audio books and NOS4A2 is a great book to listen to. The reader was perfect and this book is right up there with my all-time favorites. I can't wait for his next one. I hope it has all the components of the genre I love, fear, suspense but also emotion and comedy.

I was another who didn't realise that Joe Hill was King's son. I was commenting to my husband on all the similarities there were between King's work and N0S4A2, until I went and looked it up and realised the family connection. Looking forward to reading his others, now!

I think Joe Hill is shaping up to be a great horror writer. And let's cut him some slack; he's only starting his career, while his father has been around a very long time and is a horror writer laureate. I can't wait to read his next book.

I saw Hill speak at a con here in L.A. last year, and what's even spookier: he LOOKS like his Dad, too. Once "Joe Hill" took off, there was no point in trying to hide it. Thank God he inherited his father's storytelling fits as well. NOS4A2 is a really great book -- best horror read of '13 for me, anyway.

Enjoyed NOS482, liked Heart Shaped Box more, and I think my favorite is 20th Century Ghosts.

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A Well-done intricate web of a story. It's creep factor arriving on suspense, vivid description, contradiction (Christmasland) and punctuated by a few gruesome images. I would disagree with anyone calling this "flabby" execution. Expertly placed foreshadowing, allusion and other connections make the central plot connected, woven throughout and intriguing; it makes the ending perfectly satisfying.

I think King would have taken us further inside Manx's twisted brain but I totally enjoyed the NOS4A2 and look forward to reading more of Hill's work.

I loved this story. Joe Hill did a very nice job. The book kept my attention and I did not want to put it down. Did anyone else imagine Manx to look and sound like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons?

I agree, and think that he does a wonderful job at story-telling ala his father. There were points in the book when I absolutely could not put it down I had to find out more. And if you didn't read "About the font" do, the story continues there.

NOS4A2 and Heart Shaped were very disappointing, great ideas with flabby execution.

i honestly think Hill would be a great non horror writer, he drops the ball each time he steps into the chills and creep aspect of his stories

I was a huge Stephen King fan in my younger days and NOS4A2 felt just like coming home.

Have you read his comic book series Locke & Key? The last issue of the main story is in comic book stores today, and it is at least as great as anything else Hill has written.

Brad Munson C.C., I absolutely agree. I stumbled on Locke & Key early in its life, and it's been a joy -- as much as these things can be 'joyful' -- ever since. S ...more
Jan 29, 2014 11:30AM

NOS4A2 was a fantastic read!

There is some crazy talented DNA in the King family.

Michael Actually Naomi has written books also so all 5 of the immediate family are published. Naomi has some physical difficulties and usually uses a power ch ...more
Jan 27, 2014 04:05PM

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