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Tana (tana_t) | 14657 comments Mod
The Z Redemption by Daniel Wetta Daniel Wetta

Genre: (international) thriller

The Z Redemption

Book Description:

A call for heroes! Is passionate love the transforming force that forges heroes? David James, ex-CIA agent and co-founder of a quasi- paramilitary group called the Zs, never expected to find passionate love in Mexico with a married business woman, Ana Valdez. Ana herself had surprises in life. She unwittingly became a living symbol, a national icon for the Mexican people sick to death of the corrupt government leaders who could not protect them from the bloody excesses of the drug cartels. While trying to hide their affair, Ana and David get sucked into the violent world that they are trying to upend.

They have friends in high places, including the President of the United States. In Mexico, their associates shockingly orchestrate a military coup. The Mexican Armed Forces sequester the Mexican President and most of the members of the Federal and State governments. With the help of the Zs, David and Ana feverishly work to manage the chaos which ensues in Mexico. Things quickly take a desperate turn when El Gato, a boss in Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel, personally targets David and Ana for his own self-serving purposes. He has shocking plans: to exploit them in his mission to build a "Narco-continent." The bedlam of civil disturbance in Mexico and the United States as a result of the coup provides the perfect environment for him to accomplish his goals.

In addition to the Presidents of Mexico and the United States, the cast of characters includes leaders of international drug cartels; military commanders; young Zs like Enrique Santos who will fight for freedom and public safety; and Eduardo Ortiz, the crafty “king maker” behind the scenes of Mexican politics.In the center is David Wilson James, a man whose life of intrigue is book-ended by two passionate affairs with Mexican women who shape his extraordinary life. These are Annie Ortiz, Eduardo’s daughter, who is the ardent flame of David’s youth, and Ana Valdez, the younger woman of David’s older years, for whom David would give his life.

Redemption can only be achieved through blood and high purpose. Are the personal sacrifices of David and Ana sufficient to pay the ransom that will stop the advance of unconscionable evil? The Z Redemption cuts into the deep entrenchment of organized crime in the world we think we know. It shows the kind of courage ordinary people will be forced to muster in order to fight its cancerous growth.

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Daniel Wetta | 14 comments Tana, I am still hoping for someone to sign up to review my novel. I really want honest Goodreads reviews. I became motivated to write this novel over two years ago when a young friend of mine in Mexico was murdered by a drug cartel. I have issued a call for heroes who lead with this book, and I promote this theme on my website, I took the time to build characterization so that the readers would get to know how the main characters developed the courage to do what they do. I cannot wait to receive reviews. I wrote short stories when I was younger, but this is my debut novel. I put two years of research into it to make it as authentic as possible, plus I built on my own experience living in Monterrey, Mexico. Here's hoping for someone to read! :) Gracias!

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