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The Red Wedding

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Matthew Williams In honor of the horrid, bloody and heartbreaking wedding scene from this novel, which has now traumatized me twice - the first time when I read it, and again now that I've seen it acted out - I wanted to host a discussion on that awful segment of the story and a possible alternate outcome.

Now everybody knows that Martin loves to kill off his main characters, especially when they are of the noble variety that people might actually care about. And I know for a fact that this scene cost him a lot of supporters after what he did with Ned Stark. So I was wondering, did anyone else have trouble sticking with him after?

Also, suppose for a second Martin went a different way. Suppose Walder Frey hadn't been such a son of a whore and enacted this massively disproportionate act of revenge in response to Robb spurning him. Suppose he had chosen to simply leverage his cooperation into getting something more out of Robb. I have an idea, which is born of the bloody awful episode that just aired, so hear me out...

Now we know that Walder wanted to marry his daughter to the future "King of the North". That was his original price for enlisting with Robb's in the war and letting pass through the Riverlands. So why not simply demand that Robb marry his heir to one of his grandchildren? We know for a fact he's got plenty of children, but this way he gets a marriage to the Tully's and to the King's line.

Seems better than an act of petty revenge, doesn't it?

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Trishé I'm currently almost finished with A Storm of Swords, but after this scene in the novel I was so angry I was literally yelling at my book as if it would change something. It put me in the worst mood for the rest of the day and then I didn't read the book for over a month I was so angry with George.

I think this scene is so heart wrenching and makes people so upset because most of us were really rooting for Robb to win the "game of thrones," but thinking back on the fate of Ned, we all probably shouldn't have been overly surprised.

I think, although there could have been different alternatives to killing off some of the most beloved characters, that the series just would not pack the same punch without it. What actually made me decide to go back to the novel and want to stick with the book series is the fact that Martin is willing to take monumental risks and knock off main players in the story. Not many authors have the courage to do this, and I think not many could pull it off and keep their fan base so large and devoted.

Don't get me wrong, I was as traumatized as the next girl by this scene; however it amazes me that after how angry I was at the book, as I keep reading I continue to be shocked and amazed with how many turns the story takes and I can't wait to see where he's going with it all.

The Red Wedding was horrifying, but it almost serves as a reminder to the reader that this world is unstable and unpredictable, our favorite characters are in no way safe because they are good, just and likable. For this reason I think there is no alternative, The Red Wedding had to happen to keep the story fresh and unpredictable. Anyone is fair game because as we hear time and time again, "when you play the game of thrones you either win or you die."

Michael ***Spoilers***

I've read the books but I still had my heart pounding in my chest watching the episode of The Red Wedding. Every little bit in me was wanting it to turn out differently, when obviously it couldn't. It is a shame how the most likeable, noble and pleasant characters are killed before the more despicable ones (although it is at least balanced by the end of Book 3).

The Red Wedding was very well done by the producers and I doubt there will be a more gripping ten minutes on any television drama this year (or ever?).

Michael Sure, Martin could have written it so that Walder Frey was kinder towards the King of the North, but than his forces would have joined with Rob's, and than there would have been little of a story.

Altough I didn't really anticipate the Red Wedding, it didn't quite shock me in the sence that, for me, both Cathelyn and Rob weren't one of my favourite characters in the book.

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