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Help! Can't remember book titles.
Christine Christine Jun 04, 2013 08:45PM
Ok so there are a couple of books i have read in the past and can't recall their names so I thought were better place or people to ask then here and from y'all.
Book 1.) Is set in some underground supernatural hospital i believe the first book is about a male incubus he's a doctor falls in love with another supernatural i think she has red hair. One of his brothers drinks blood off junkies and alcoholics so he's in pretty rough shape.
Book 2.)This other book I read a long time ago and all I remember is a scene where i believe it's an evil witch/thingy changes her appearance to a young beautiful creature to seduce the heroine's husband and a wolf the heroine believes is evil is actually good and trying to guide her.
Last book 3.) This lady has an affair with a viking or sailor and has a daughter beautiful with blonde hair and purple eyes at the end of the story turns out shes a psycho because some guy broke her heart and left her pregnant and she gets an abortion but not until the guy who performs the abortion tells her the baby will feel actual pain.
PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. IT'S KILLING ME CAUSE I CAN'T REMEMBER. LOL (p.s Harry Potter one of my faves and I had to put a book in the title section.)

There's a group on here called "What's the name of that book"


They are awesome at finding books you've been trying to find

Book 1: Pleasure Unbound?

Christine thanks y'all and yeah thats what they told me it was called thanks :) ...more
Aug 05, 2013 02:09AM

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