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Spice and Wolf is one of the two shows we are watching this summer. Here is the Crunchyroll page with information.

Discuss Spice and Wolf here!

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In case anyone was wondering, has Spice and Wolf subbed for free, but the dub is only for anyone who has a subscription.

I've watched the first 6 episodes and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm not too interested in the economic aspect of Spice and Wolf, but the relationship between Holo and Lawrence and the overall plot are what kept me from dropping the show (for me, economics are boring and I don't really understand them). I will be watching more of Spice and Wolf.

In order to start a discussion, here is a discussion question:

Why do you think Lawrence agreed to help Holo in the end? Sympathy? Ulterior motive? Excitement of adventure? Or something else?

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It's been a little while but I've seen the first season and really enjoyed it. The economic back drop is surprisingly well done and important to the plot for such a dry topic, but I agree the real draw is the character interactions. Lawrence is a bit dense at times but overall is a decent lead and Holo is a great source of intrigue. Their relationship is wonderful and really centers the series.

Curiosity and sympathy I think. For all his business acumen I don't think he was actually trying to exploit or profit directly from her presence. At the beginning I don't think there was any thought of a deeper relationship either.

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