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Kitties Like Books Too is a review blog specializing in romance & erotica.

Don't let our cutesy blog name fool you, we are guys and gals on a mission - to find yummy, steamy reads with lots and lots of sex - the dirtier, the better!
So if you are a publisher or an author in need of a review for your sexy little romance or your naughty erotica, sign up HERE.

You are a shoo-in if your book fall into these categories:

-Erotic Romance of any kind
-Western erotica/erotic romance
-Dystopian/post-apocalyptic romance (or better yet, erotica)
-Rock Band romance/erotica
-badass women (tattoos and piercing are a plus!)

If your rom/erotica doesn't fall into these categories, that's okay! We have a wide selection of reviewers that have a wide selection of tastes - we'll consider ANY requests.

Danielle-Claude Mba | 12 comments Hi, I just sent you a request through your blog :)

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Thanks guys!

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Sharazade Sharazade | 3 comments Gosh, I've got tons! As a micropress. Website is here:

Not sure how many titles I could submit at once? Or how to submit?

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Well there is a link up at the top, it if you want to submit more than one, it would probably just be easier for me to give you the email to the blog. you can just post libks to the books you want reviewed, that would make it easier.

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Sharazade Sharazade | 3 comments Link at the top (if you mean the part of the message that says HERE) isn't working for me, but I'll zap you off an email right now.

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I just realized... D: I'll have to go back an edit! Thanks for pointing that out!!

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