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 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments I apologise for the prolonged wait, but here it is!

How art thou? x]

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Very well! Thank you!

So...idea time? Typically I just brain dump, but I do have a few RP ideas, tucked somewhere back in my mind, I just have to dig them back out.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Eeeh, the only idea I do have is this love triangle that involves lots and lots of emotions.

I'd be much more interested as to hear your ideas! x]

message 4: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Okay, this is just going to be a brain dump then:

I've wanted to try this one for a while now, but the time I tried to start it, the RP was deleted :/

So, a twist on the Romeo&Juliet story. Rich guy, well-known, established family, is engaged to a girl of the same class. Problem is, neither of them want the marriage, but are being forced to go along with it, because it's for the good of the families, and the community, due to their parent's businesses. But the guy has a secret that he's kept for a looong time. He's secretly in love with a servant of his fiance's household. He sees her in the dead of night, sneaking out and coming back when no one notices. But how does it unwind? And what will his fiance, and his parents think of it?

In a seemingly normal world, a high school couple tries to make it through their every day life, dealing with senior year, and all of the future plans they have. One day, the girl mysteriously dissapears. No one understands why, or how, she just does. Exactly a week later, her body reappears. Dead. Her boyfriend goes hysterical. He runs into the woods one night, and suddenly hears her voice. He thinks he's just going insane, but after prodding, it turns out to be her, but in a ghost-like form. An insane serial killer is on the loose, trying to create an army of 'InvisaSapians' to help him take over the world, and will use any means necessary to do so. What does this mean for them?

The year is 2050, and the world is under the control of a harsh dictator. Chaos reigns free, and everything is a wreck after the fourth world war. There is a small resistance group trying to restore the world to it's previous districts that existed after WWIII. But in order to do this, they have to go back in time and upend the instigators of the war before they can do anything. Is this possible?

I have more ideas, but they're only little strains of other RP's that are reaaaally complicated.

message 5: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Oh, here's another one!

It has been this girl's dream to be a professional dancer since she was little. But her parents, being the famous stars that they are, sent her off to live with her aunt, who owns a dance studio. She grew up in the studio, dancing every style there ever was. But when she got into high school, her parents spontaneiously ship her off to a musical geared school. She's uptight and strict about everything she does, making herself miserable. People get involved, including a guy from quite the opposite viewpoint. He's the mysterious, tall, quiet and dark kind. Could it work? Or would she just drive him off like all of the others?

message 6: by The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (last edited Jun 05, 2013 05:28PM) (new)

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Hm, I very much like the first, the harsh dictator one and the last one you just posted!

I know that is no help...just eliminating one. >.< Hum...first and last would be my favourite. Mostly because my knowledge with history is feeble albeit WWIII never having occurred. xD

message 7: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Rich guy and uptight girl one? I have a guy charrie and girl charrie for those(respectively) but I could always switch genders if you wanted.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments So two roleplays?

Haha, you can play whatever character you want, I'm not too fussy.

message 9: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) If you don't want to pick one, why not? I've got characters for both, so I've got no problem with it. I'll just make a separate thread so we can keep them separate.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Thanks for having made it; I'll be going off...mystery boy picture browsing. The fun part of character making, haha.

message 11: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) hahaha, it soo is :) I'll post my characters in a minute, but then I'll be off for homework and such.

message 12: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Name: Jonathan Ethan Garcia
Age: 19
Birthday: December 3
Birthplace: Verona
Eye Color~ Chocolate brown, and they have a tendency to get what they want from a person, just by virtue of being there. Jonathan works with his eyes, and can be extremely convincing, when he wants to.
Hair Color~ Dark brown, with a few blond highlights. Sadly, the servants like to style it so it lays flat against his head, but on the rare occasion that he gets to do it himself, it is most often found in a messy, yet strikingly attractive form, as the picture above depicts.
Height~ Six two, and he owns every inch of it.
Body Type~ One word. Beautiful. Since he was young, he has learned multiple fighting arts, such as swordsmanship, archery, horse riding, hunting, swimming, foot racing, and other forms of competition. So he has built up a strong, lean body that emanates atheism and pride. His face is chiseled perfectly, and the servants of his house make sure he is always looking his best.
Clothing Style~ Ah, clothes. Such a petty thing, but nessecary for society. Most often, Jonathan foregoes whatever stuffy outfit his servants picked out, and wears white shirts and trousers. Like the one in the picture, when he is at his house, and not going out in public (or is he?) he wears it with the top buttons undone. There is nothing wrong with this, and as when he is at home, he tends to be working out or resting, his parents let it slide. But when he is forced to go out with his parents, at least twice a week, his servants dress him in green, blue and red, all of which fit his family crest, and his personality.

Personatity: If you hadn’t already guessed, Jonathan’s a little full of himself. But who wouldn’t be? His family is rich, he has three personal servants who are at his beck and call, he is one of the most attractive and most wanted young men in the city. He and his friends are among the top suitors of Verona, and they like to spend some days walking around, flirting with girls and making them swoon, and then continue to walk on. Jonathan is arrogant, and knows he is better than the commonwealth by virtue of birth, and so he acts like it. While he doesn’t straight out insult anyone or break the law, he comes close. The wealthy sons of the city get away with pretty much anything, because they talk themselves out of anything. The boys go around, breaking hearts, and moving on quickly. But theses flings have no meaning, and Jonathan has no problem with breaking hearts, partially because he knows the only person he is going to marry is the one his parents pick for him.

So he did things his parents didn’t approve of. Like getting a girlfriend, and sneaking out to see her. But he doesn’t care. He loves her, and would do anything for her. She’s a commoner, but in a way, she makes more sense to him. Her view of the world is so much more simple, and it makes Jonathan see things in a different light.

Around her, he is completely different. Instead of the pompous, idiotic jerk he is around everyone else, he is caring and sweet around her. Charming, yes, but he can pull that out of a hat when he wants to. The real difference between him when he is with her and when he is around others is that he listens to her, hangs on her every word, and only takes things as fast as she wants.

History: Born into a rich family, Jonathan had the life every other kid in the city dreamed of. He was raised by loving nannies, and taught by five different tutors, all of whom were like extensions of his family, because they spent so much time with him. He never saw much of his parents, because they were always away on business. So his teachers and instructors raised him, keeping him busy with lessons, work and preening, shaping him into the man he was to become.

Around the time he was ten, his parents took more of an interest in his upbringing, having him eat dinner with them, so they could show him how to be respectable in everyday society. They taught him conversation, and started taking him out to social gatherings a few times a month so he could meet other boys his age, and adults who would become useful contacts a few years later.

This is where he became part of a larger group of boys. They meet at one dinner, and started talking about sword fighting, which resulted in a challenge duel the next day, between two of the boys. They all agreed to meet and fight it out, which they did. Instant friendship between the five of them. The five richest sons in the city, and they have never been separated since. They told each other everything, and were each other’s sanity when their parents started getting uptight about their marriages.

You see, marriages were arranged. The boys and girls had no control over any of it. Commoners did, but the rich, no, it was all to advance their placement in society. Parents talked for years about this, and then two years before the marriage, told the children, and formally announced their engagement, and the boy had to ‘call’ on the girl multiple times, in hopes a mutual like, perhaps a friendship, maybe even love, if they were lucky. But the two had no say in the matter, and it was chosen for them.

And with this thought in mind, Jonathan a bit rebellious. He knew from the time he could read that he wasn’t going to have a choice in who he married. It was going to be chosen for him, to advance himself in society by having a good match, and that was that. He’d continue his father’s successful trade at the Port of Tripola, just south of Verona, and he had no say in the matter. Anyone with this knowledge, that their future was set for them, would be fine. All they had to do was learn the tricks of the trade, and network well so they had a reputable personage in the community. But not Jonathan. He never liked the idea of just going with the flow and taking over his father’s business because it was tradition.

So, after a particually bad fight with his parents about it, Jonathan slipped into the city in a disguise, and ended up meeting someone. He didn’t think much of it, but they talked a bit, and he ended up walking her home. After that one meeting, Jonathan kept sneaking out to see her, as friends, which evolved quickly into something more. Before he knew what had happened, Jonathan found himself hopelessly in love with a girl he knew he could never marry. A commoner. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to see her. And he still does.

~Friends((Names TBD))

Other:((To be added))

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Sounds like a plan! I've got a few replies to squeeze in but 'll do my best to post them up soon.

message 14: by The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (last edited Jun 05, 2013 05:47PM) (new)

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments He's really great! x]

message 15: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Thanks! Can't wait to see your charries!

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments I'm motivated now! So hopefully they'llbe good!

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Oh and...is the girl still a servant to his fiance? Or does she simply live life as a commoner?

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments

[ Full Name/Alias ] Eleanora Judy McFadden
[Possible Nickname ] Ellie, Nora, Ells-bells, Poppy, whatever else

[ Age ] Seventeen ( 17 )
[ Date/Place/Time of Birth ]
~ May 11
~ Verona
~ 3.14

[ Gender ] Female
[ Orientation ] Straight as a ruler

[ Appearance ]

[ Hair Pigmentation ] A rather pale blonde that cascades down her back and nears the indents of her curves; she usually wears it down with some kind of braid intertwined within the strands. She tends to consider it as her mane, it pretty much expresses her mood, really. When she's stressed, it's up and kept away from her face, when she's happy, it's down and flowing with her every move.
[ Iris Pigmentation ] A pretty blue, though it's just a blue, no icy touch nor coloured specks; it's a simple blue that simply emits warmness and her love for the world.
[Height ] 5'6”

[ Personality ]

First thing's first, there isn't much that can set Ellie off, she's quite the laid back and reasonable person; everything has a reason and everyone has their stories, there isn't much to judge from there if the truth is given. Truth. There's nothing better in another human being than honesty; what friendship beginning with a lie stays strong until the end? None. For the blonde, lying is the absolute worst sin someone can commit.

Moving on to lighter things, aside from her peculiar beliefs, Eleanora is a tremendously sweet girl, always willing to lend a hand wherever it's needed, not expecting anything in return. Being a social creature by nature, she likes getting to know those around her without actually pressing into the personal details of their lives. Do be aware that she tends to be rather pushy, becoming quite the defiant little one when things don't go as she had planned. On top of that, jealousy is no stranger to Ellie, not that she expresses it through words but her actions speak much louder than whatever leaks past her lips.

When it comes to stressful events, Nora handles those sort of situations like a champ; she remains level-headed and finds a way not to drive those she loves haywire by simply maintaining her presence. Perhaps it's because she doesn't enjoy imposing her problems on others, in fear that she'll be judged or others will step out of their way in order to help her; she knows she doesn't have much money to begin with and when it comes to repaying someone (which she feels obliged to do), it leaves her quite worried it won't be enough, whatever she does.

As cool as a cucumber, Ellie's most natural state is one of pure smiles and awaiting laughs. She's naturally the type of girl that always has a smile plastered on their face, a carefree aura radiating from every part of her heart. Being a chicken, her options are limited when it comes to having fun. Heights? Over her dead body. Roller-coasters? Not unless you strap her down in it.

Although this tends to change whenever around the one she loves, she dares herself to step out of her comfort zone, do things she's never done before, as much as it terrifies her. Her heart is very well devoted to this man, wishing every night that it would be him standing next to her after she had walked down that isle – whenever the moment was to come. She knows that they're little rendez-vous are to be kept a secret between the two of them, for his sake and to some degree, her own.

It's not as if one band wrapped around a finger would ever stop them.

[ History ]

Born and raised with the help of two, very loving parents, it's safe to assume that little Ellie's childhood worked out for the better. Elementary school flew by with hardly no problems, she made lots of friends and it was during those years that she had come to realise that she would never be able to be alone, she depended on her friends to keep her in their heart, never to let her go.

Unfortunately, it was just that. She tried too hard to be liked by everyone, it only backfired at the start of junior high. The lot of her friends had gone off on trips during the summer of sixth grade meanwhile Eleanora had stayed back with her parents and little brother. She spent the entire summer managing a small lemonade stand and volunteering at an animal shelter, where she was sure she had discovered her passion.

Upon starting the first junior year, not much had changed with her, but it seemed as if everyone else had; Tracey's lashes suddenly had grown longer, an interesting purple rested on her lids and her rosy cheeks replaced her usual blanched ones. Lots of her friends had done the same, their own variations added. As for Ellie, she stayed with her plaid shirt and usual braids, blue eyes still held whatever they did back in elementary. She had approached her peer and took notice that there were strangers amongst them, and one look at Eleanora and it had been the end of that. Her friends turned their girls shoulders, leaving the girl lying in the dust.

Having spent the rest of her Junior years partly alone (there was the occasional friend that never lasted), Poppy decided that high school would change everything. She picked up her act, bought feminine appliances and threw her wardrobe away, only to replace it with skirts and dresses. Her attitude had gone from caring and humble, to bitchy and insensitive.

Such phase didn't last long.

Late at night, a few years later, she met a boy, and the two spoke for what seemed like forever until he had to leave and her bed was calling her name. But that didn't stop there, the two continued to meet up and by complete surprise, his face appeared in her dreams and daydreams, the kind that left the heart racing and the lips aching. Up 'til now, she's happily in love and having always been a romantic at heart, finds their secret outings absolutely thrilling and with every coming day, her affection for him grows fonder and she knows her heart is in the right place.

[ Family ]
Elisa McFadden ~ Mother
Philip Smith ~ Father
Carl Smith ~ Little Brother

[ To be Noted ]
This is my first female character I've ever created...and I'm much better at roleplaying than creating these things, I promise, haha.

Aaand, just went along with your history for mine.

message 19: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) The Chicken (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Bromanez! wrote: "Oh and...is the girl still a servant to his fiance? Or does she simply live life as a commoner?"

Let's do servant of fiance, to make more dramatic.

One thing though, my history is based more in the past, should we work it to be in the present? Because with the arranged marriage thing...it could be a bit weird.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments What do you mean work it into the present? Like, have the events happen during the roleplay? Or...

Sorry, I'm a little confuzzled.

message 21: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) I mean have the RP take place in modern day, not late 1700's Verona like my mind was thinking.

Either works, I just want to make sure we're both on the same page.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments I went and reread it and I have no idea how I could have not understood what you were explaining. Yes, holding the roleplay in the present works good with me.

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments (hi, I apologise for not having posted yet. >.< There is no excuse, I just ran short of words, but my final exam is tomorrow so I'll get a reply up either tomorrow or Thursday, if you're all right with that.

Once again, I'm sorry.)

message 24: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) I completely forgot about this RP until like a minute ago when I was scanning through stuff, so don't even worry. I had finals last week, so take as much time as you need! :)

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 718 comments Bahaha, well there will be a post at the very very latest, Saturday. But Friday I have nothing haha. Thanks for understanding x]

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