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1. Please add her as illustrator to this book (note it does list her name as Lillian (2 Ls) in this book but that is the first time I've seen it that way)

2. add book cover (with my photos)

3. combine author pages:

4. add her name as illustrator, add cover image and add book summary cover with my photos. Also remove the comma from title. Here is description from front flap.
Here is a small child's guide to some of the common insects found in gardens and fields, woods and marshes. Fireflies and ladybird beetles (known nearly everywhere as the friendly little ladybug) are here, along with butterflies and moths, crickets, ants, and bees and wasps; here also is the hard-to-see walking stick, the praying mantis that can turn its head from side to side, and the fierce little ant lion-or doodlebug. These and many others are described in clear and simple words, with both warmth and accuracy that is matched by the exquisitely detailed drawings of Lilian Obligado.

5. add cover with my photos

6. add her as illustrator, add cover with my photos, add summary The story is a free improvisation on the song, emphasizing the rich spiritual life of the monastery as well as the joyful spirit of the brothers.

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Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments 1 - Done
2 - Done
3 - Done
4 - Done, is this a Hardcover? The entry doesn't currently say.
5 - Done
6 - Done

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another for L. Obligado
add her as illustrator, add cover and summary:
summary: Magdalena doesn't plan to cut her long hair until she meets a strange old lady in the public library.
cover with my photos

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yes that book is a hardcover.

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Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments Got 3 and added hardcover to A Child's Book of Insects.

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