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Big Mac walked peacefully into the castle. Nobody seemed to be around so he walked.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia walked in a nearby garden. She used her magic to pick up a rose. She smiled at it, it was a delicate color, yellow and beige. She walked back to the castle with the flower.

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He walked until he entered the throne room and noticed that nopony was sitting in the thrones. 'I wonder where they have all gone?' he thought to himself

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia walked inside and noticed Big Mac.
"Oh!" She smiled.

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Big Mac turned to see Celestia and bowed.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments "How's the family, Big Mac?" Celestia asked.

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"Good." He said staying in his bow.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments "I trust the apples are as wonderful as always." She looked outside the window. "How's Applejack?"

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"That's why I'm here..." He said quietly.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments "Hmm?" Celestia turned around to face Big Mac.

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"She hasn't been home in days...." He says looking down. "I'm afraid she's...." He is stopped by his tears as he turns away.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia felt a tug inside her. "What's wrong?"

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"I'm afraid for my sister..." He said softly

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments "Do you know where she went?" Celestia walked to Big Mac.

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"No... Thats why I came here..." He spoke.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments "Where are the other Six?"

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"Pinky Pie is at the farm, Twilight is in poneyville, Fluttershy is at her house, Rainbow Dash is at her home, and Rarity is visiting family." He said

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"Uh.... She is a guard, so probably guarding the castle."

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"Okay..." He trotted through the city and headed into the castle. He stops the first guard he sees. "Um excuse me can you tell me where Tera is?" He asked the guard. "Yeah she's in the garden today her shifts just about over though so I'd hurry if I were you." The guard replied.

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"Oh yeah.... Guess I remembered." He laughed trotting to the garden.

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"Tera!?!" He called. "Tera!?!"

Just after he called the second time a grey pony wearing a suit of armor came out. "Who calls?" A female voice asked. "Its Treb." He replied. "Oh Treb its been so long." She smiled hugging her friend. "Yeah."

"So why are you here?" She asked.

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"Book?" She asked. "Yeah the one I let you borrow." Treb answered. "Oh that one.... Its in my house. My shifts over so I'll take you there." she smiled. "Cool." Treb said.

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They left the castle and took a taxi to a small building in the middle of town. "Here it is my home." Tera said. "Looks great." Treb said "What do you think Twilight?"

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"Please come in." Tera gestured. Treb walked into the small house and noticed all the Dj Pon3 posters "I see you still prefer Techno over classical." Treb laughed. "Yeah Octavia is good, but sounds better with a bass drop." Tera replied.

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"Anyway why are we here again?" Treb asked. Tera shrugged "I forgot"

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"Oh right." Tera went to the other room and came back with a book. "Here is is." She said. "It was so cute with sparkling vamponies and a triangle of love." Tera sighed.

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"Hogwarts history?" Treb asked.

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"Oh well." Treb said "the trip was fun." Tera nodded

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"See ya later Tera!" Treb called following Twilight outside. "Why so glum?" He asks

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"Why?" Treb asked "Its just a book"

((hate me?))

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"did you check under your pillow?" He asked

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"Just a suggestion"

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia watched the ponies out a glass-stained window. She was worried about Applejack.

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"What do I do?" Mac asked

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia turned to Big Mac. "Be alert. I need to think about this. Maybe even talk to Princess Luna."

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"Eyup." He replied

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia walked to her throne, now even more worried.


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diabear (bayurrzandfoxezandcats) | 14 comments ((Should I jump in sometime? I'm playing Applejack))

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((Sure, try and make it interesting))

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments ((Is anyone Luna?))

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diabear (bayurrzandfoxezandcats) | 14 comments ((Yup))

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments ((Who?))

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diabear (bayurrzandfoxezandcats) | 14 comments ((Yup))

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments ((So where's this VQ person?))

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((I think its Jack))

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diabear (bayurrzandfoxezandcats) | 14 comments ((*shrug* I'mma jump in now..))

"Howdy, Celestia," Applejack appeared behind Celestia. "Big Mac!" She smiled and tossed back her head, with her hat getting loose.

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A Anderson (whatwhat) | 29 comments Celestia turned around and brightened at the sight of Applejack. "Oh, Applejack!" Relieved, the alicorn turned to Big Mac. "She's here."

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Big Mac looked at her and trotted over to her. "Where have you been?" He asked

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diabear (bayurrzandfoxezandcats) | 14 comments "Where have you been? I've been lookin' all over Sweet Apple Acres for you until I decided to check here!" Applejack argued, stamping her hoof onto the solid floor.

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