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(SEMI-SPOILER ALERT) What exactly is...

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Fipper ...that 'wheel' contraption the killer used to punish himself? Can someone clarify?

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David C. I am so glad you asked this question. I must have read that passage a dozen times. I came here to ask the exact same question! I've searched high and low on the internet. I'll report back with a link if I ever find one.

Edit: Just went back and read that section. My best guess is that he took the tire off one of the wheels, cut a few of the spokes and bent them around to create a sort of wire Chinese fingers that would hold his member in place. Then, with his hands on the ground (holding him up) and his feet in the pedals, he pedaled back and forth, the wire mesh holding *him* in place (I presume, due to the malleable nature of wire spokes, they could be compressed and pulled back to either "strap" *himself* in or get *himself* out), in a grotesque attempt to simultaneously "stretch" and punish *himself*.

Let me know if you think that's a plausible scenario based on the text . . .

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