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What's with all these vampires and werewolves lately?
maria maria Jun 04, 2013 05:57PM
There's so many vampire and werewolf stuff like vampire diaries, etc.

Kristen (last edited Jun 04, 2013 08:25PM ) Jun 04, 2013 08:23PM   1 vote
Like everyone said, it's a trend. There were a few popular books/tv series and people jumped on the supernatural bandwagon. And since so many people were reading/watching those types of things, several more series like them were produced: Supply and demand.
Also, people like the drama that those stories present. You can only do the dopey teen drama so many times before you want an exciting element like one of the love interests having to fight the urge to kill the other.

And yeah, I think the vampire/werewolf trend has faded slightly in favor of the dystopian genre, but it hasn't gone away completely. It's just mostly shifted to zombies right now. But I'm sure it will be back as a trend again and again the way it has so many times already. Trends repeat over time.

It's just a trend right now. :)
I feel like it's kind of easing out of that trend now though, it's becoming more of post-apocalyptic/End of the world/Futuristic disaster type things.
The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, World War Z, After Earth, The Host (I think, from that I've seen of it it seems that way) etc.

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There's an ever-decreasing number of people in the world left who seem to wonder about this question. :(

maria mmmm. And i'm one of them. ...more
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This question is 3-4 years late.

They are just writing books about that because that is what has become popular and is appealing to alot of people right now.

i think almost everyone who likes to read or even watch about vamp/ werewolves like to read it for the fun of it or has intrest in it. that just my opion here.

I agree with both Areeba and Bailey it was a trend but now it seems to be heading into the dystopian/end of the world type thing.

☞Maria wrote: "There's so many vampire and werewolf stuff like vampire diaries, etc.

good q why is that?

Just a trend, when Harry Potter was at its peak of popularity, it was all about witches. With other popular witchy programs and moviesat the time like Charmed, the worst witch, Buffy, Sabrina the teenage witch, The Craft, Hex, The blair witch project, etc, etc.

It’s just a trend, that’s all.

I think that it is more of a dystopia/apocalyptic thing right now. Examples of Movies and Books that I can think of:

After the Fear
The Fifth Wave
The End Games
The Host
Monument 14
Kill Order
The Selection
The Elite
The Program
Let the Sky Fall
Under the Never Sky
Shatter Me
Across the Universe

and movies:

After Earth
Pacific Rim
The Host
and maybe World War Z? IDK haven't seen that one.

But I think paranormal werewolf and vampire faded a long time ago. The trend is kind of dystopian now :)

Olivia yea i was kind of thinking, about the same thing there.
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