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Chapter Lesson 1: The First Black Family of God
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Chapter Lesson 1: The Black First Family of God

From the beginning of this Bible study guide, we have looked at a number of topics, which I believe has shed light on the message we are putting across as well as what we will continue to convey to the end of this book. As we move on to the lessons, we need to have a clear understanding of some terminologies used here in this book. This will help guide the reader to the truth and more in-depth understanding, of the lessons in the rest of the study guide. We have therefore, given short phrase explanations on these terminologies in the simplest form, with the hope that reader will use them to connect to the rest of the text in the book. Without an understanding of them, the reader will be lost throughout these lessons.
In this lesson, we will go to the Genesis [the Start or the Beginning] of the history as was scribbled on what is referred to, by many scholars as scriptures. In the Holy Book recorded history is made at the beginning [Genesis] of the families of one black man called Noah. Noah and his family survived the great flood, after he had received a divine message from the Most High God, to build an ARK, and to take all his belongings and animals, as God commanded. After the flood, Noah’s family grew and extended to be what, we, the world population is today. It is from this point that we will base our message to the people. We will dwell on Noah’s history and his descendants. We will also examine who was his first family and who was the last. We will then have a look at who among the descendants was promised the lands that have turned into a massacre field in the Middle East in Palestine and Canaan [the Land of Ham].

Let us now turn to the scriptures and see how the history Biblical message was scribbled from here on. According to the scriptures, out of Noah’s sons the families that were chosen and the one, that the Most High God covenanted with, were those of Shem and Ham. These two families are the ones who were blessed to inherit the lands that God promised. The third family of Japheth was commanded by God to dwell [live] and procreate among that of Shem and to serve them all the time. These were God’s wishes at the beginning [Genesis]. Japheth was born with an abnormality, lack of skin pigmentation [Albino] and as such was treated as an outcast or a gentile. After Japheth dwelt in the house of Shem, marital unions came about, thereby creating a “mixed race.” This issue, therefore, makes Shem, son of Abraham, the father of many Semite nations. Later the descendants of Ham and Shem lived together mostly in the land of Palestine and Canaan for thousands of years. Therefore, they intermingle as cousins. This undoubtedly will show that, historically, biblically, genealogically and geographically God’s people are black and Semite. Let us now ask this pressing question as to who is this, we are dealing with and writing about.

Who is God?
This is God the Supreme Being, the creator of the universe, the solar system, the earth, oceans, and land. In addition, all lives and any form of energy that abounds on those places were created by him. Although, all God’s people the Hebrew Chosen were, his creation those who surrender onto God. Him and acknowledge. God’s presence has been with humankind since the time of our ancestor Abraham his chosen one. We also examine that when God came to earth or when he came in a vision [dream]. He had to come onto Abraham and other prophets in the human form of “dark matter and dark energy”. Nevertheless, the prophets never had to mention God came onto them in a black form, because they were all black in skin color. However, many scripture acknowledge God physical presence with humankind. Genesis 12:7; 17:1; 18:1-2; 20-23; Gen 26:2; 26:24; 28:13; 32:30-31; 35:9; Exodus 24:10-12: 3:6,16; 33:20-23; Ezekiel 1:26-28; 3:23; 8:2-3; 43:2-3: Daniel 7:9; Numbers 12:6-8; 16:19; 16:42; 1Kings 22:19; 3:5; 9:2; 2 Chronicles 7:12; 18:18; Job 42:5; Isaiah 6:1,5; Amos 9:1;

The Ethnology of Race
Ethnology brings to light the reality, and true knowledge, that God’s chosen people of the Holy Bible and Holy Quran; are black [dark skinned] and Semite [of mixed parentage]. Africans and African American and the rest of the dark skinned race have been referred to, over the years, as black by the so-called whites, but as far as skin color is concerned there is no such thing as black. The skin color can rightly be termed as “mocha.” Those people who bear this color happen to poss. Therefore, the black “gene” is the dominant in all creation. This was, and still is, the works of the Most High God. For those who do not have this dominant gene, they can be referred to as having a recessive-negative gene, that is, a mutation from the original gene. From mocha ten shades of skin coloration from dark, light brown, red, to yellow-skinned where created.

Who are Black and Semite?
Allah revealed in the Qur’an that he made Adam out of black clay. HQ 15:26, 28: And surely We created man of sounding clay, of black mud fashioned into shape. (28) And when thy Lord said to the angels: I am going to create a mortal of sounding clay, of black mud fashioned into shape.
Mocha—Color of the mocha defined in reference to Arabian coffee. It is also defined as a color coming out of a mixture of cocoa or chocolate with coffee, [None of these colors is black or brown. Therefore, the Hebrews can simply be described as mocha].
Black—a person belonging to a dark skinned race or one stemming in part from such race; Negro [Latin for black people] or Afro-American.

Visage—The face or countenance of a person: look, appearance: [in the book of Lamentations 4:8. The Hebrew has black faces].
Muslim—One who surrenders to God: an adherent ancestor’s of Ishmaelite cousins of the Israelites. An adherent of Islam: Black Muslim.
Afro-asiatic languages—A family of languages widely distributed over southwestern Asia and northern Africa comprising the Semite, Egyptian, Berber, [Arab] Cushitic and Chad subfamilies.
Semite—Afro-Asiatic family Hebrew, Ethiopia and Arabic; [Note that the Holy Bible does not mention the “gentiles” the “gentile Jews” and the rest of the Caucasian race, as Semite. They are distinctly referred to as Gentiles the Semite bloodline includes the Afro-asiatic. While the Indo-European; people found in Europe and other parts of the world previously colonized by Europeans, are not Semites). Fact: Semi-relating to half: or partly: black skinned person.
Jew—A member or a converted Caucasian person to a religion called Judaism. [These converters were not necessarily the Children of Israel, but took up the name to escape the massacre that was being perpetrated by the Aryan Christian Crusaders in Europe during the Middle Ages. They faced a tough resistance to assimilate into Islam for protection. As Islam at this time was repelling the Christian Crusaders’ murderous expansion into Eastern Europe. These Caucasians, therefore, assumed the word Judaism, to signify belonging to the lost tribe of Judah [Yahuda] one of the twelve sons of Jacob [Israel]. With that they escaped by their teeth from being massacred by the Christians or being assimilated into Islam.
We will examine this in detail in later lessons. For now, let us say, that according to the scriptures, the Jews, who practice Judaism, have no bloodline link at all to the lost tribe of Yahuda. These tribes are found in the lands south of Sahara in the continent of Africa. Many of these tribes have since been taken back into slavery, as was warned by the Lord in the scriptures; Deuteronomy: 28: 13-47.
Jews, therefore, are not from the tribe of Judah [Yahuda], as they are not in slavery. Neither did they have the bloodline of Judah, since Judah being a son of Jacob [Israel] was black. Furthermore, the future revelation of Jesus refers to the gentile Jews in the Holy Book, as moneychangers (merchants). It is also warned that, they have corrupted the world and as such are agents of “Satan” and their synagogues, are referred to as the house of “Satan” and they are not real, [Revelation 2:9; 3:9.]
Judah—a son of Jacob [name changed to Israel]. Traditional ancestor of one of the tribe of Israel: Jesus was from the tribe of Judah.
Mongoloid—Characteristic of a major racial stock to Asia including peoples of northern and eastern Asia, Malaysians, Eskimos, other native Indians and American Indians: South American Indians. [who are true Semites].

Pigmentation—coloration with deposition of pigment; dark brown skin, de-pigmentation the loss of normal pigmentation.
Melanin—a dark brown or black animal or plant pigment: an increased amount of black or nearly black pigmentation: as of skin, feathers, or hair: a person of color.

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