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No Condom?? Little spoiler

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Mindy It's not just this book, but I'm getting tired of reading how all these playboys never once had sex without a condom until the heroine comes along. They've had sex with 100s of girls and always wore a condom but after meeting these heroines after like a week, all they have to say is "I'm on the pill" and the dude is just fine without wearing a condom. Yeah, right...

I know it's fictional but it's the same story over and over and it's not quite believable.

Ok, my rant is over.. :)

Sarah haha, I know what you mean.

Poliana Same here. The girls always fall for it... Yeah

Allisont "I'm on the pill"
A brand of pill with a high failure rate judging by the pregnancies that follow!

Mindy Haha, no doubt!

Christine Too true

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