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Women: will this book change your approach to your relationship?
Elizabeth Elizabeth Jun 04, 2013 04:16PM
Lots of information in this book but not many solutions - any ideas?

It's not meant to provide solutions, it's an overview on current research on female psychology. It does provide some good insights, but it's definitely no self-help book.

This book mostly just helped me confirm that I'm not a freak of nature just because:

(1) Monogamy never worked for me.
(2) I always pursued men and couldn't bother to wait for men to ever pursue me.
(3) I've always had a rampant sex drive that easily out-paced every man I've ever dated!
(4) I ended up becoming polyamorous in 2012.
(5) I ended up marrying a second man and now have two husbands (as of 2016) and have never been happier in my life.

This book doesn't offer any solutions or advice to couples or singles who want to make changes. It just offers a lot of information that can help us consider our biases in a new light.


Wow, Elaine. You nailed my feelings, exactly. I kept wondering how it was possible that I was still enjoying my husband so much after 29 years of marriage. We can't be the only ones....can we?

Read this a few weeks ago. Very interesting. Agree with Marco.

No. The research in the book was cherry-picked. The author didn't bother to describe research which didn't agree with his perspective. He spent too much time on personal anecdotes of a few women: this was entertaining to read but offered nothing towards understanding women's sexuality. The relationships of women with their partners is about much more than sexual arousal. It would have been interesting to have read the research (not an anecdote) of couples who have been together for decades, still in love and still enjoying a healthy sex life together. (And, yes, they do exist.)

Michelle truuuuue
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M 25x33
Marco Oh dear, I believe somebody is very uncomfortable with the research findings in this book.
But hey, since you're making claims and all, why not show us
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