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message 1: by Adam (last edited Jun 04, 2013 07:19PM) (new)

Adam (edgeofinfinity) | 32 comments Welcome to the [insanely massive] anime thread! :) I realize that not all dystopian readers like anime. Instead of adding to the present TV and/or movies threads, I thought the better idea was to create a new discussion/list thread (so as not to spam folks that aren't into anime). Please feel free to add to the discussion with your own recommendations!

Television Shows-

Ergo Proxy - A seemingly Utopian society faces a series of murders by androids. In a world where humans and androids live together, can they continue to co-exist? The world is revealed to be more dystopian than utopian. The gov't are big and evil.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The movies were amazing, the show wasn't nearly as good but it was fun all the same.
Rahxephon - Awesome, philosophical (existentialism) and big mechas. World has gone to hell, needs to be reshaped. In order to do this, xephons must "sing."
Lain: Serial Experiments - One of my all time favorite mini-series in which a little girl interfaces with a computer network and becomes a form of "second coming." Truly amazing. Very early "cyberpunk"-esque anime. It was very popular.
Last Exile - One of my favorites... a world in which humans take to the skies on retro-looking airships. A young boy and girl must make their way in a war torn galaxy. An epic battle will take them to the stars and beyond.
Wolf's Rain - Post-apocalyptic anime in which the world is ravaged by death and disease (I may be pushing it with that... there's no wolves for some reason). The story is told by a group of individuals that appear to us, and themselves, as people but in reality are the last remaining wolves. They must fight a highly technological foe that threatens the world as a whole.
Appleseed - post-apocalyptic world, cool weapons, see it: here.
Armitage III - Mini Series - see Poly Matrix (remake) and Dual Matrix (sequel) - my favorite anime cyberpunk series in which an android cop has to hunt down other machines. If you haven't seen it: you don't know cyberpunk. See the Wikipedia: here.


Ghost in the Shell & Ghost in the Shell: Innocence - Nothing beats the first, imo. The world consists of humans, androids and modified humans. The world is dark and cyberpunk. Neon lights, dark skies and themes story which explores the human condition (or lack thereof). Innocence was okay.
Metropolis - Possibly the prime example of dystopian anime, this is a story of a little robot girl in a downtrodden world that's forced to find her way. Really worth seeing. Metropolis on Wikipedia.
Akira - Metaphysical more so than dystopian. A powerful figure awakens and wrecks havoc upon Tokyo. A punk/toughguy motorcyclist becomes a God-like figure and threatens to destroy the world. Why do I call this dystopian? There's a lot of darkness in the film (neon lights, etc). While not dystopian, per-say, it fits in similar thematic elements.

Haven't seen these series but looks great-

Battle Angel Alita - Series - a post-apocalyptic future features a young cyborg girl that attempts to discover her past. See: Battle Angel Alitaon Wikipedia
Elfen Lied - Very mature depending on version - have only seen the first episode. Looks interesting.

Edit: Fixed that to "series" I haven't seen. :D Good catch, Anna.

message 2: by A (new)

A M H | 45 comments Trinity Blood - (tv show) - Humans (that are under the churches rule), Vampires.. And the thing that drinks the blood of the vampires. Dun dun dun.. I just started watching this one a while ago so I can't give more of a summary then that lol.

Noein (To Your other self) - (Tv show) - It's been a long time since I saw this one but from what I remember it was really good. I might even rewatch it lol. Anyway, the future is bad, people from the future end up in the past and one of the future beings decides to stay to protect the dragon torque which is a little girl. It's all about multiple universe science theory stuff and different universe are bad and one is invading the other or something. Like 2 bad universes and possibly one of the universes past mashed together sorta.

Sword Art Online (SAO) - TV Show - Thousands (Maybe millions? idk) of video game players enter a MMO virtual reality (SAO) only to find out soon after logging in that there are stuck there with no way to log out, and if anyone from the real world removes there equipment that is keeping them in the game they will die. If the die in the game they also die in real life. The game creator tells them that there is only way out, if someone beats all the levels. So the people are stuck inside the virtual world for years.
Elfen Lied was the very first anime I had ever seen. (I was lucky enough to see a censored version lol). Oh and its a show not a movie. I liked Lucys double personality. Metropolis was a good movie.

message 3: by S.M.R. (new)

S.M.R. Saia (SMRSaia) | 19 comments I have no idea what "dystopian anime" is - and I know this is a movies and TV thread - but if anyone is interested I read an interesting book recently that purports to be written in the dystopian anime style...


message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam (edgeofinfinity) | 32 comments Noein looks outstanding: I dig that whole philosophical thing going on in some anime.

SMR... I view dystopian anime as all that social and environmental dystopia applied to japanese anime films (usually deals with the destruction of Japan to some degree but this may just be a popular concept). :P I'm glad they call it something, otherwise I wouldn't know how to refer to it! That looks like a great read, thank you -- added it to my list.

Voices of a Distant Star - Love story, war-torn universe. Lots of psychological components. Downtrodden feel. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voices_...

The Place Promised in Our Early Days - Sort of a spin off on Voices, in which there's a war-torn universe and love story combined. Lots of psychological stuff. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pla...

Grave of the Fireflies - not exactly dystopian future, but more historic. WWII setting in Japan after the bomb. One kid's life, etc. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grave_o...

message 5: by A (new)

A M H | 45 comments LaMB - In the future, the people had to leave Earth and find a new home. One of these new homes was a desert planet called Cerra. A scientist named Jack is tasked with restoring vegetation to the desert world. With this he is given an assistant named Eve who is a "Lamb". A person that has been laminated with a cybernetic suit. Lambs are slaves. Unable to speak or act of own free will. Lambs are what would have been prisoners, but in the future there are no prisons or death sentences. There prison is beauty. Lamination.

message 6: by Carrie (new)

Carrie "Shinsekai Yori"
My advise would be don't read about it, just begin watching it & stick with it. I had made the huge mistake of giving up on it for a year after a couple of episodes. Such an unexpected delight. It's insightful & wondrously dark to boot. I didn't realize just how truly impressed I was until it's perfectly apt conclusion.

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