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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) | 5357 comments Mod
Beautiful tall mountains with a waterfall trickling on the other side. The tallest mountain's top goes a tiny bit above the clouds...there are pathways and camping stations...also rock climbing equipment.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Ana flew into the area carrying Hibby. She spiraled down and landed at the bottom.

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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) | 5357 comments Mod
Hibby chuckled as she set her down and looked at the mountains and her jaw dropped. "Woaaaah" she gasped.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Ana moved her wings slightly, tired from flying that far for that long with the added weight.

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Kazuya was flying high up in the sky, then he spiraled upwards, then tucked his wings in and arced downwards headfirst, feeling the wind whistle by him, his hair whipping his face as he sped towards the ground at breakneck speed. At the last possible moment, he flared his wings back out and zoomed just near the ground, almost close enough to touch, at the same fast speed. He weaved around trees and rocks nearby the mountain, then he angled his wings and shot up into the air again, whooping and yelling in his joy. He had forgotten in his grief how happy flying truly made him, and how free it made him feel. He sped back over to Hibby and Ana and landed, tucking his wings against his back. He was shirtless now, having torn the shirt he was wearing when he let his wings emerge.

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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) | 5357 comments Mod
Hibby watched him fly and soar down to them. Well someone was happy! She chuckled then asked Ana "Are you okay? Sorry I might be heavy..."

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) "I'm just not used to carrying anything." Analysis shrugged.

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Kazuya walked up to them and flashed them both a smile.

message 9: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Spark bounds into the mountains, electricity crackling around her. She laughs and zaps a tree.

message 10: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Echo finally slowed and stopped to catch her breath, she had run all the way from the school building.

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Holt (tnkphk) Storm follows Nagrom to the mountains, sighing as he went.

Spark plays with electricity.

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Melissa Echo felt her head and spine start to tingle and she cursed, "now is not the time for this!" She yelled but it was no use, already her fox ears and tail had sprouted.

message 13: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Spark sees a fox girl and grins. She walks over and laughs. "Hey!!! You look so cute!!" she yells, smiling like a maniac.

message 14: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((GTG BBtommorow.))

message 15: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Echo jerked in surprise and stumbled back. "Who are you?" She asked, her eyes wide.

message 16: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) "Spark." she said as her surroundings crackled with lightning. Water floated up and winds swirled. A little ear piercing sound squealed, causing a little bit of ear damage.

message 17: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Echo's fox ears flattened and she clapped her hands over them. She whimpered, "please stop." Her sensitive ears felt as though they were being pierced by the high pitched sound and she struggled not to fall in a heap on the ground.

message 18: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Nagrom kept going up the mountain, knowing that Argon would be at the top, probably.

message 19: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Spark sighed and the sound pressure faded. "Sorry. I'm always.. LIKE THAT!" she yells hyperactively. She laughs and her hair colour turns neon.

Storm followed Nagrom slowly.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Nagrom glanced behind him, making sure Storm hadn't bailed.

message 21: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Storm sighed and sped up, walking alongside Nagrom. "Don't kill yourself prince boy." he muttered.

message 22: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Echo's legs gave out and she landed roughly on her rear. She finally lowered her hands and looked fearfully at Spark.

message 23: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Spark frowned. She sat down next to Echo and her manic smiled reappeared. "What your name?!" she yelled.

message 24: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "What are you talking about? The cold? I wonder if we should just fly there?" He muttered.

message 25: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) "Meh sure." he replied, unfolding his wings.

message 26: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Echo skittered away as best she could while still on the ground. "I-I'm Echo." She said quietly.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Nagrom took off his blazer, revealing a shirt with two large holes cut in it. His back started to glow.

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Holt (tnkphk) "Hi ECHO!!!" Spark yelled. Her hair turns one black one white. "Sorry if I scare you Echo.." she says wistfully. She played with electricity, sometimes making a spark.

message 29: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Storm blinked and flew up. He waited for Nagrom, who was turning into something.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Scaly dragon wings appeared on Nagrom's back, an with a single stroke he was level with Storm. "Let's go." He said.

message 31: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Echo took a few breaths and calmed down, she wasn't scared of Spark anymore but she was still wary of the electricity she was playing with. "It's okay." She said in a braver voice.

message 32: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Storm grinned and flew with Nagrom.

message 33: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((4mins dude, chill.))

message 34: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Spark smiled and controlled the electricity to zap her, tickling her. She giggled. "So.. What is your species?" she asks Echo.

message 35: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Nagrom leisurely flew alongside Storm. "So, why did you agree to come along?" He asked.

message 36: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) "Your dad." he sighed. He looked away and stared wistfully at a fiery place on the ground. He knew that was one of the entrances to hell.

message 37: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "Intimidated?" Nagrom asked. ((GTG, BBL))

message 38: by Melissa (last edited Jun 05, 2013 09:52PM) (new)

Melissa "I'm a kitsune, that's a Japanese fox spirit by the way." Echo said, stroking her tail to un-fluff it.

message 39: by Melissa (new)

Melissa "What are you? I'm kinda new to... all this so it's hard to tell what everyone is." Echo said, shrugging a little and smiling.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Ana noticed as some more people arrived to the scene. Her wings fluttered, her eyes a neutral colour of gold.

message 41: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) "Oh.. I'm a mutant. Some lab experiment gone wrong." she sighed.

Storm shakes his head. "Not one bit" he smirks.

message 42: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Nagrom shrugged. "Most are. We're getting close to the peak." He said.

message 43: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) Storm grins. It has been a long time since he went on an adventure using his wings. He toys with his fire and tosses it up and down.

message 44: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Nagrom eyes the fire hungrily. "Mind if I eat some of that?" He asked.

message 45: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((We're on the road to Viridian City!!! :P))

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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) | 5357 comments Mod
Hibby danced around and beamed at both Kazuya and Ana brightly. "Climbing?"

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"Sounds like fun, lets get started." Kazuya said, his eyes dancing with merriment. It lessened the look and be afraid feeling around him just a little.

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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) | 5357 comments Mod
"I've actually never done this before...who knows how?" she asked face with the expression of deep thought and concentration as she stared at the mountain.

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"Um....guess we just pick a spot and start climbing. Me and Ana can fly, so if anyone falls, we can catch them." Kazuya said.

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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) | 5357 comments Mod
"Gee! You're not going to climb? Ana?" she looked at each of them horrified about being left out because she had no wings.

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