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Avril of Themyscira Susan gasped, opening her eyes. Where was the boy she had been having dinner with? Where was the table? She was on a beach, the hem of her dress wet. She dashed towards Edmund as he looked around in shock.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) (haven't read the books but seen the movies. I plan on reading them.)

Lucy walked on the beach. She thought that it was very pretty.

Peter stood in place. He looked out at the water.

Avril of Themyscira (lol cool (: ))
"Peter! Where are we?" Lucy called, hoping beyond doubt they hadn't returned. No not again. They were too old

Avril of Themyscira ((you there?))

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) (sorry I was eating dinner)

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "I think we're back," he says. He ran his hand through his hair.

Avril of Themyscira She blanched, yet a small smile crept upon Edmund's face. "Why?" she gasped, having gotten used to her other life.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "I'm not sure," he says.

(are they back to the ages they were in Narnia?)

Avril of Themyscira ((i think they should be their outside ages, like peter and susan in their really early twenties))

A centaur rose up on the grassy knoll opposite him, raising abow. "TAMARINS" he called in a booming voice.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter turned around. He looked at the centar.

Avril of Themyscira "Halt Tamarins! You ar hereby under Narnian territorial arrest!" he called, drawng his sword as he rode up to Peter.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "under arrest?" Peter said with an eyebrow raised.

Avril of Themyscira He raised his sword and swiped at Edmund, causing him to shout and fall back. "Dont play games, boy. Prisoners of war!"

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter raised his sword. Which, amazingly, was at his side. "prisoners of war?" what he might to say was what the heck happened here.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) *meant not might.

Avril of Themyscira He laughed. "You been hidin under a rock? The war you Tamarins 'ave ben forcin upon us o'er 200 years." he said gruffly, eyeing his sword.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter looked over at his siblings.

Avril of Themyscira "War? So what happened to the Narnians? Aslan? The fawns? The elves?" he questioned quickly, to which he laughed.

"The fawns are all that's left, boy!" he chuckled, turning to Peter. "Lower your sword boy"

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter lowered his sword but kept it in his hand. He looked back at him.

Avril of Themyscira "So what are Tamarins doin this far from your territory. Spying, perhaps?"

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "we are travelers," he said. He looked at the others for support.

Avril of Themyscira Susan nodded, holding onto Lucy as Edmund steppd to Peter's side.

"No man in his right mind would travel here. You are spies!" he yelled, and with that he slashed the sword from Peter's hand, cutting his arm.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peters arm hurt, bit he wasn't going to let his siblings know. He regrabbed the sword.

Avril of Themyscira The centaur grimaced. "I warned you," he said, as two minotaurs and several centaurs surrounded them. Susan drew her bow immediately and Edmund drew his sword.

Avril of Themyscira The centaur grimaced. "I warned you," he said, as two minotaurs and several centaurs surrounded them. Susan drew her bow immediately and Edmund drew his sword.

Avril of Themyscira The centaur grimaced. "I warned you," he said, as two minotaurs and several centaurs surrounded them. Susan drew her bow immediately and Edmund drew his sword.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter had his sword drawn. He looked around at them. His arm was bleeding badly.

(maybe Faerin could save them????)

Avril of Themyscira ((I was thinking so. ))
Edmund screamed and took a swing, causing minotaur to rush forward and grab him as Susan shifted her bow to the beast and screamed.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter shook his head then regained focus. Edmund always rushed into things. He had his sword raised. He was going to wait for them to make the first move.

Avril of Themyscira A centaur knocked the blade from him, holding his blade to his neck. Susan yelled a warning once more, letting an arrow fly at the one who held Edmund. It was caught in midair and redirected by another arrow. "Stop!" Called a voice, commanding and solemn. A woman, tall and thin, appeared on the hilltop, battleclad. "Do you not realize? These are not Tamarins!" She called, though she was out of peter's sight.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter neck started to hurt. His arm was still bleeding. He looked at Edmund and the rest. The voice he heard sounded familiar, but he couldn't remember why.

Avril of Themyscira She stayed just out of his line of sight, though Edmund smiled. "It is a sad state we are in if we cannot but recognize Queen Lucy the kind, King Edmund the valiant, Queen Susan the brave, and King Peter, the most high. " She thrust her sword into the sand, her blue eyes before him, her blonde hair blowing as she looked up to him, her skin scarred. "My liege." She said firmly. The others dropped them and fell to kneel at their feet, but she did not.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter watched them kneel then he looked at his arm. 'oh well,' he thought. He looked back up at them.

(I'm guessing Peter still can't see her?)

Avril of Themyscira (no lol she's standing right in front of him))

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) (ohhhhhhh......)

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter smiled when he saw her. He looked at her. He hoped she wasn't too mad at him for the past.

Avril of Themyscira She picked her sword up, showing no reference, save a simple bow, and climbed up the steep hill, making it look like a walk in the park as the others followed with her, her blue tattoos standing out from them.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Peter looked at his siblings. He started to walk with them.

Avril of Themyscira Fairn took the front, drawing her now at some points, and ordering the centaurs to carry the siblings.
(( to the forest camp))

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) (Can you post first?)

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Astra came here, her body tired, the only thing keeping her moving was her ever dwuindling will to keep going.
"I have to find... I have to-" It was night now, the chill was settling in her weary bones. Her breathing was heavy and soon her eyes slowly closed. Astra callopsed on the sand. She slept.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 765 comments Mod
Luna arrived with Peter and she smiled and looked up at Peter

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) He smiles as they walk along the shore. He is still holding her hand.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 765 comments Mod
Luna blushed and she saw a pretty seashell on the ground she picked it up still holding Peter's hand and she smiled it was one of the rarer shells she gives it to I thought you might like it so I wanted to give it to you "she smiled blushing

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "It's beautiful," he says. Peter looks at the shell.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 765 comments Mod
Luna smiled "I'm glad you like it "she blushed and I'm sorry about earlier Peter when IV..."she blushed

Ghost~still Luna~ | 765 comments Mod

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "It's ok," he says. Peter looks at her.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 765 comments Mod
Luna looked up at Peter she wanted to kiss him but feared it might make things awkward she nods and whispers "I'm still sorry though if it offended you "

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