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What age would you let your daughter read this?
Lynn Lynn Jun 04, 2013 02:22PM
Just wondering whether you think a 15 year old girl is too young for this book? I'm going back and forth on it. I love the book, but a maybe too much teenage sex in it. She reads tons of books, and I'm sure she's come across situations before, but I still don't want to encourage it.

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If you think your daughter is mature enough, then you should let her read it. It's a wonderful book and she can learn some things from it that she wouldn't learn from social media, school etc. I think fifteen is a perfect age to start reading Hopeless.

It all depends on how mature your daughter is, and how well she copes with the plethora of emotions that is inevitable when one reads Hopeless. But the highlight is, it would make her think about the outside world.

My mother used to cut out the sex education pages from my weekly teenage magazine when I was thirteen...so I read her Cosmopolitan issues instead :-)))
Appreciate the fact that your children are reading, you cannot prevent them from everything!

your kids know way more about sex than you think. There is just too much availability in the media. it is better not to pretend that teenagers don't have sex. if you aee open about it, they will be open about it too. Kids are having sex...the majority of high schoolers and a high percentage of middle school girls are having sex. 15 is not too young to have sex therefore you should learn to talk openly. That doesn't mean yoi can't encourage your family values or discourage sex. pretending it is non existant doesn't help anyone. this is a great story. I would encourage my kids to read and talk.

I have to say I'm surprised by some of the responses. My daughter is a month away from being 18 (and not sexually experienced) and I told her she should read this, but in a couple of years. The story is good and if the sex was glossed over a little more it would be fine, but those scenes alone make me want her to wait a bit yet.

My daughter is 13. She read this. Her friends at school read it too. They all loved it. I read it first to make sure Colleen didn't use the "f" word or the "p" word in a love scene. (Those words aren't appropriate for her to be reading at her age, in a love scene) Colleen wrote that book with class and she did a wonderful job. It's sad to say, but the story isn't a big stretch from reality. I'd prefer my kids to gain understanding of such tragedies through a well-written book rather through real life experience.

I would be more concerned about her reading the bits were the girl is getting raped at five years old by her dad than the sex with her boyfriend issue. I was crying my eyes out wile reading this book, but that could be something to do with me having a five year old daughter and cringing at the thought of something so vile happening to such a little girl. At that point I could have set the book on fire. But at 15 years old I think she already knows all the ins and outs with the birds and the bees so there's really no point in trying to hide it from her.

Danielle (last edited Jun 05, 2013 06:40PM ) Jun 05, 2013 03:15PM   1 vote
I'm 13 and I read it and as soon as I finished it I started it all over again :) It's these amazing books that make me love and respect reading/writing so much. There are to many what ifs to this question all of them being negative when really I'm sure she's heard worse online and even at school. I would just say let her read it, sure their are "scenes" but there is SO much more to this book. Also, the "scenes" were out of love and it didn't jump right into it, I mean that was such a drastic part of Holder being that he didn't rush. Words have the power to change us and this one did in the best way possible. It's pure talent why not share it with her???? This is now my favorite book by a long shot :)

I'm thinking i wouldn't let my child read this tunil they were 16. I wasn't allowed to read anything with sex in it until i was in my late teens and even then it was mostly 'suggested' with no detail.

My policy is to read books with my children. Then if their are questions, I can answer them openly, honestly. I gave this book to my daughter, and we read it together and discussed it as we went along. It is a great way to understand what is going on in your children's minds and hearts.

I probably would, depending on the kid. If she's mature, then it would be okay. I agree that kids know more than we want them to know and that censoring it might not necessarily keep her from reading it without your knowledge.
I would definitely say this one is more appropriate to read than the Slammed series for a younger teen. I loved that series, but think I would have a lengthy talk about student-teacher relationships regardless of age before I let him or her read it.

Alexandra (last edited Mar 05, 2014 08:44AM ) Mar 05, 2014 08:42AM   0 votes
I started to read different kind of books very early as many of the other people in the coments but... maybe you should wait untill your daugther is at least 16. Yeah, stuff like sex it's allways out there, but 13 sounds too young to read a book with sex escenes even if they are treat as "love scenes" (wich it's great). The book touchs some topics that are to be treat carefully, like what happened with her father, it's not to be hide but you can handle better that kind of story when older and more mature than 13.

You can't depend on age. I think is more about her, about her maturity :)
Just my opinion.

I think around the age of 13 would be fine, the book is beautiful and has such a powerful and emotional storyline. I don't feel like it's dirty, and it comes down to how mature you think your child is.

I'm a mother of young adults and more recently a grandmother. I don't think this book is that bad sexually. I think 14 is a good age, when my girls were at this age it didn't matter to me what they read as long as they read. I had to sneak to read books with sexual content when I was 14. I never wanted my girls to hide anything from me.

This book was intense. I cried a lot while reading this book. I would say 17-18. This book was amazing and maybe I'm being to strict but at least 17.

Bink I can respect that.
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Madison (last edited Apr 25, 2014 08:27AM ) Apr 25, 2014 08:25AM   0 votes
Being your not so average 16 year old girl, books are my life. I have read countless books from the ranges of Stephen Kings chilling tales to passionate romance novels, and have come to the conclusion that I have learned from the characters in these books. People are so touchy about anything sexual. In my opinion, there is no reason to hide anything from your daughter or not allow her to read books that have intimate scenes, I will tell you that she will only become more curious. My parents have always been really straightforward with me about sex and not made it an uncomfortable subject for me, with that said i'm sure there are plenty of people appalled by this. Just because you let your kids read a romance novel with intimacy in it or talk about sex in a casual manner does NOT mean that they are going to go become sexually active at 12, I am almost 17 and not sexually active due to being so informed about the subject. Your daughter will learn from the mistakes of the characters in these books, as I have and quite frankly its really fascinating how many terrible situations that I avoided simply by learning from their mistakes. Overall I think it's A-OK!!

Megan (last edited Jun 04, 2013 03:29PM ) Jun 04, 2013 03:29PM   0 votes
I don't think there is too much sex it will distract the story. Then again I'm 23 and that is not the most exciting thing in a book to me lol. I think 15 is an appropriate age, I was about 14/15 when I started to read Zane's erotica lol. I think she'd appreciate the story vs the sex scenes.

Lynn wrote: "Just wondering whether you think a 15 year old girl is too young for this book? I'm going back and forth on it. I love the book, but a maybe too much teenage sex in it. She reads tons of books..."

Our societies are different and respecting that is important. I say this because when i was 11 my mother gave me the Jean M. Auel clan of the cave bears saga to read. I didn't know what i was reading when the sex scenes in those books came, maybe because 14 yrs ago and now are two different times also what i was exposed but it was just a read for me.

So let her read it because it was a great read. It's a YA novel that can add to her language skills as well. The teenage angst was real and it was realistic to a point because in today's world teenagers are sexually active.
Also at least you know what your daughter is reading and you can discuss the book with her later which is always fun and develops her conversational abilities.

I dont think this book is very descriptive about sex. I would let my doughter read this at 15 but i would talk to her about the book

It doesn't have alot of sex in the book but covers a few disturbing issues
So really it comes down to you to trust how mature your daughter is?
Why don't you read it first then make the decision!

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I'm 14 and I read it it's a really good book and I loved it.it's on my favorite shelf and there are books I read which contain more scenes but to be honest I don't like to read this scenes so I skip them but also it depends on how mature your daughter is and besides I'm sure she hears a lot in her school besides there is a lot more in the book than just sex you know :)

Yeah, I think I'd like my 15 year old daughter read this one.

I'm 15 and I read it and loved it :)
My parents are fine with it :)

Personally, I think others may be underestimating today's kids and what they are capable of handling and they may even be out of touch with today's educational standards too. In the schools in my area, kids as young as 5th grade are asked to do at least one project on a "social issue" every year. They have to read one fiction book that deals with a social issue and then they are asked to also research that issue.

This book is a bit intense for a 5th grader, but I think a high schooler can certainly handle it. If they can handle "The Color Purple" or "Speak" or "A Farewell to Arms", they can certainly handle "Hopeless".

I am not a mom yet, but I think the appropriate age to read this book, will have to be 18+.

I let my 13 year old daughter read this book and I would let me son read a book with sex in it. We are very open about sex in our house and the ramifications of it. I had my oldest when I was 17 years old and she knows this and she also knows that she can come to me and talk about anything especially dealing with sex. I don't this this book gave her any "false expectations," as I feel she is mature enough to know that fiction is fiction and real life is a lot different than any book. It is all about communicating openly and honestly with your children. Just FYI think about books like the Hunger Games and Twilight that are geared towards this age group...they portray sex as well.

I would let my daughter read this. I love reading, and started as a teenager around 14 or 15. At that age a read some books with sex in them. I don't feel that I was too immature to Handle it.

Would you let your 16 your old son watch porn? The plot of this book is carried along solely by the sex scenes. If this was a movie it would be rated X... this is not a book for young girls. Yes, the story line is realistic; but consider the sex itself. The hero is the perfect lover; creating a false expectation in inexperienced girls, much like porn creates an unrealistic expectation of sex for guys.

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