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One of the two shows we are watching this summer is Myself; Yourself. Here is the Crunchyroll page with information and all episodes. We are watching the first 5 as a group, but feel free to watch as many as you like.

Discuss Myself; Yourself here!

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I just finished the first 5 episodes. I thought I would enjoy this show more than I have, but it ended up being different from what I expected.

The characters are a little flat and the story is predictable and simple. Not to mention I don't care for the art.

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Seeing as there were only 13 episodes, I decided to just finish the show, though I didn't care for it.

That has to be one of the most all over the place endings I've ever seen. I won't say what happened, other than that it started with one plot arc, then followed a different one, then went one to another one, then went back to the original one. In about four episodes the show tried to wrap up every character's story, but for a show with 13 episodes, that was not a good move.

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