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Avril of Themyscira Name:



Type of Creature (Tamarin, centaur, etc.):

Appearance(If no picture, then give a lengthy description):


Dressing Style:

Job or Lifestyle:

Love Interest:

Weapon (if needed) :



Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Name: Peter Pevensie
Gender: male
Age: 17
Creature: Human
Job: King of Narnia
Appearance: Peter has blonde hair. (search the name in the Internet if you don't know what he looks like)
Love interest: ? None yet

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Avril of Themyscira Name: Fairn

Age: immortal, appears in 20s

Gender: female

Type of Creature: the last living member of Aslan's elven guard

However, her face and hair are as follows.
She is very tall and thin, and has blue lines along her body and face when she is in battle.

Personality: She is very quiet, and is hard on many people, having no need for small talk and never preferring to talk. She is harsh on people,and is unforgiving of evil. However, she is loyal and kind to those she knows, and is affectionate and joyful towards young children. Before the dissapearance of Peter, whom she loved dearly, she was gentle and gracious and poised.

History: Watched the destruction of her race after Aslan's dissapearance, the only remaining. She was accused by Peter once for treason, and proved her worth to him. She was devastated at his leaving.

Job or Lifestyle: elven guard of Aslan's forest. Can appear anywhere in Narnia at any time.

Love Interest: Peter

Weapon (if needed): A mirror with which she can view any area in Narnia, a bow and sheath of arrows, twin daggers, a sword.


Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Where shall we start?

Avril of Themyscira Well they arrive at the ocean. How about you play Peter and Lucy and I play edmund and susan?

Avril of Themyscira SURE!!
I suppose I should make a Tamarin. I'm sure you know, but they are at war with the Narnians right now.

Avril of Themyscira It's 400 years from when the kids last left, and the Tamarins are at war with the Narnians for control of more land. The NArnians are losing the war, and the Pevensie children suddenly reappeared. I'm not sure how Caspian would fit into that. You can decide however you wish

Avril of Themyscira True. It would just surprise me that Caspian would do that

Avril of Themyscira Name: Khalin Dyval

Age: 20

Gender: female

Type of Creature: Tamarin


Personality: Raised by the former general of the Tamarin's armies, Khalin does not shy away from, cold violence, brutality or blood. She is ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants, being taught by her father to do whatever necessary. However, she is loyal and graceful and kind like a future queen is expected to behave.

Dressing Style: She wears intricate, fine clothing by only the finest of Tamarin seamstresses. (If you need more, look up Khaleesi from Game of Thrones))

Job or Lifestyle: She is a young noble in the Tamarin kingdom, and hopes to become queen.

Love Interest: She has been infatuated with King Caspian since she was a little girl and grew up with him.

Weapon: She is only formally trained to use a sword.

Other: She has a white pegasi named Daeryx and a dragon named Tyr

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Can I have Lucy?

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Mikayla Jackson {Love the Life your Living} wrote: "Can I have Lucy?"

Yes you can be Lucy if you want to. I am Peter

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Your the best Anna!! *Hugs*

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) *Hugs back*

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Avril of Themyscira I agree. Or if he is being lied to by his council about what is right. Should Khalin be good like him or should she be bad?

Please make character profiles for them though!

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Oki Doki loki!!!

Avril of Themyscira Awesome! Khalin is in the entry hall!

Avril of Themyscira I can make a lilliandil if you want

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Avril of Themyscira Kk cool I will make her later

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♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 15 comments Name: Giselle Carlyle

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Type of Creature (Tamarin, centaur, etc.): Human


Personality: Giselle has abandonment as well as trust issues so she doesn't like to make friends. She is really stubborn and rude to everyone she meets except kids, she has a soft spot for them. She likes to help those in need because no one was ever there for here. She has a kind and gentle heart but she hides it showing a more crueler side to others around her. She is a firm believer in true love but doesn't plan on getting in a relationship, though the right person might warm her up to the idea, it will still be extremely difficult.

Dressing Style:
She dresses classy and elegant but also comfy and casual at the same time.

Job or Lifestyle: She lives in forested areas but she loves to travel and go to new places. She doesn't stay in places for too long so she steals things so she can live without having to get a job.

Love Interest: Open but pursuing her will be quite difficult for any man.

Weapon (if needed) : She has a bow and arrows as well as a dagger in her bag that she carries things in.

Other: She has great survival skills, knows everything there is to know about the forest and how to craft and prepare things one might need.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 240 comments Name: Jax Moonwater

Age: 17 but is immortal

Gender: Female

Type of Creature: Neko/Shapeshifter ((she is a Neko that can shapeshift into anything/anyone)) She is the last of her kind

Appearance: she has violet eyes however and usually wears headphones, a beanie, or a good to hide her ears.

Personality: She can be shy, or outgoing. She is kind, creative, brave, loyal, smart, strong, courageous, curious.

Dressing Style: She dresses in comfortable clothes that she can also fight in and won't slow her down, she also wears battle armour.

Job or Lifestyle: She dosent have a job but is usually in the forest and can help you with almost anything. She is an amazing metal smith and can Crete multiple different types of weapons.

Love Interest: Edmund

Weapon: Bow and arrow or her sword:

Other: she believes that she is the last of her kind and aids in the fight for Narnia

Avril of Themyscira All approved!

Avril of Themyscira Taylor could be a guard at Caspian's castle, if you want

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Brought to you by Sarah

"Nianar si het stbe erev."
"Greetings, I am a friend and come in peace."

[ Full Name ] Aslan

{Titles:} Creator of Narnia
Portrayal of All things Good
The Great Lion
Son of the Emperor-over-the-sea
King of Beasts

[ Age ] Unknown, but most likely older than Narnia. Aslan was the founder and creator of Narnia, and therefore has many followers, which include vast numbers of Talking Beasts, Centaurs, Fauns, Dryads, Dwarfs, Satyrs, Naiads, Hamadryads, Mermaids, Silvans, Unicorns, and Winged Horses.

[ Nationality(ies)/Race ] He is a Narnian, one could say. His race is a Talking Beast, but a lion, making him the King of Beasts. He is also a Deity.

[ Gender ] Male. Only male lions have manes, so far as I'm concerned, lionesses don't.
[ Sexuality] Straight.

[ Physical Appearance ]

(view spoiler)

[ Personality] (Six sentences minimum)

Depiction of 'All things good'
Aslan is the ultimate 'good guy' of Narnia. He is modest, kind, loyal to his followers and Narnia, and a very good friend. He has a mysterious side, though, and acts as a guide for the human children that enter in and out of Narnia.

Aslan is not a tame lion. He may appear it because of his kind and loving nature, but he is not tame. When you get him worked up, or you're an enemy of his, there's no doubt that his claws will be at your throat or stomach within seconds.

Aslan is the eye of Narnia. He knows everything, sees practically everything, and has a rather good idea of knowing hat will happen. He speaks with a certain imposing tone, but also kind at the same time, but every word coming from his jaws rings with wisdom. Take advice from him.

"All good things come in good time."

Aslan is one of the bravest warriors on the Narnian battlefield. He fights without armour, and his weapons are his bare fangs and claws. Aslan is willing to give up anything for his fellow Narnians.

[ History] Aslan, the creator of Narnia- that's where it starts. Over the years, he picked up numerous travellers. Until 400 years ago- four siblings, sent away to live in a grand house with their uncle to escape from the war, discover a wardrobe in a desolate room in a far corner of the house. Well, rather, the youngest of the Pevensie children found it. Lucy.
So it was that human children began to come into the wardrobe and into Narnia, and since then Aslan has been leading out battles to fiht for the freedom and good of Narnia.

[ Relationship Status] Single and NOT open, but he's always open to befriending the children that come and visit Narnia.

[ Family:]
♔The Emperor-over-the-sea

[ Strengths:]
☞ Aslan's bravery is one of his many strengths. It helps him with his battle reflexes, keeping him alive. He isn't afraid of anything (most things). He is willing to travel far and wide, to run the length of Narnia to get revenge or to fight for the greater good.
☞ Aslan's wisdom helps him solve problems more easily that others can, and his knowledge of Narnia can be useful.
☞ Aslan's loyalty to the Narnians is one of his strengths. Although he is often regarded as the ruler of the Narnians, he views everyone as equals. This makes him easier to trust and once you gain his trust and he yours, it is guaranteed he will fight beside you in battle.

[ Weaknesses:]
☞ One of Aslan's weaknesses, and also a strength, is his kindness. Oftentimes he can become too kind and trust people he should not- his wisdom does not often help with these things. He has a good heart, which can get in his way.

[ Weapons:]
Claws and fangs.

[ Other:] None

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Name: Astra

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Type of Creature (Tamarin, centaur, etc.):


Appearance (If no picture, then give a lengthy description):

She has snow blonde hair that has a blue tint that gets darker down to the tip, it gets almost midnight blue. Her hair has volume and is kept up in a ponytail by a grey ribbon. She has one major bang that falls into her face and then to the right side and stops at her neck; the other is thin and stops at her strong jaw line. The length of her hair is up to her thighs but the ponytail is doubled into a ribbon bun and then it falls to mid back length.
Her skin tone is tanned, but is a cool/pale version of vanilla chocolate. Her eyes are a crystal grey-white.
She is not slim, she is fit and curvy.

Dressing Style:

She wears normal peasant clothes of a cream color. The shirt has a crest like neck hole, she also wears pants/ shorts so she can run if needed. She has a thick black-brown belt that she attaches a sword with the handle of onyx and a blade of seemingly liquid crystal (as she can see through it and it flows like continuously). She has boots made of leather, that she stole... and then a black cloak that covers her with a hoodie. This has a silver accent, or emblem that is identical to the one tattooed on her arm. It is located where on the left, where her heart is.
She wears a necklace that is in a way a broken leather collar with the base of the chain hanging from it.

Distinctive features:

She has some sort of henna tattoo of a type of lotus and Latin numerals surrounding it — this circles her waist, her left arm and her neck in three separate tattoos that all have the lotus and writing in common. It is covered by her clothing.
She has snow blonde hair and it seems to grow into a darker gradient, similar to midnight blue.
She has bands that go around her left forearm and a black glove that exposes her fingers on her right hand.


She is stealthy, and sometimes is clumsy. Astra is kind, but can be secretive. She seems to like stealing from people who she thinks don't deserve certain things. She hates seeing people get whipped and she doesn't like her current slave master.
Astra has a temper and a sharp tongue, but mostly she is silent. She enjoys cooking and drawing, though she has yet to be able to draw on paper or get a hold of ink or pencils. Astra has a habit of singing when something bad happens.

Job or Lifestyle:

She is a slave (view spoiler)

Love Interest:

She has no hope of finding anyone as she is of a lower class.

Weapon (if needed):

A sword of "living crystal" with an onyx handle (hilt). It is thin but has not broken when it was struck many times with a hammer. It seems to be able to conduct heat and electricity. Mostly electricity.

She normally just throws her three daggers. They differ in size as they grow smaller.
(view spoiler)

She knows she is going to be sold soon. She has seen what her new master looks like and she thinks she would prefer him over Tanzin (her current master).
She, in a way, wouldn't mind if he was a perv... (view spoiler)

Avril of Themyscira Name: Lilliandil

Age: immortal

Gender: female

Type of Creature (Tamarin, centaur, etc.): half star

Appearance(If no picture, then give a lengthy description):

Personality: Lilliandil is the embodiment of a perfect wife, queen and mother. She is kind and patient, compassionate and considerate. She is unafraid to take matters into her own hands to protect what she loves. She is quiet, and does not take interest in yielding weapons.

Dressing Style: A simple brue dress that leaves her shoulders uncovered

Job or Lifestyle: Queen of Narnia

Love Interest: Caspian

Weapon (if needed): none

Other: Her son, Rillian

Avril of Themyscira ohh, thanks! (:

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Aslan is finished!

Avril of Themyscira great!

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Thank you!!

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Can I have Susan, since u don't want her anymore?

Avril of Themyscira sure!

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Susan Pevensie
Brought to you by Sarah

"Nianar si het stbe erev."
"Greetings, I am a friend and come in peace."

[ Full Name ] Susan Pevensie
Su|san| . Pe|ven|sie

Queen Susan the Gentle

"To the Radiant Southern Sun, I give you Queen Susan the Gentle."

[ Age ] 16

[ Nationality(ies)/Race ] British, Human
{ Place/Date of birth } London, England, 1928

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality] Straight.

[ Physical Appearance ]

(view spoiler)

[ Personality]

Susan's caring side became much greater once Lucy, the youngest Pevensie, was born. Susan felt it was her job to take care of her as best as she could, for her father was a busy man and her mother was too occupied taking care of the house and caring for Edmund and herself.

Susan is an easy person to wind up. Her temper is a huge flaw in her personality, and it prevents her from making friends easily.

Susan loves to read and write. Her favorite subject in school is English, but don't get her wrong. She is NOT obsessed with school. She's pretty good at maths and sports, her favorite being swimming. SHe made the squad. She is an exceptionally smart and good student at school.
In Narnia she follows Caspian's and Aslan's advice.

If it weren't for Susan's caring nature, she'd be one of the best warriors on the battlefield. Although the idea of killing a human sickens her, she'll do it for Aslan and Narnia.

"I fight for what is right, I fight by Aslan's side. i fight for Narnia. "

[ History]
Susan was born in England, to a family that was well off. She led a pretty simple life, but that all changed when the war came along and the Pevensies were sent to live with their Uncle in the countryside. And that was where they discovered the magical world of Narnia. Since, Susan has been introduced to archery, excelled at it, made a couple of new friends. She fights for Narnia.

At school, in london, she was always the lovei nterest of many boys, but she always rejected them, for she has no interest in them.

'I'm terribly sorry, but I'd rather be alone."

[ Relationship Status] Single
{Love interest} Nobody

[Closest Friends]
☞ Prince Caspian
☞ Aslan
☞ Mr and Mrs Beaver

[ Family:]
♔Peter Pevensie
♔Edmund Pevensie
♕Lucy Pevensie

[ Strengths:]
☞ Susan's impressive skill with Archery would make her one of the best warriors on the battlefield, but she prefers hunting animals to men.
☞ Susan is a very kind person.
☞ Susan's exceptional bravery is one of her skills. She is hardly afraid of anything and she stands by Aslan's side often.

[ Weaknesses:]
☞ Susan's title, given to her by Aslan along with her crown, lives up to her standards. She is gentle, and that's a bad thing. It makes her sick to kill a human.
☞ Susan is serious, and cautious of everything. Unfortunately she has a temper, and can't make friends easily.

[ Weapons:]
Bow and Arrow

[ Other:] None

Avril of Themyscira Name: Andreas

"I am an outcast. My kind all are. But I still fight for others so they will not end up like us"

Age: 16

Gender: male

Type of Creature: centaur

He is often seen in war paint, with his tail cut very short however. He is a chesnut bay with one white hoof.

Personality: Andreas is very strong, brave, trustworthy and loyal. He is always worried about battle, and has trouble thinking of other things. However, he is not one to miss out on joking around when he is with his kind. To those he trusts he loves unconditionally, but is very hot-tempered, especially when it comes to the fact that he is uneducated.

Dressing Style: none ;D

Job or Lifestyle: warrior

Love Interest: Susan. It is not allowed to love someone of another species, much less an ancient queen of old, but he cannot help himself.

Weapon (if needed): A bow only he can wield, (due to its size)), and two large swords he wears on his back.

Other: He is an advocate of centaur rights, and a loyal army member.

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I though it was Lucy... :/

Avril of Themyscira Not the same one!! The other is just aboy

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Ahh... I'm a little confused person over here. :)

Avril of Themyscira S'alright. I alwyays am

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Yay! Someone who understands me! Hey you can I have him meet her now. Like the guy who will like Lucy. All my friends are off right now, well except you. :)

Avril of Themyscira uh I haven't made him yet what would you like him to be like?

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I don't know. :( I don't want him to be mean, rude or pushy at the least. Ok, actually I do know. I would like him to be gentle, kind, caring, loyal, brave and strong. Well I guess thats just the characteristics...

Avril of Themyscira Yeah..what about a sailor boy who washed ashore?

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Sure. :)

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Avril of Themyscira Name: Alin Thermond

Age: 16

Gender: male

Type of Creature: Tamarin

He is not very tall, but has extremely muscular arms due to his work trimming sails and rowing

Personality: He is one to easily crack a joke and never take life too seriously. He is lighthearted and fun, caring and kind. He never troubles himself too much over anything, and works hard to support and protect those who are important to him.

Dressing Style:
About like the boy in the bottom left. A sailor's outfit.

Job or Lifestyle: member of Caspian's royal navy.

Love Interest: open

Weapon (if needed): one small knife

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Amazing! I just can't access the picture of him... :/ So if you could tell me what he looks like that would be great! Also you can have him be washed ashore now.

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Avril of Themyscira um... he has blonde hair, swept perfectly to one side with sideburns, small pink lips and deep ivory skin, a prominent nose and brows that give him a sincere look, and oval face and soft jawline paired with smouldering blue eyes.

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Ghost~still Luna~ | 765 comments Mod
Name: Luna



Type of Creature (Tamarin, centaur, etc.):human

Appearance(If no picture, then give a lengthy description):medium length light brown hair green eyes fair skinned is average height and weighs approximately 90 lbs and is always seen having a certain amulet around her neck

Personality:sweet shy kind has a dark side

Dressing Style:dresses comfortably but also has to make sure it's flexible for her job if there's climbing and running involved ie dresses as an archer

Job or Lifestyle: archer loyal to the royal family and protects those who she cares for

Love Interest:peter pevensie

Weapon (if needed) :bow and arrows and a small dagger

Other:loves to sing but will stop if anyone is around

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