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Who was your favorite character?
Samantha Mohney Samantha Jun 04, 2013 01:12PM
My favorite character was probs Ian because he was just so nice and protective to Wanda and I loved that. He loved Wanda for who she was not for what she is.

Ian because he didn't treat Wanda as a alien when he got to know her. He loved her so much that he wouldn't allow anyone to touch her in the freeze thing, sorry forgot what it's called. And he went against her and put her into a new body. He would die for her, I know that too.

Sam My most favourite character is Ian O'Shea. He is in a many way, represents purity, and such a gentleman. He can be that soft, sensitive and gentle sid ...more
Jul 30, 2013 04:12PM

Ian. He had such a great journey and so much growth from the beginning to the end, the fact that he was able to fall in love with Wanda just shows how (using Jake Abel's words) evolved he is. He loves her for who she is, not what she is.

I liked Kyle O'Shea a lot too. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences between him and Ian and how much he changes also.

I love Jared. I love how throughout the book, he gets sweeter to Wanda. I actually wanted Jared and Wanda to get together (am I the only one?). I love the part where she kisses him for the last time and he says Wanda's name instead of Melanie's. Of course I realize that he and Melanie are in love, and i love them together. But there are still more books to come, so you never know...

My personal favorite characters would have to be... Jeb and Jamie. Also I really loved Ian. Jared is liked later in the book but not so much in the beginning.

Ian. he's so kind and treats Wanda with full of affection without giving her restraint or awkwardness.

I totaly agree

i love love love Ian!!!he is in my point of view the most reasonable guy in the book. i was intrigued by the vivid description of those saphire eyes of his!!!!

Wanda, Uncle Jeb, Jamie, Melanie, and (I saved the best for last) Ian!! I love Ian for being so good to Wanda!!!

Uncle Jeb

Ian because he *cared* so much about Wanda, he understood ow she felt and he *got* the feelings Wanda did not understand.

My favourite character is Ian. I love Ian because is so sweet with Wanda.He didn't judge Wanda. He was so cute with her.

Jared all the way but i did quite like jeb also

My favorite character is Ian O'Shea, he was so compassionate and sweet. He fell in love with Wanda but kept at a distance when she was confused and acknowledged that Melanie was there and didn't do anything to make either of them uncomfortable. I can't even begin to imagine how confused he was, probably not as confused as Wanda, but maybe close...

Ian O'Shea! <3

i think the best girl character is wanda because she is different from all the other hosts and had to adapt to a whole bunch of new people and she fell in love. My favorite guy character is jared because he souds so fit and eventhough he sounded hard in the book but that was only because he thought that he lost the love of his life, but when he found her he was more gental. So these are my favorite charters but i love the ending couples

IAN !!!! for loving Wanda...loves her for what she is even be it parasite.

I'm the same as Samantha. I just loved Ian. The way how at first he was wary towards Wanda, but then he judged her by her personality, not her race/species. He saw her as a good being, and that's what counts. I love him for it <3 :)

OK i LOVE Ian however he wasn't my favorite character has to be Jamie. He cared for both Wanda AND Melanie and was the only one who was really able to separate them propally in his mind.

I like him the best also because i can see a lot of my feelings for my little brother through Melanie. I know that if that happened to me and i was invaded by the souls i would fight just to get back to my little brother, i would do anything to keep him alive.

another great character was Uncle Jeb just because he ruled!

Jared, because he invoked such strong emotions in Melanie that she was able to hold on to those, even when she was taken over by Wanda. Who wouldn't want to be loved as much as that?

Kyle *u*

The police officer who flagged Wanda for speeding on the highway.

Just kidding. Uncle Jeb.

Melanie. Because she's strong. She never faded away.
(Except when she did.)

Wanda of course! I just loved her character and humbleness and the way she treated everyone. You wont be able to find that kind of personality anywhere on Earth. Besides her it's Uncle Jeb which i'm happy didn't die like i thought he would in the first book

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Kyle O'Shea. I liked him because he was violent in the beginning.

I loved Wanda she really cool!!!

I adored Ian, but Wanda was my fav!

I honestly can't choose between either Ian or Wanda. I like Ian's character because he's so kind and understanding to Wanda, okay at first he kinda did try to strangle her but that was only because he did what his brother would do. He was basically like Kyle's shadow but he stepped up and eventually fell in love with wanda and that's why I simply adore his character. I like Wanda because she's Wanda and there's no need for a further explination. ;)

Wanderer, and Uncle Jeb.

Jeb and/or Jamie. They both showed compassion towards Wanda without having to be proven that she wasn't harmful. Jeb used his head knowing she was outnumbered and all, she wouldn't do anything and he knew that. Everyone else's had an instant 'KILL IT!' thought... Ian was okay, after he came to senses too. :)


Jamie <3 He's so sweet and understanding to Wanda!


Uncle Jeb, Wanda or Ian, which one to choose? I cannot, so I pick'em all!

Zainab (last edited Aug 05, 2013 01:13PM ) Aug 05, 2013 01:13PM   0 votes
Ian O'Shea all the way... I'm unconditionally and irrevocably in love with that guy... not only from the way he treats Wanda but also from the fact that he's sensitive and understanding towards others as well...!! *TeamIanalways* <3

Jared! When he kissed Melanie when he finally noticed she was still human? He totally had me there. He was also tough, smart and quick on his feet when he needed to be, especially when it depended on their survival. He was human to a fault with him acting the way he did when Wanda showed up; he kinda hated Wanda but still loved Melanie and wanted to protect her.

Niamh i didn't actually like Jared that much because of the way he treated Wanda. I didn't really like the love story between him and Melanie, it just wasn' ...more
Aug 27, 2013 02:57AM

Ian and Wanda Fav Characters

Wanda, because trought the book, she was always good nature.

Melanie was probebly my favourit. She was just so kick ass and sassy. But I also really liked Ian. He was so sweet and understanding. But Uncle Jeb was also pretty cool, and funny. :)

Ps. Uncle Jeb

My favorite character is Jared because he has such a strong front but as the book progresses his character develops aslo his love for Melanie was amazing :)

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