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Is this the last Myron Bolitar book?

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Sami I found this book in the library and picked it up because, duh, Harlan Coben. But I'm about 50 pages in and there's a lot of emotion and flashbacks and whatnot, and I don't want to read it if it's the last book - I'd rather go through the series properly first and understand all these references to 'giving up Yoo-hoo' and where on earth this Terese character suddenly came from and where Jessica Culver went (please don't tell me where she went)

So I just wanted to ask those who have read it or anyone else in the know if there will be any Myron Bolitar books after this.

(also I've read Shelter and loved it, so sadly I know what happens to Brad)

Paul I hope not. Bolitar and Win are favorite characters. I have enjoyed the freestanding novels written since 'Live Wire'.

Sami I love Myron and Win too.. (view spoiler)

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