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message 1: by Malak (new)

Malak (lookii) | 12 comments In each book's last picture, there's a hidden clue about what the next will be about:
Book 1: The picture shows Justice Strauss (Count Olaf’s friendly neighbor) saying goodbye to the orphans, but if you closely at the lamp-post, you will see a snake tied to it. (Snakes are HIGHLY related to the next book, where Uncle Monty has a room full of snakes)
Book 2: In the second book the picture shows a man smoking and Uncle Monty's snakes being shipped away, but next to the man is a bag or some kind of thing that has "Lachrymose Leeches" written on it. (Lachrymose Leeches is related to The Wide Window, and they are blind little leeches that have a sharp row of teeth that kill Aunt Josephine)
Book 3: The picture shows Mr. Poe clutching the gate and watching as Olaf's associates escape. Above them are two eyes with look like the Dr. Orwell's eye-shaped building in the Miserable Mill.
Book 4: The picture shows Sir (their guardian in Miserable Mill) looking out the window as Olaf and Flacutono escape, and a school bus is parked right infront of them. This is related with the next location the Baudelaire are staying at.(Austere Academy)
Book 5: The picture shows The Quagmires trapped in a car with a bumper sticker with a fish (considered to be a salmon) and salmon is related to Café Salmonella (the café that is ALL literally salmon) which the siblings go to with Jerome while Esmé and Olaf are scheming how to steal the fortune and one of the waiters is said to be a VFD member.
Book 6: The picture shows the Baudelaires standing at the gate of the In Auction, which Esmé Squalor and Count Olaf (the man wanting to get his hands on the Baudelaire fortune) hid the Quagmires in. And there is a crow next to them. This crow is related with the Baudelaires’ next location, VFD, which stands for Village of Fowl Devotees, that is all covered with crows. (Vile Village)
Book 7:The picture shows Violet and Sunny walking in the background and Klaus gathering the torn pages of the Quagmire Notebooks and a newspaper with a "Last Chance Ad". Last Chance General Store is the first place the Baudelaires reach in Hostile Hospital.
Book 8: The picture shows the Baudelaires in Olaf's car trunk, along with a crystal ball that looks just like Madame Lulu's fortune-telling ball in Caligari Carnival, and a flyer with Madame Lulu's name on it (only the crystal ball covers the last two letters) and some masks which all give it a carnival theme.
Book 9: The picture shows the House of Freaks caravan out of control on a SLIPPERY SLOPE and a book with "Snowscout Handbook". Snowscouts are a group that include Carmelita Splats (snobby bully in Prufrock Preparatory, who is actually a member of VFD and kind of adopted child of Olaf and Esmé) and Quigley Quagmire (Duncan and Isadora Quagmire's "thought to be dead" triplet)

Sorry only read till Book Nine :( 

I also recommend this website about details of the members of VFD (the real orginization): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V.F.D._m...

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 7 comments Thanks for information.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 7 comments The Ends last photo shoes the great unknown, so if there was another book, they would run into it. Hope I helped. :)

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