Specials (Uglies, #3) Specials question

Who would win in a fight Tally Youngblood or Katniss Everdeeen ?????
Jazzy-may Jazzy-may Jun 04, 2013 09:38AM
Personally I think Tally becauase she is engineered to adapted in the wilds but the book dosn't say anything about there hurting anyone or killing anyone...
I'd like to hear your thoughts
and if you have not read either the Hunger Games or the Uglies series I would highly recommend them xxx

tally!!!...total badass!

Tally. Even a pretty would've had better fighting skills than a regular person.

Tally is a special she's inhuman and katniss can't do head to head combat she can only fight from a distance

Tally would win whether she was a special or not. Why? Because she rocks.

Tally. Katniss can only shoot a bow. Tally has WAY more skills.

Tally. She could probably catch the arrows that Katniss throws at her since she has super reflexes.

If Tally is a special then definitely her. She had many skills. As they said Katniss only true skill is with a bow and arrow. I guess it depends on if Katniss has her weapon and if Tally is a special. If both of them have neither qualities, I'm not sure who would really win.

Tally if she's Special at the time. If not, Katniss because she has more experience with weapons.

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Totally Tally Katniss is more experianced but has a less range of weapons she has used

Kaelyn (last edited Jun 28, 2013 02:40PM ) Jun 12, 2013 08:47AM   0 votes
I agree with Jennnnnna (way to many n's in the name)...Katniss can only shot a bow.

Tally for sure. Katniss only knows how to use a bow and...nothing else. Tally can do all that cool stuff (as a special that is) and she would get katniss on her butt in seconds if it were down to hand to hand combat ;)


Ha! If we're talking about Specials!Tally, then Tally 100% She would reduce Katniss to hamburger and probably pick her teeth with Katniss's finger bones. However, anything before Specials and Katniss would kick Tally's bubbly ass into next week.

Tally she was always a cats paw for others . but , she was scary when crossed . Katniss was a victim that survived with deep scares . but always survived . so head to head tally in the first round by Knock out .

i believe Tally would win in this battle. katniss is good in the woods, but Tally has a sneaksuit and all the cool Special Circumstances stuff.

It depends on which state Tally is in. If she's Special, than she's bound to win. If not, then Katniss will kick her ass into the ionosphere.

Definitely Tally. Katniss's skills with a bow is no match for specially trained skills by Tally.

Oh definitely Tally.

definitely Tally.

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Katniss. Tally bugs me...... but then again, so does katniss, so never mind....

Tally Youngblood. No doubt of a fact. Katniss is clever and she's smart about her surroundings, but there's a feeling that Tally could totally use so many more things to her advantage that it would be ridiculous. Especially if she's as a Special - hell, she could probably still be in a Pretty rebellious stage and win.

But, then again, who knows - it might be funnier to see if Tally and Katniss actually made friends. Imagine Katniss Everdeen on a hoverboard and Tally teaching her how to ride? pfft.

without the reconstructive surgery tally sucks,thats what everyone forgetting, so i think this fight should be presurgery, for both to make it fair, and katniss would kick her ass

Tally. I like THG better but....Tally.


I'd say Tally, cause she is better with hand-to-hand combat, now that shes a special

If there are no weapons allowed, Tally would win. Even pre-surgery because Katniss relies on her bow and arrow too much. She can't do much else.

Alex what can she do pre surgery??? yes ive read the books multiple times.... tally was raised sheltered in a city, pre surgery she cant do jack shit
Oct 06, 2013 09:14PM
Danielle Whoa there. Calm down guys. I'm saying, Tally is pretty clever and the way she learned to hoverboard, she's pretty tough. And remember that she fought ...more
Nov 21, 2013 10:36PM

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