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Martin (MartinBelk) | 8 comments Please Add:
title: Pretty Broken Punks: lipstick, leather jeans, a death of New York
author: Martin Belk
ISBN: 978-0-9574356-9-8
publisher: Polwarth
Pub date: 23 Dec 12
Format: paperback


No stranger to rancor, risks, or Rock 'n' Roll — Martin Belk debuts with Pretty Broken Punks: lipstick, leather jeans, a death of New York - his narrative nonfiction / memoir observes the rise, fall & adulteration of a culture within a city and scene that still rages in hearts around the world, but geographically is no more.

Through the 90s to the turn of the century, Belk produced Squeezebox!, one of the most notorious downtown clubs in NYC history — successor to Warhol's Max's Kansas City. Relationships with legends like Deborah Harry & Joey Ramone, and encounters from John Waters to JFK Jr — alongside a cavalcade of other celebrities, political titans and rock stars fuel the fire. Within an AIDS die-off, denigration from a culture war ignited by one of the most hated mayors in NYC history, and a post 9/11 societal-seizure Pretty Broken Punks reveals a compelling personal journey and fight for survival in the creative jungles of Gotham.

You rock, roll and wrestle with him as he documents the essence of this volatile place and time — and the battle between local New York City communities and a mayoral administration bent on selling out to the highest bidder, "...a city they’ve whored-out to the masses, instead of appreciating the fine prostitute she once was."

Pretty Broken Punks contains first-hand accounts of the dawn of new media, including very first NYC internet event, Live @nd InConcert, starring Deborah Harry & Joan Jett, as well as the first global online conference of the European Union.

music, biography, autobiography>memoir, non fiction, literature, literary nonfiction, biography memoir, music>punk, music>rock N Roll, Punk> Punx

Thank you!

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Rebecca (rebeccas_books) | 16 comments How many pages does it have?

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Martin (MartinBelk) | 8 comments 465 :)

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Martin (MartinBelk) | 8 comments Oh and I forgot to add this, if it's allowed?

“A superb memoir about coming of age in the bright haze of NYC’s demimonde … Belk writes with great candor and intelligence about his time and one cannot help but admire the searching young man who emerges in these pages.”
--Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize Winner, author of 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao'

“I enjoyed the book a lot … full of great memories, names, observations. It brought it all back. Don’t change a word.”
--Michael Musto, Village Voice

“A lithely written, honest and perceptive account of a unique time.”
--Iain Banks, author of The Wasp Factory

Thanks again!

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Emy (emypt) | 5017 comments Hi Martin, sorry, no reviews in the description. You can add them to your author review if you have permission from the writers.

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