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message 1: by Kat (last edited Jun 05, 2013 02:25AM) (new)

Kat (booksenvogue) | 251 comments Mod
Huge typo on my part! When I called, I discovered that we were actually to be booked for June 26th and that's on a Wednesday. The location will still be

The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Rd
Baltimore, MD 21209

The Meet time will be 7:00pm-8:30pm

Please let me know if you will be able to attend. I'm super excited and truly hope this oversight doesn't affect the attendance of those interested.

The objectives of this meeting are
• Face-to-face Introductions
• Two-Three Month Book Votes
• Group Activity Nominations

There will be door prizes (provided by me) and snacks (group contribution).

Please help spread the word.
(A 5-15 person attendance would be awesome!)

If you plan to attend and wish to contribute to the snack pot, please comment below with what you intend to bring.

Please also RSVP & confirm attendance on the event invitation here: http://www.goodreads.com/event/show/8...

message 2: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (addicted_to_reading) i'm working that day until 8 :(

i'll try to switch my schedule around so i can attend

message 3: by Lavonia (new)

Lavonia Reid (ardella) I'm going to try and make it.

message 4: by Andie (new)

Andie (andie_tarlton) | 1 comments I would love to bring snacks... I can bring brownies!

message 5: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (addicted_to_reading) sorry i couldn't make it. how was the meeting?

message 6: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine Harris (dopelb) | 31 comments Mod
Dying to know how the meeting went! So wish I could have been there.

message 7: by Kat (new)

Kat (booksenvogue) | 251 comments Mod
Most called and said they couldn't make it. Ultimately it was canceled.

message 8: by Amber (new)

Amber (almybnenr) | 32 comments Oh no! I had no idea. :( Well, I'll definitely post future flyers in the library and hopefully I can make the next one. As long as I'm not scheduled to work! :)

message 9: by Kat (new)

Kat (booksenvogue) | 251 comments Mod
Thanks Amber.

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