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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Here it is
So i was wondering if i could be the hunter?
I love your idea! :)

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments yeah and thanks :)

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments ok cool so charries?

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments yeah can you make yours first?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments ya one sec

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Name: Carter Hive
Age: 18
Apearance: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2u...

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments nice!

here's mine.

name: alexander blak
age: 19
looks: http://weheartit.com/entry/61385591

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments ok cool :) so you wanna start?

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Alex was following his pack. they were on the hunt again. although it was apart of his nature he didn't like the hunt as much as he should. they eye'd a deer and he knew what was about to happen. his father the leader motioned for Alex to round the deer and cut of its getaway. Alex motioned for two others to follow him for help.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Cater was in the woods, she had been tipped off that a pack of wolves were close and she was here with her father and the whole crew and they were gonna take down the pack. Carter held her gun, she had trained for this adn her father believed in her, she was very skilled. Her father rounded around to try to cutt off the pack on the other side while a few wolves were approaching the mechanical deer that they had placed, she was ready with her gun behind a tree and saw out her target. She just waited for them to get closer

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Suddenly as his father attacked the deer there where gun shots and humans came running in shooting the wolves. he had to help them get away. he jumped on a man that was about to shoot one of his pack members and the wolf ran off. Suddenly he was face to face with a girl. He has never seem a woman hunter before and he was fazed for a moment. He growled as she raised her gun, but before ether of them made a move there was a spine chilling howl. It was his fathers. He looked over and saw his father whipping as he layed on the ground. He faced the girl, who had lowered her guard from the sound of the wolf but was know slowly bringing it back up, and gave out a splintering howl and ran off.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter saw as one wolf had pounced on the fake deer and she was ready, her father had attacked from the back and her brother from the side and she came from behind the tree adn she as face to face with a jet black wolf, her gun was in hand and she was about to shoot when there was a howl and then she was going to shoot one more time but when the wolf howled and ran away she stumbled back because the howl was so loud and then regained herself and started shooting at the fleeting wolf. Why did it run away? and not attack

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments When Alex got to the safety of his cabin, he changed back into his human form. His knee's buckled from beneath him and he dropped to the ground. He curled up into a ball and started to cry silently. "Why?", he said silently to himself. "why would they do this?" He didn't understand, but then a realization soon hit him. His father was always up to some bad business. Maybe his father did something to the humans to get them angry. But what could he possibly have done?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter was pulled away by her brother and she looked at him and she was pulled to there car. she looked up at her brother and saw a scratch on his arm and then her father had one on his shoulder. She looked around counting everyone there. " Where is Ted? " she asked. Her father and brother looked at eachother " he is dead. the black one killed him" her brother said shaking his head. Carter put her hand over her mouth. she didn't know Ted that well but he was a friend, she had gotten to know him when she becme a hunter. Anger flew into her eyes. the wolves were killers, they had killed her mother, she would go to her grave to kill them all.

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments The light shown through the window and Alex woke up to a soft knock at his door. "come in", he said to the closed door. He was surprised at who walked in. It was Matt. He helped Matt escape when the man tried shooting him. He knew Matt because he was part of the pack but he didn't know much about him.

"hey how are you?", Matt asked nervously.

"fine", Alex replied turning over so his back was facing Matt.

"I just wanted to say thanks. You know, about last night. You save my life.", Matt said to Alex's back.

"No problem. I know you would've done the same for me.", Alex replied sternly, not actually sure if he would.

"Well i owe you one.", Matt said leaving the room.

Alex walked out of his room after he heard the front door shut. he grabbed an apple of the table and took a bit into it as he walked into his mother's room. It was late last night when they where hunting and his mother was sleeping. He knew he had to tell her but he had to fix himself first. He had to be strong for his mother.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter woke up the next morning and rubbed her eyes she looked over and around her room and saw the picture of her mother on her desk. She loved her mother, so much but five years ago her mother was murdered by werewolves. It was heartbreaking and what make Carter join and be a hunter. As well as her brother. Her father was already a hunter. Her mothers death is what made Carter see how brutal werewolves were, she hated them with passion.
Carter got out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen when she heard her father yelling

" Next time kill them, hurt them, dont let them go around alive, you know what we have to do! they are murderes!" her father yelled, her had her brother in a choke hold against the wall. He did this a lot to Carter and her brother. He knocked them around

" Stop Dad" Carter said stepping in the room not liking the blue in her brothers face.

her father turned letting go of her brother adn did the same to her " and you. no scares? no damage? you didn't try!"

" I did! im sorry!" she said she couldnt breathe " Stop! we killed the biggest one, stop!' she gasped

He let go of ehr and she dropped to the floor " do more damage" he growled before stomping out

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Well his mother wasn't taking the news to well. He made her some soup and told her he'd be back after the council meeting. He left his mother in her room mourning her husbands death. When he got to the council they where already arguing over something."he's not ready yet", one said and he recognized the voice. it was his grandfathers. "but he is his fathers son", said another. it didn't take long for him to realize they were talking about him. He opened the double door's that lead to the council's office. Silence fell over everyone and he noticed irritation on his grandfather's face, and anger on his uncle's. "come and take a seat Alex", said his uncle. He did so, never dropping eye contact with his grandfather. "what's this all about?", he asked his grandfather after a long pause. "well you're uncle here think's your responsible enough to lead the pack, now that your father's dead." Another long pause, then suddenly his uncle breaks the silence, asking a question aimed directly toward alex. "What do you think?" "If the pack is in need of a new leader then i would be honored to accept the position." Alex said calm and strong but inside he was nervous. it was a lot of responsibility and he was scared of disappointing the pack and his grandfather.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter stood up and looked at her brother he smiled weakly at her and hugged her. " I dont know why his is mad, there pack is weak, they dont have a pleader yet so it will be easy to get them now that there is a power struggle. We will get them all, avenge mom. it will be alright, we will take down the pack and father will be happy" he said soothingly. Carter looked up at her brother and smiled softly " yeah, it will be alright" she said and she sat at the table. "and i think i may know the next leader. He was black, and bigger than the rest of the pack, a little smaller than the pack leader but we both know they grow when they become leader. He would definatly be pack leader." she said with a od and her brother smiled wide at her " great, now we know that we can take him down"he smiled and kissed the top of her head " im going for a run" he said and she nodded and said bye before she got some cereal and sat down.

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments As pack leader he had to complete the transition. after the transition he would grow larger and stronger and bigger than the rest of the pack. but in order to do so he had to hunt. He had to hunt with his pack and show them that he is the strongest and the best. but he hated hunting, unlike his father who had done it for sport. They planed it out they would hunt again tonight. when the full moon came out giving them an edge over there victim. when the moon was fullest the wolves were there strongest. And he would hunt tonight. for his pack, for his grandfather, and most of all for his father.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter got a txt A hunt is on tonight, be prepared and meet at the cabin and head out at sundown, she got shivers and the nerves came again like they always did, she finnished her breakfast adn took a shower before she got ready, she put on black pants, a white tank top, her combat boots, and she put her hair up. she then weant to the car and made sure there weapons were there and drove to the cabin which was in the woods, when she got there , there were a few other people, she nodde to them and got all the guns and people took all the weapondary and set it out and then she weant outside to train until sundown, then they would hunt again.

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Sundown was almost here and his nerves where burning. he had to go and get the pack together but he needed to make sure his mother was safe and asleep. when he heard her breath slow he left. Now they where walking through the familiar woods. he sniffed the air looking for the sent of an animal but found something else something strangely familiar but he couldn't quite place the sent.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter did a flip and she punched her hands forward and kicked her leg as if she were fighting. she then did a flip back and landed before punching again. she ran forward and did a summersalt onto the ground and popped up. She let out a breath whipping her brow breathing hard, she knew she was ready, she was wasn't she? she was still a little wary about killing but she hated the wolves and wanted revenge. She leaned against the tree

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Finally they found a large male deer. He was ready this time. he felt the power of the moon in his blood. he told two wolves to go right and two more to go left. now the deer was surrounded. He jumped out first signaling the others to follow his move and help take down the large deer.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter weant back to the cabin and they all got suited up. She got her gun and all her weapons on and they headed out. She was given where she was supposed to go and she weant out into the forest, quietly but readily. She heard some noise when she got deap in the woods and she inticated to other people that they were there. Since she knew what the alpha looked like she would have to seperate him from the rest and she was expected to kill him.

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments They had killed the deer. as leader to finish the change he had to tear out the deer's heart. as he bit into the flesh of the deer his stomach turned. he ripped it out and dropped it then howled as loud as he could and they all followed.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter watched this horrific scene she saw as the heart was torn from the dear and she winced a little for the deer. Then there was a shot, it was from the other side opposite from her and she ducked behind the tree, someone started to shoot and she wasnt given warning, now she had to be carful, she held her gun ready to shoot

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments There was a gun shot. they found the pack again and as the new leader he was stronger especially with the moon's power. He told the younger one's to leave and get to safety. and tried to convince the others but they were ready to fight.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter reconized the new pack leader and she crouched down moving from behind the tree, now there were more shots from around her, from the hunters and she cocked her gun and she shot her gun off aiming it for the black wolf.

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments someone shot him but he was strong very strong and it didn't take him down like it should have. he growled and bared his teeth dropping close to the ground ready to pounce on anything that jumped out of the woods. the others followed his lead. he knew there where probably more of them then there where of wolves. he was prepared to fight and die for his pack.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter moved in closer and the hunter shooted with poisen bullets and a few people jumped out of trees so everything would be scattered, Carter moved to the side dircting the wolf away from his pack and she shot a bullet at the foot of the wolf and she moved the trees signalling where she was so she could take on the leader.

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments the hunters jumped out of the tree's and we all jumped to attack them. but someone shot at my feet. there was a rustle in the tree's and he knew someone was there waiting for him. he jumped into the woods. and was again face to face with the woman hunter.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter had her gun pointed to the wolfs head. She looked at the jet black fur and then into it's eyes, there was a aprt of her that didnt like this but she had to remind herself that this was a monster. She looked at it and she through some dust in the wolfs face hopfully to distract it and she aimed her gun at the wolf and she pulled the trigger
( have him dodge it or something i dont want her to actually hit him))

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments ((well yeah we can't have that happen lol))

His super human hearing allowed him to dodge the bullet right before she pulled the trigger. he jumped on her pushing all his weight on top of her. he looked into her beautiful brown eyes and couldn't bring himself to hurt her.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments (( haha yeah

Carter gasped when she got pushed to the ground and looked up at him over and her tried to move, to kick, but she was pinned down she loked up at him and her heart beated loud, all she could think about was how dissapointed her father would be when this wolf ripped her throat out. She looked at this wolf with a mixture of fear and anger. she breathed hard looking up at it

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Alex howled to signal the wolves it was time to leave. He looked once more at this woman hunter, she was beautiful. even in her hunter close with leaves in her hair from the fall and her struggling to get up, she was still beautiful. knowing he needed to leave before someone else saw him and shot at him, he walked slowly backing away from her. watching her carefully as he did.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter scrutched up her nose when he howle she wanted to cover her ears from the noise she looked into the wolfs eyes an when it didn't kill her and stepped away she breathed out. Shocked
One of the wolves in the pack looke over at Alex and saw the hunter on the ground he heard her breath and he thought he should Finnish her off and bounded forward and and lifted its paw hitting her in the back with his paw scratching her up her back going to kill her. She had flinched turning around catching the hit in the back and screemed in pain

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments Alex jumped on Matt. He was going to kill her. He wouldn't let him kill her. She screamed as Matt scratched her back. He growled telling Matt to back off. "She's a hunter", Matt told Alex.
"She's young", Alex told Matt.
"She'll grow", Matt told Alex.
"Just leave her!", Alex told Matt.
"Grandfather will be angry if we do!", Matt told Alex.
Alex looked down at the unconscious girl. He wouldn't kill her. He wouldn't let anyone else kill her ether. "bring her then", he told Matt.
They both carried her limp body back to the campsite. They locked her in the cages the use for new breeds, who can't control there changing.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter gasped and her sight when black and she passed out. When she woke her head hurt and her back stung badly . She gasped softly at the pain and she opened her eyes seeing tht she was in a cage like an animal. She remember before when that wolf let her go then another jumped on her. She was so cold she hugged her sides but winced when she toched her back. She looked around for someone

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments She finally woke up. Alex sat on a chair that was near the cage. He looked over at her and could tell she was scared and cold. He grabbed a blanket from off a table and walked over to her. Handing it to her through the bar's of the cage. "Here, you look cold.", he said to her.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments Carter looked up blinking she was still dizzy. She looked at the guy and she knew who he was, he was the black wolf, she could tell by his eyes and the color of his hair. When the blanket slipping onto lap she shivered. It hurt to move but she didn't want to show weakness. She put her hand on the bars and pulled hard and winced a little and swallowed " where am I?"

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments "in a cave", He answered. Looking at her to see her reaction. No use in lying, She wasn't getting out soon. He went back to the table and grabbed a water bottle. Her voice was hoarse. He walked back over to her and handed it through the bars.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments " why" she Asked and winced closing her eyes her back stun the scratch was bad on her back and she was having trouble seeing straight. They were gonna kill her whether if they killed her fast or not do anything about her back and let her die. She could feel the blood from the scratch on her back and she closed her eyes tight . She barly noticed it when he had slipped the water into her hands

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments "I'll answer all your questions if you promise not to try and fight me or escape when I come in", he told her, "deal?"

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments She looked up at him her eyes flashing with fear, she looked up at him and slowly she nodded. For some reason she trusted him, we'll not completely but he could have killed her but hadn't and it would be no use fighting she wouldn't be able to take on a pack leader without weapons or anythin

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments He grabbed a first aid kit and walked over to her. He opened the cage door slowly and when she made no indication of trying to escape he walked into the cage. He shut the door behind him and walked over to where she was sitting. He sat down behind her and removed the blanket from her back. "'ll need you to take your shirt off. I can't fix your scratches through it.", he told her.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments " you can't take away the diggnityits that I have left" she said softly pressing the blanket to her chest, the back part of her shirt was already really ripped. She couldn't just take her shirt of she didn't know him. If she really had to she would keep the blanket pressed to her front

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments "have it your way. But your losing a lot of blood.", he told her as he stood up.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 1411 comments She held her breath shaking her head and dslowly brought the shirt up so she only covered her front leaving her back for him

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True Vampire lover (JoJolovesyou) | 147 comments He pulled out some napkins to wipe the blood away. then pulled out a needle and some thread. "this is going to hurt, so try not to flinch." He told he. He stiched up her scratches and put a bandage over it.

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