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message 1: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 19 comments So I attended the Book Expo this past week and found out something that I didn't know before and thought I'd share. If you are a blogger and get books from a publisher (whether through NetGalley, Edelweiss, or an actual print copy) you are required every time you write a review to state that you got the book from the publisher. You can't do a blanket statement on your blog telling people to assume anything you review came from a publisher (which I thought would be sufficient). You must state it in your review. I'm guessing this is true for any you post on Amazon or Goodreads. I don't know what the consequences of not doing this are, but figure I don't want to find out the hard way. You can state something along the lines:
A copy of the book was given to me to review by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Irene ~ Ice Cold Passion (icecoldpassion) | 472 comments Thanks for the heads up! I must make some changes in my Amazon and GR reviews I guess..

message 3: by Erica (new)

Erica (Reading Kitten) Oh... thanks. I always do it on my blog, but not on Goodreads, I think.

Irene ~ Ice Cold Passion (icecoldpassion) | 472 comments Erica wrote: "Oh... thanks. I always do it on my blog, but not on Goodreads, I think."

same here I do it on my blog but not on GR

message 5: by Amy, ~Bookworm Lift~ (new)

Amy (amy_bookworm) | 207 comments Mod
These are the FTC guidelines which were updated in March this year. I didn't realize it was different before ;)

message 6: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 48 comments I don't review books (skincare/fragrance products) but I was sent some coconut oil to review. (It's a long story.)
In the email, there were all of these disclaimers and things I had to put on it, like with the books.
I was really surprised.

message 7: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) It's so your readers or other bloggers reading your review know that there's potential bias in your review. You always have to state where your advanced copy came from (I get a lot from my library, since I'm a volunteer in the teen center, and I always have to state I got it from my library volunteer supervisor) so the reader (and publisher, if they don't know where you got an ARC from) knows about it. It's just ethical to do so because you could be biased in your review one way or the other and the reader should be warned. (:

(Not to say you WILL be biased, but if you "hide" that you received an ARC, then it looks more like you're being prompted to rate highly or lowly.)

message 8: by Emily (new)

Emily (elp2012) I was aware if the disclaimer, but I was wondering is the some sort or rule or citation requirement if you use a book cover? I have been doing Internet searches and keep coming up with mixed info.


message 9: by Briana (new)

Briana | 63 comments Most people seem to agree that using book covers for reviews falls under "fair use" for copyright laws. Using covers for other things, like making graphics for read-alongs, does not fall under fair use (as far as I can tell) but generally authors/publishers seem okay with it, because it's publicity. In my opinion, it's still a risk.

message 10: by Emily (new)

Emily (elp2012) Hi Briana,

Thanks... I've decided to put the following in my blogposts: "(Source of Summary and Book Cover: _____)" with a direct link to wherever I snagged the summary and book cover from (goodreads, amazon, ect)... hopefully this would cover me just in case

message 11: by Sophia (new)

Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) (bookwyrmingthoughts) | 320 comments Phew! Good thing I did it in the past... before the FTC guidelines got updated. I usually go something along the lines of "Disclaimer: Review copy provided by so and so for review" though I'm now changing it to "Review copy provided by so and so for an honest review."

So, I Read This Book Today (leiahingolden) | 9 comments Wow. I try to do it, but I don't always remember. Guess I will have to go back through and redo some of my reviews before I get bit on the ass, huh? It would be just my luck. Maybe I will just post it on ALL my reviews? Do you think that would be illegal or something? Sometimes I forget that I as asked to do the review (I am way behind on reviews, of course. . .) what do you think? Do it on all of them? ? ?

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