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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1-5)
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message 1: by Raguib (new)

Raguib Muhtasim | 5 comments Hey people,
I am Raguib Muhtasim and I'm 12 years old. I live in Mohammadpur and study at Summerfield International School. I am a fanatical bookworm. I have got this vast collection of books at my home. The next series of books that I'm thinking of adding to my collection is the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan. I am pretty sure that many of you have heard about it and read all of the books in the series. The thing is, I am at Australia at the moment. I came across the series of books while I was scanning for books on ebay. I fell in love with the book after reading a few lines of the first book on the internet. I decided to buy all of the books in the series. But I realized that they are beyond my affordability for books. All books here cost too much. I had been given 100 dollars by my dad and I had already spent 40 dollars on other books and chocolates and stuff. So I thought I would buy the books from Bangladesh. My Dad told me that you can find plenty of English novels at Nilkhet. I just want to make sure I will find the books at Nilkhet. If not at Nilkhet, I will find them somewhere else but, WHERE? And how much will they cost? It would be really helpful if anyone of you could tell me.

message 2: by Rizwan (last edited Jun 04, 2013 05:48AM) (new)

Rizwan Hey Raguib, I'm Rizwan. I bought my Percy Jackson & the Olympians full collection from Thailand couple of years earlier, and it did cost a bit....About Tk600+ per book. But I guess you're in luck, as the whole Percy Jackson collection with 5 books and The Heroes of Olympus book 1-2(the next PJ series) is now available in Nilkhet and NewMarket area in Bangladeshi print(a.k.a pirated print) with just about Tk100-150 per book. So when you're in BD you can easily buy the books cheaply and in your budget. Now, if you want the ORIGINAL U.S or UK editions to buy and not the pirated copies, then I guess you do have to have a much higher budget. But the BD prints are also very good for reading and the quality of printing & bindings are not bad at all (I myself have 2 Kane Chronicles books by Rick Riordan in Bangladeshi print).

But if you are in Australia right now, don't you have any used bookstores near you? In my opinion, you should find atleast some of the Riordan books cheaply (in 50-60% discount) in 2nd hand bookstores in Aus. Or there're always the BD versions in Nilkhet :P

And if are truly a bookworm as you claim, I'll suggest visiting the Nilkhet used bookstores more often (offcourse with a parent, as you're not even a teen yet, and its a cutthroat market)....The English books can be found in the "Magazine Goli" of Nilkhet (ask any book dealer and he'll show you the way), its really IS a Treasure trove for English novels. In the last 8-9 years, I myself bought almost 1400 English books from there....You can find almost ANY book there if you are in luck!


message 3: by Raguib (new)

Raguib Muhtasim | 5 comments Thank you brother, I would have bought the books from here but I had already bought 20 other books before coming across the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' box-set on EBAY that cost something like 40 Dollars :P And my Dad won't let me buy a single book but I guess my luck is always with me. Once again,THANK YOU. I'm feeling like some big burden has been removed from my shoulders!

message 4: by Rizwan (new)

Rizwan For any type of any book related info, anytime... Happy to help. :)

message 5: by Dr. Rubaiyat (new)

Dr. Rubaiyat Rahman (akm2rh) | 6 comments You are in Australia. I think you should by a eReader like kindle fire or fire HD. the benefit of eReader is you can download your desirable books from internet for free!(not a legal way of course) also you don't need to go to book stores. only problem with the device is it might harm your eyes. :/

message 6: by Rizwan (new)

Rizwan Yeah I agree that ebook can be obtained easily than an actual book....But NOTHING can ever replace the feel, the texture, the smell of an ACTUAL book on hand while reading it, imo.

message 7: by Shihab (new)

Shihab Azhar (electrikblues) | 19 comments In case you do buy a e-reader, ipad, or even an android phone, here are the epubs:

message 8: by Dr. Rubaiyat (new)

Dr. Rubaiyat Rahman (akm2rh) | 6 comments yeah! absolutely right. from the age 10 every year during Durga puza I buy "anondomela" puja shonkha and the first thing I do is take the smell and it takes me back to my childhood. moreover you don't need to charge the actual book :)

message 9: by Raguib (new)

Raguib Muhtasim | 5 comments I thought of buying an eReader at first but as Rizwan bhaiya said, nothing can replace the feeling you get when you hold an actual book.

message 10: by Rizia (new)

Rizia The books are available in Nilkhet. I've brought the first one 'Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief' from a small bookstore with not much collection. So I don't think it'd be too much trouble to find it in Nilkhet.

message 11: by Raguib (new)

Raguib Muhtasim | 5 comments Is there any chance that you happen to remember the name of the bookstore that you bought the book from?

message 12: by Rizia (new)

Rizia I'm not sure you should go there. It only had one very dusty copy of the first book which the shopkeeper didn't even know was there until I found it. It was a lone store at Mirpur. You should go to Nilkhet. There's A HUGE collection of bookstores together. And if any book is available in Bangladesh it'd have to be in Nilkhet.

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