The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3) The Forever Song question

Jackal and Allison
Jaylee Borland Jaylee Jun 04, 2013 04:44AM
I think Alison and Jackal should get together by the looks of the last page zeke has changed sides and I think Alison should let him go and get with Jackal becaus for some reason I'm starting to like Jackal and by the looks of it I kinda think he likes Alison a little to I don't know what u guys think but I would love it if Jackal and Alison got together

I'm not sure if zeke is good or bad now that he is with sarren but I think Sarren might have turned zeke

Jackal calls Allie sister... I never once heard him call her Allie of Allison. I really love Jackal though. I hope Allie finds Zeke...but you never know.

Jackal is so confusing. one time he is all helpful but a bitch, the other time u keep wondering when he will stab u in the back... Allison is so awesome, is funny how she and Zeke never said "i love u" in blood of eden #2.. excepted for him when he was abt to die...

Omg just finished 2 book eternity cure!!! I'm n LOVE.
I couldn't believe it ended like that wen 3 is so faraway I pray that zeke isn't dead but I do want him Turned I think that'd be cool.
Kanin is such a badass I LOVE him and jackal too..but zekes her soulmate itd ruin the book if he died. Hurry up and get next one out b4 I lose my everloving mind! These are by far the BEST series yet I LOVE allison to death she the best most reliable caring monster I've yet to encounter!!!!

Hey, Allie and Jackal - that's just gross, they're siblings.
Allie and Kanin - he's her blood FATHER!!!
Loved the ending, but it was so saaad.

I definitely don't ship Allie and Jackal, because they really do have a sibling-ish relationship.

Allie and Kanin, on the other hand... Unf.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Kagawa's gonna kill Zeke off in this book because 1) she has said before that she loves tragic endings (in her Iron Fey series, book 3 was supposed to be the ending, where the main two didn't end up together, but people convinced her to write a fourth that fixed that) and 2) it was said over and over that Zeke was too human to survive as a vampire. On top of that, his sire is Sarren, so he'll be either batshit crazy and violent or completely suicidal.

That's my two cents, anyway.

They are like brother and sister it would be gross

It's okay, I ship Allie with anyone but Zeke.
Read some fanfiction, it will make you feel better :)

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omg i luv jackal xD idk of i would ship him and allison tho... lets just wait for julie kagawa to write the forever song!!!! (( waited so long QAQ

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I think Allie makes Jackal see the goodness in himself that he thought was lost years ago. but he also likes killing bloodbags. so they could never be a couple. I love Jackal BUT I never wanted to see romantic relationship with him and Allie.

I love Jackal and Allie moments but not in the romantic way.

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$5 says that Sarren turned Zeke. The last part of The Eternity Cure said it all! That'll mean that Zeke and Allison can be together, after she completely destroys Sarren, which she is sure to.

They where turned by the same guy so if a vampire loved some one so much they turned them would it be gross because they are master and child

Do u know any good fanfictions on wattpad

I agree that it would be like falling in love with your brother--- ewwwwwwwww.....

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