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Dori Gehling | 161 comments Good Morning and Good Reading! Here's your weekly list of Free Kindle Ebooks. Enjoy!

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Free books on the blog today!

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Kerry (song_of_myself) | 2 comments Thank you Dori and Cathrine! :)

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Susanna (susannaivy) | 1 comments Can I post here or not? I am new to this so I have no idea. iF not please delete this post. I have my book free for two more days. It is a photo ebook about Galapagos. So just nice photography no texts. <3
Got a great review on my book from BooksDirect. Why don't you check it out:

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Nadine May (nadinemay) | 5 comments Kindle Readers for the next 5 days my third novel - The Cosmic Traveller is a FREE download. This is the link


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Another Kindle FREEBIE!

Book Blitz ~ Free Download ~ Excerpt ~ Back To You by Natalie-Nicole Bates

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Thank you!

Nadine wrote: "Kindle Readers for the next 5 days my third novel - The Cosmic Traveller is a FREE download. This is the link


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Book Blitz & Excerpt & FREEBIE ~ Back To You by Natalie-Nicole Bates

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David (davidfeeney) | 2 comments Hello everyone,

My name is David Feeney and my novel, Terror On The High Seas will be free on Kindle, June 15th and 16th.

Terror on the high seas by David Feeney

It started as a vacation. It became a nightmare.

When Craig Summers and Mike Kavanaugh retired from the Navy, they decided to sail around the world with their wives on a private luxury yacht. But then came the distress call. “Help us,” the voice said. “Our boat is sinking.” So they did what the Navy does best. They went to help.

But the call was a trap. The yacht was hijacked by pirates. And everyone was taken hostage.

But all is not what it seems. The pirates are working with an Al-Qaeda cell, hell-bent on avenging the death of Osama Bin Laden. They’re on a countdown. And nothing will stand in their way.

So when the terrorists discover Mike and Craig are retired Navy SEALs, they fear their mission is compromised. And when a brutal interrogation goes wrong and Mike gets free; he does what SEALs do best.

And what started as a hijacking becomes all out war.

Now, while the terrorists plan their final mission, Craig and the wives use their wits to stay alive. And Mike Kavanaugh's got less than twenty-four hours to rescue his friends and prevent another 911 from sailing onto America’s shores.

Terror On The High Seas;

Two SEALs,

Forty-seven terrorists,

Fifty-thousand bullets!

Here's the link to Amazon;



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