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Alexandra (alexbaddour) A well sized room full of round tables and rectangular tables. All the tables have a light grey tablecloth. Decorations vary from table to table and day to day. Food is served buffet style.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The captain came on the PSD (Public Speaking Device, aka the announcement system) and said, "Would all passengers please board and go to the Main Deck? The Christie Dirigible will be departing momentarily."

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Kimmie rushes in and grabs a handful of bread and leaves.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida walked in. She took a quick walk around to make sure everything was in order for high tea. Plates, cups, napkins, flatware, centerpieces...Everything was as it should be. She walked over to the counter that separated the dining room from the kitchen. "Hello?"
"Hello Captain. How may I help you?" the cook asked.
"How is tea coming?"
"Very well! Pastries are being prepared and I have an assortment of teas for each table."
"Perfect! I'll leave you to finish now. Goodbye."
"Goodbye Captain."
Kindida walked out.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida came over the PSD and said, "It's four o'clock. Tea is being served in the dining hall for those who want it."

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 86 comments Mod
Isabelle was the first to enter. "Mm, smells delicious." She commented.
"What pastries do we have today? Cakes?"

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Kimmie and Ferdie run in and take their seats. The rest of their family follows.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Captain Kindida walked in and sat at one of the smaller tables. She poured herself some tea and sat back to let it steep. She grabbed a small cake and relaxed.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Teas and pastries are on the table))

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Kimmie grabbed a few cakes and put them on her plate. She leaned over them and wrapped her arms around them, as to protect them from her brother, who was doing something similar.

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 86 comments Mod
Isabelle walked over to the table, grabbing a slice of cake and a few petite fours- her favorite. She pulled up a chair.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida finished her cake and sipped her tea. She watched the people around her.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Captain Kindida heard a thump and felt the ship rock beneath her. She stood up and ran to the door. "Pirates!" she called. "If you have a weapon, follow me! If you don't have one stay here!"

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Ginny screamed. Kimmie, Simon, and Ferdie get up and run towards the main deck, pulling out ray guns, knives, and other possible weapons.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Seth stood up and his chair clattered to the floor. He pulled a small gun out of his pocket as he ran for the door.

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Simon, who was holding Kennith, Emalee, Kimmie, and Ferdie went down stairs. When Ginny started backing away slowly, Simon told everyone, "The boy is a prisoner and the girl was a traitor against them so... we took her in, okay?"

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"Mom, Dad, Emalee and I are going upstairs to see if we can help out." Kimmie said, walking up the stairs with Emalee.

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Kennith struggled a bit. "Um, is there a water closet I can use? I'd rather not have to scare the pretty- er the girl, again. And why does my sister get to walk around freely and I can't? Oh, where's the water closet?" Kennith whispered to Simon. Simon and Ferdie took Kennith and stood guard outside the door.

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Kennith stepped out. "Let's go, but this time, don't lock me up. I won't run. I don't want my sister hurt. Touch her, you're dead." he said. Simon carried/dragged Kennith to the common room, with Ferdie following.

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"Don't call me sir, that makes me feel very I don't know uncomfortable." Acel said walking in.

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Elby blushed.
"Sorry. I didn't know." She said frowning when she heard an ood noise that came from outside. "Where do you want to sit?"

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"How about their in the corner." He said gesturing to a two person table in the corner of the room

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Elby nodded and led the way. "Okay sounds good." She heard the noise again. It sounded like clomping feet.

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"Do you know what that is?" Acel asked referring to the noise outside.

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Elby shrugged.
"I heard a different one before hand. But I might." She said as she heard a sticking noise coming from the nearby window. She walked over and looked out.
"Okay so I have an inklin of what it is. Why don't we just sit down?"

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"Agreed." Acel said and walked to the table and pulled out her chair but listened for the noise again.

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Elby smiled.
"Thank you." The clomping sound got closer. So did the sucking. She glanced at the door. Standing there was a small silver automaton. Taking up one quarter, and barely touching the edge. It let out a stream of morose code. She glanced back at Acel.
"What do you do for a living?" She asked curiously.

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He sat across from her and said. "Well mostly I am a mechanic, but I do dabble in medicine but I am a mechanic for a profession, what about you?" He asked.

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Elby sighed.
"I'm a traveler, mostly. I was in America for a while, because there was a sale on voice boxes...." She trailed off as the automaton looked over its shoulder squeaked, and ran over to her table. She sighed and picked him up as he clawed at her legs.
"A-ReQ, please clam down."

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"I see." Acel said and looked down at A-ReQ. "this is who your telling me about is it not?"

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Elby nodded. She put him on the table, and he sat down, squeaking and beeping warnings.
"Yes. This is my silly automaton who thinks he knows everything about anything." She said smiling when her turned and showed her his favorite finger.

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Acel chuckled and looked at her than the automaton. "It's an interesting life you seem to live to me at least." He said.

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A-ReQ started to cuss in mores code.
"Will you be quiet?! I know he is outside the window and i know you are scared of him! But Riginonal will not hurt you in front of a stranger." She said looking over to see a tentacle trying to open the window.
"Riginonal, just come in the normal way." She said with a sigh.

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"And your octopus I suppose." He said looking at the tentacle. "Can't wait to meet him." He said still in his polite tone

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Elby smiled. ((omg i just saw the finale for breaking bad.... its not cool bro, i .havent seen most of it, but i almost cried...))
A-ReQ squealed at what the man said. Rigional walked/sucked into the room. For an octopus, he moved fast.
"Yes. This is Rigional. And A-ReQ is the annoying automaton."


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"Hello Rigional." Acel greeted the octopus and looked at it happily.


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Rgional paid no attention to the man. He then just climbed up on Elbys back.

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Acel observed Rigional watching him climb up Elby's back and smiled a little bit to himself.

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Elby patted Rigs arm, but swatted at it when he tried to reach for-she hoped- A-ReQ. If he had reached any farther, he would be reaching for Acels neck....
"What part of England did ja come from?" She asked trying to get Rigs attention off of poor A-ReQ.

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"I grew up in Liverpool for most of my life, what about you before you started traveling where did you reside?" He asked.

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Elby shrugged as she stroked Rig.
"Can't really remember. I was twelve when I left, so it was a while ago.." She said. It wasn't a complete lie. She honestly didn't know where she lived. But she knew it was somewhere where her fathers mansion had enough surrounding land that she didn't hear the sounds of London.

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"Well that's alright." He said with a cheerful smile.

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She smiled too. Rig seemed to like him a bit more.
"Rig, this nice man here wants to tea-ch you ha-ow to read and write. Would you be alright with that?" She asked, whispering it near his earlobe.

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Acel looked at them it was a quite a sight a strange one but good pleasant to the eyes and happy to the mind like seeing two good friends reconnect.

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Rig held out a tentacle. This man was different. Much like his Elby. He would see how it went...

Elby held her breath as Rig extended an arm. She looked at Acel.
"I think he wi let you teach him how to read and write." She then gestured for him to shake on it.

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"Well happy to see that." He said with a small smile while shaking the tentacle.

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Elby smiled.
"Yay! Wait. Where'd A-ReQ go?" She said a little worried. "He was right here! Rig what did you do!?" She said turning to her octopus. "I know you did something!" She said standing and plopping the creature on the chair. " I will not tolerate this behavior any longer! You two are at each other throats non stop and it is getting annoying! Why can't you both just-" she got a com. She looked and saw who it was from. She sighed and sat down while Rig climbed on her back and massaged her forehead.

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"Are you alright?" Acel asked looking at her slightly concerned he seemed to be overly emotional around this girl.

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She nodded and waved Rig away.
"Yes yes... A-ReQ just went back to my cabin because there was an issue..." She said marveling over how kind he was.

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"Understandable." Acel said. "And please do pardon my over emotional state of you happen to find offense."

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