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Alexandra (alexbaddour) This is the hallway that runs between the cabins. There are many sections of hallway, and two characters may or may not run into each other.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The captain came on the PSD (Public Speaking Device, aka the announcement system) and said, "Would all passengers please board and go to the Main Deck? The Christie Dirigible will be departing momentarily."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Lady Alexandra Kindida came over the PSD and said, "It's four o'clock. Tea is being served in the dining hall for those who want it."

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Elby jogged down the hallway.
"I can't believe i let him get away..." She mumbled. She stopped in the middle to catch her breath. She looked behind her shoulder to see if he was there. He wasn't. She sighed and sent a com message to A-ReQ. Cant find him. Is he back w/ u? She sent nervously. She hoped Rigional was okay. And that he didn't embarrass her.

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"Are you alright?" Acel asked walking towards the girl who seemed in distress and looked at her with slight concern.

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Elby closed her eyes, and took a deep breath in, and let it out.
"Yes. I am just looking for an octopus in ladies bloomers. He may or may not be mad at me. Or just trying to embarrass me." she said looking at the man.

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"Are you of sound mind for I've never heard of such a thing." Acel said looking at the girl with an odd expression. While absentmindedly twirl his top hat in his hands.

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Elby nodded.
"Yes. I am of sound mind and body." She said a little hurt. He reminded her of A-ReQ. He always seemed to want to make her do the right thing, or to stop looking out the window...

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"I do apologize for that I'm a little on edge." Acel said noticing her expression. Looking behind himself nervously.

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Elby nodded.
"Why? Wait-" She moved past him to the end of the hallway, and looked to the left. She saw a tentacle go into a room. "Yesss" She said smiling. Then she moved back to the man. " Im sorry, i dont know your name... And may i just send a com to my automaton?" She said pointedly.

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"I'm Acel Delmon Marquette." He said and looked at her. "And yes you may go right ahead."

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She smiled. She then took out her com device. She sent a quick message to A-ReQ saying that she saw him go up the stairs. He responded saying that Rigional was back in her room. She put her com away, and looked at Acel.
"Hullo. I'm Elby Nobel. Nice to meet you."

((brbr i have to eat dinner.))

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"Elby pleasant name." Acel commented with a small smile and looked down at her before putting his top hat back on than off again.

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((im back))

Elby smiled.
"Thank you." She said looking at him. He seemed really. nice. One of the nicest people she had met in a long time.

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"Just paying a compliment to one who deserves it." Acel said smiling at her she seem one of the better people abroad this ship.

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Elby felt her com go off. She looked down at it.
Openwjviwee wknwjdenjk. kjfewf d j vkjv nv kdfjvergrk . io kjiewgf kfdg dkgfjdf,gsn . jkwefkl [we fpu23ru She sighed.
"Do you know how to teach an octopus how to read and write?" She asked looking at the-probably heart felt-message that Rigional had sent.

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"I can try to." He said. "It can't be that hard though it'll be hard to get used teaching an octopus, but I can definitely try Elby." He said and leaned against a wall.

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She smiled.
"I tried to teach him when he was about four months old, but he didnt want to learn. He ended up just picking out my outfits, and drawing my baths and things like that..." she said sighing. "But other then that, hes a good octopus."

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"Well he might be wiling to now and I'll gladly try and help your octopus." He said with another smile.

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Elby smiled.
"I don't think so, but you may as well try because his messages are getting crazier and crazier."

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"Have faith my dear I've pulled off bigger." Acel said with a small but charismatic smile.

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"Really!? Like what?" She said truly intrigued. He seemed so kind. She had noticed his arm, but didn't say anything. She didn't want to upset him or make him feel awkward.

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"Well arm here for example." Acel started without a slight drop in his happy tone, "I was caught in a bit of a firefight and well what can I say I got my arm blown off, so after wandering till I passed out because of blood lost. I woke some hours later to see a man about the age of three and sixty for about a year I was nursed back to health and had a new arm built." He said drawing his coat closer.

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Elby looked at him, amazed.
"Wow... The bravest thin I have ever done is leave my family. " she said looking him in the eyes. A-ReQ sent her a com. It said he was somewhere dark and had high smell readings.
"Oh no. Rig, what have you done." She mumbled to her self.

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"What happened?" He asked. "Unless you don't want to tell me." Acel said quickly thinking what he said was rude which he really didn't want to come off as.

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She shrugged.
"If you mean about my leaving my family, it was because my father married a magnificent woman. She was a loving person, and so was he. I didn't want to ruin what they cod have, so I left. Being twelve I didn't know much, but I was fine. It was about six years ago." She said looking up from the com. "But if your meant about what the message was, I think Rig hid my automaton somewhere horrid, cos he comed me and said he was somewhere dark and smelly. That could either mean Rigs a sittin on him, or he's in the dirty laundry. Either way it's bad." She said with a slight accent. She had been living in America for about four months, and was going back to England to get her inheritance. As sad as she was for her father and step mothers untimely passings, she needed the money. Since her father had married a beautiful woman, they had not had any children. She was the only heir to a long line of money, and name.

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((Brb gonna take a shower))

"I assume your getting back from the states?" He asked in his always polite tone. "And I really think if your concerned with your automaton you should go."

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((Lol I just had one.))
She smiled.
"A-ReQ can take care of himself. He's been around Rig long enough to know how to move. He just sends those so I know where to look incase he powers down.

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"Understandable." He said with his as always charismatic smile when looking down into her eyes.

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She smiled.
"Would you like to go to the sittin room?" She asked happily. It was nice to talk to a human for once.

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"Gladly." He said smiling as he began walking with her.

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Elby smiled and walked with a slight bounce.
"I thank you so much sir." She said happily.

((Meet u there? Can u post first? It might not come up right away on the mobile...))

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((What she's wearing http://steampunkcostume.com/wp-conten...))
Elby quietly closed her door, as it was early in the morning. She was tired but looked pretty. She walked slowly down the hall. Last night had been worse then the day before that b

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Acel walked through the hall his head down looking at his feet concerned about his fathers funeral about what he was going to say he hadn't seen him for 12 years.

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Elby saw Acel. She didn't know what to do.
"Hiya Acel..." She mumbled as he came up in front of her.

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"Oh." Acel said surprised shed talk to him after last night."Hello Elby."

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Elby looked at him and took a few steps forward and hugged him.
"I'm sorry..." She muttered into his shoulder.

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"About what I see no reason for you to be." Acel said looking at her.

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"I didn't know how to react to you saying that. But... I... Yes." She said stepping away from her unreturned hug. She looked I to his eyes.
"I-I love you too." She said quite boldly for her

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Acel gave her a small smile. "I'm glad to hear that." He said and gave her a quick hug."I am sorry I'm still upset about my fathers death."

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Elby nodded.
"I can help you. If you want." She said with a slight smile b

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"That would be much appreciated thank you." He said smiling at her

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Elby smiled brightly at him.
"Lead the way." She said standing g beside him.

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Acel began walking down the hallway. "I should tell you something, my mother is really picky about his funereal so she designed everything."

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Elby smiled.
"I understand completely. My fathers lawyers planned it. They didnt tell me about their deaths until three months afterwards." She said looping her arm in his.

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"Well that must have been a sucker punch." Acel said looking across at her.

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Sony shook her head.
"No. I wasn't expecting them to die. They were killed i a carriage accident. They should have died later in life. Not this soon." She said pulling herself closer to Acel. He was so tall and sturdy. She realized she had always loved him.

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"Many people who die deserve life." Acel said putting a comforting arm around her hoping some comfort would come to her.

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Elby snuggled into him. Feeling warm.
"Yes. And many people who live don't. The man who had been driving the carriage that hit them was drunk." She said resting her head on his shoulder.

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"Figures." Acel muttered mostly to himself and then he looked down at her with slight sadness in his eyes.

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