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Alexandra (alexbaddour) This is the upper of two outdoor decks on the dirigible.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) The captain came on the PSD (Public Speaking Device, aka the announcement system) and said, "Would all passengers please board and go to the Main Deck? The Christie Dirigible will be departing momentarily."

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 86 comments Mod
"Hello, everyone. I am First Mate Isabelle Crane. Please remove your room keys, which have directions to your cabins." Isabelle said, shouting over everyone. "If you have any problems, please find me, and I will be glad to help. Your Captain, Captain Kindida Clay, will be making an announcement at the dining hall later today."

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"Excuse me, Miss Crane?" Ginny says amiss all the noise and people moving. "But where may we find snacks before dinner. My pet- er- sister would like some food." she says wincing.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Seth walked around the deck and ended up near the railing. He held on tight to the railing as the dirigible lurched and lifted off the ground.

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"You can call me Isabelle." Isabelle said softly. "You can go to the dining hall, there won't be too much, but we always have some coffee and biscuits set out. And some oil."

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"Thanks!" Ginny says, relieved. "Thanks, Miss Cr- Isabelle. And I believe my brother will be visiting you later."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Seth turned to the girl. "Hello."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Seth turned back to the scenery below the dirigible. "I'm Seth. Have you been enjoying the trip?"

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "Rather indifferent, I'm afraid." He sighed, then asked, "Who's the automaton?" He pointed at the automatonic dog near the edges of her skirts.

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Ferdie walks up to the pair. "Anyone seen the First Mate?" he asks them.

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Isabelle appeared just as the words were out of his mouth.
"I'm Isabelle Crane, the First Mate. I was just helping someone find their cabin. How can I help you?"

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "This gentleman was looking for you," Seth volunteered helpfully. He turned to the boy. "What's your name, by the way? I'm Seth."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Captain Kindida came over to the small group. "Hello, everyone. I'm the Captain." She smiled. "Who are you all?"

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"Ferdie. Ferdinand Cornell Rider. Um, Miss Crane, do you have an apprentice yet? Are you interested in one, ma'am?" he says.

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"Hi Captian. Glad you could join us." Isabelle said.
"I'm Jasmine, this is Seth, this is...." Everyone was Introduced.
"We'll, I'm glad that you are all here, and I hope you enjoy the trip. If you have any questions, please ask Isabelle or me. We hope we have smooth sailing and the trip is enjoyable." Kindida said, smiling. Jasmine squinted. Was the smile......forced? Kindida and Isabelle exchanged a look, like the knew something that she didn't. She quickly dismissed the thought. Of course they didn't tell passengers everything. It was probably something about fuel or he instruments or something.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Ach! Please don't RP for me any more.))

"So, Ferdinand, you want to be an apprentice? I remember my apprentice days," Kindida said, tactfully changing the subject.

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((((Kindida? Okay. I'm sorry I made you upset. That's what I was wondering about Mystic Island and such- are we allowed to RP with other characters, like have conversations between them, or only talk for our character, and our character only?))))

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"Thanks, Ferdie, for the offer." Isabelle said. "And you can just call me Isabelle. I'd love to have you as an apprentice." Isabelle said.

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"Thank you ever so much, Isabelle. Goodbye, and see you later." Ferdie said. He turned and left.

(You talk through your character to other characters. Just like in real life, you don't know what anyone else will say.)

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(((Ok. Thanks.))))

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"It'll be fun having an assistant." Isabelle thought to herself. "I'll just have to find time for it." Everyone seemed to be fine, so she walked down to the control room again.

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She figured that she would take Ferdie to the control room later.

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Isabelle came back up with some room keys, and handed them out, when she noticed a little animatronic animal.
"Oh my gosh!" She squealed, losing her formal posture. "He's so cute! What's his name?" She asked Jasmine.

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"He's adorable." Isabelle said. "Did you make him or buy him?"

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"No, sadly. I travel a lot, as you can probably guess. I had one when I was younger, a cat. He lives with my little brother now."

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"Copper. My dad studied Copernicus when I got him, and he traveled a lot for his job at that point. So I named him Copper to remind me of him."

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"They are." Isabelle agreed, and they were silent for a few moments. "Well, I hope to see you around on board!"

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"If you ever need anything on here or you notice a problem, please let me know immediately." Isabelle said, then walked over t another guest.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Its okay Julia. Sorry for the late reply, I was at my friends house.))

Seth turned to the Captain. "Is there a formal dinner time?"

"Yes. Seven. We always have food out if you want a snack though. Breakfast is at eight. High tea is at four," Kindida said. "Any other questions?"

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"It is two-fourty-seven." Isabelle offered. "Will we be having tea today, Captain?"

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) "Yes, I think we will," Kindida said. "Oh, and if you need help finding somewhere you can either ask one of us or use the map in your room."

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"Would should probably tell the cook to start preparing for tea." Isabelle said.
((((((((Should we have positions on the ship, like a cook, navigator, things like that, or just refer to "the cook" as a character, but not anyone with a name, kind of, but we can all RP with them, or just not have them as characters?
Isabelle walked up to the cook.
"We're going to have tea today. Would you mind making the cupcakes?" She asked.
"No problem." Answered the cook. ))))))

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Yeah, that sounds good, but if people want to make those characters they can))

"Definitely," Kindida said, nodding. "I'll go see about that now." She walked away and disappeared down a hallway.

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((((Yeah- that sounds great. :D)))

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) ((Okay.))

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida came over the PSD and said, "It's four o'clock. Tea is being served in the dining hall for those who want it."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) An airship slightly smaller than the Christie Dirigible came close. It bumped the ship, causing it to rock. Pirates started throwing ropes and preparing to come aboard.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Calpurnia and Korbin Seabrooke were on their way to tea when the shipped swayed beneath them. Calpurnia fell with a small shriek and tripped Korbin. They hid behind a corner to see what happened.

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Just as Ferdie, Simon, and Kimmie were getting to the main deck, two pirates landed on deck. As Simon went to look out for more, Ferdie and Kimmie took on the two pirates.

Kennith and Emalee landed on deck with a thud. Three people had just come up from a lower deck. With a nod, the twins fought the two younger passengers. Due to having two people to fight, Emalee used a knife to fight the girl.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Three more pirates jumped on board (Alethea, Luca, and Sophronia). Kindida was soon fighting Sophronia. Seth attacked Luca. Calpurnia and Korbin leaped onto Alethea's back and tried to disable her gun.

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Alivia hopped over the Christie's railing. I wonder what loot we'll score. It looks like a passenger plane. This kind only takes its travelers far places. Probably got some good items.
But Alivia knew what they wanted. The other items, like jewelry and clockwork items, were just personal belongings that she pocketed for herself. They wanted the maps and the equipment. Ships like the Christie were high quality- military grade, to say the least. It was peculiar for just a passenger ship, though.

She whipped out a diamond sword, and a small pistol, as she advanced towards what she assumed would be the control room.
A piercing pain exploded in her leg as the BOOM of a rifle went off.

Isabelle clutched her rifle and shot at the pirate, who's diamond sword and silver pistol gleamed in her hands.

"I'll get you for that!" Alivia screeched at Isabelle, as Isabelle shot the pistol out of her hand. Alicia charged with her sword, knowing that it would've stand a chance against the rifle. At least, that's what she hoped Isabelle would think.

Isabelle kept her rifle pointed at Alivia, but yelped as someone yanked her rifle from behind her back, and there was a Loud, crushing noise. The tip of the rifle had been smashed in, rendering it unable to shoot.
"Oh, #*%@!" She cursed, and yanked out her sword, running towards the other pirate.

"Get off my ship." Isabelle hissed, swords locked.
"Give me what I want, then I'll think about it." Alivia grinned, pushing her back against the railing with the blade at Isabelle's neck.

"Here's...the key to the...control room." Isabelle gasped, dropping a key to the ground.
Alivia spat at Isabelle, and scooped up the key.
"You're dead, little first mate." Alivia grinned, digging the sword into Isabelle's neck

Now. Isabelle whipped a small, brown clockwork pistol out of her belt, and shot Alivia, who howled in pain.
"Never, pirate!" Isabelle screamed, as she fired rounds at Alivia's legs.

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Butter knife against dagger, passenger against pirate, Kimmie against Emalee.
"You aren't bad, and you look posh, and you're younger than me. Nice." Emalee said.
"Thanks, but why are you complimenting me? We're fighting." Kimmie pointed out.
"I'm not always loyal. I'm constantly switching between ships. Your air ship's nice. I think I might stay here." Emalee explained.
"So why are you still fighting me?" Kimmie asked.
"I don't know." Emalee said, dropping her dagger. Kimmie stumbles and almost falls. Emalee and Kimmie shake hands. They head below deck, seeing that all the pirates are already on deck and being handled.

Sword to sword, Ferdie and Kennith lock swords.Ferdie trips Kennith, knocking him on the ground. Ferdie immediately sits on him. "Dad! Bring the rope!" Ferdie shouted. Simon came and tied Kennith up, and took him to the dining hall. Ferdie followed.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Kindida put her sword in front of her to face Sophronia. As Sophronia pulled out a pistol, Kindida's sword went to Sophronia's wrist. "Fair fight. Even pirates must have some standards."
"Point made, Captain," the pirate mocked, but put the gun away.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Calpurnia poured a questionable looking powder down the barrel of Alethea's gun, causing it to bubble over with a smoking orange liquid. Korbin was hitting the pirate repeatedly with his fists and a spyglass.

Seth fired at Luca, but missed and hit the side of the airship. Luca spun around to fire at his attacker, but Seth fired again. He had aimed for the pirate's gun hand, but hit Luca's shin instead. Luca fired as he fell to the ground.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Luca's shot hit the pirate's balloon. Before he had a chance to do anymore damage, Seth hit him over the head. The hit knocked Luca out and probably gave him a concussion. Seth tried to haul him over the side of the ships and onto the pirate's deck. He failed, and ended up rolling him bit by bit.

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"Anyway a couple of girls could help, Seth?" Kimmie asked. Emalee gasped and started laughing.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Seth finally plopped the pirate onto the pirate airship and wiped his brow. He turned to the girls and laughed with them. "Cyborg magicians aren't good for much heavy lifting." He looked around, then asked, "Do either of you have a sword? I think the Captain could use a hand." He ran over to help Korbin and Calpurnia before Kimmie and Emalee could answer.

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"That was Luca. He was really full of himself." Emalee said, laughing. "I guess we should go help the captain." Kimmie said, walked towards the captain. Emalee followed.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) When Seth got to Calpurnia and Corbin, they had already tied up Alethea and confiscated a very large gun. Corbin was already thoroughly engrossed in the workings of the gun, leaving Calpurnia to deal with the pirate. "Hello! Need some help, my lady?" Seth asked.
"Oh, definitely." The two reached down and grabbed the pirate. They grunted and threw Alethea onto the pirate ship. They sank to the ground panting.

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